Friday, February 20, 2015


We had a hard time pulling ourselves away from Bisbee but it had to be done. Boy, is that our kind of place or what!

One of the things that we discussed while nicely hunkered down at the RV Park there, was our trip north. For the last few months we had been planning to go from Tucson to Flagstaff to Kanab to Page to St. George (Snow Canyon State Park) and then into Nevada and north. We've done that route before only in reverse.

After mulling over all the options we agreed to stick to another tried and true route. It would be all roads we've taken many times before - but it's a good route. The one above would have meant much more mountains and really - out of the way. Since we are headed home with little time to sightsee - our tried and true was a better choice.

So - from Bisbee we were headed past Tucson - over to Gila Bend - up to Buckeye - up and over to Kingman - through Las Vegas and up through Nevada.

Leaving Bisbee Wednesday morning we began the trip north.

A nice ride north from Bisbee - we took the 90 through to Sierra Vista to the I10.

Downtown Tucson as we went by. We were going to stop in again this year but we traded that with an extra day in Bisbee. Last year we had a great time in Tucson but decided we didn't need to redo this year.

Picacho Peak. We've camped at the Picacho Peak State Park many times but not for several years now. The I10 -  not one of our favourite drives - it is so busy!

We thought of you George and Suzie as we drove by the Picacho Peak RV Resort - we know this is one of your stops.

Happily now on the I8 headed west. Nice to part ways with all the traffic going to Phoenix. From here to Gila Bend is a very nice ride.

We've done it - and I've photographed it many times before!

Our home away from home. No kidding. Here we are headed to the Shell Gas Station at Exit 119 on the outskirts of Gila Bend. I have seriously lost count of how many times we have been here. I think this is the 8th! Super special because we didn't think we would get there this year!

If you want to see some early visits first, they are here: 

A new gila monster this year!

After lunch in the van we headed for our twisty cones as we call them - a Wood Clan tradition.

Lots to look at and I'm tempted each time but we have never bought anything. 

Making the rounds - how much fun can a gas station be you ask! Lots!

Amazing how much Cas has changed since her first stop here in 2012.

After a few hours at the Shell station we continued on to Buckeye - our destination for the evening. Nice that it was less than 30 miles up the road.

Another favourite overnight spot for us. It was up between Gila Bend and the Lowe's. Lowe's won out because it was a little further down the road and we like it here. Again - we have slept here many times over the years. We are quite enjoying our trip down memory lane in this part of the USA.

This is the sunrise Thursday morning.

We couldn't leave without taking a picture of Cassia and the Cassia Desert Bush. Last years picture is here.

We always enjoy a visit to the garden centre. We won't be doing this at home for months!

As we were up at 6:30 am we were on the road fairly early after a gas and propane stop. One of the best routes north from here is a back road that many don't know about. We always see a few rigs on it so it is known by some. After heading west on the 110 towards Quartzsite we turned off at exit 103 which takes you to 355Ave. This road turns into the Vulture Mine Rd. 

While at Buckeye we realized that a fellow road traveller and friend was just up the road in Kingman. Since we were headed that way Thursday we planned a get together around lunch time.

Nice to be in Saguaro country again - we do love this cactus. Which reminds me that we purchased two books for Cassia in Bisbee. Most of her books come from the library or thrift stores, however on our travels we usually pick up one or two as mementos. 

The Cactus Hotel is perfect for this area.

Lots of boondocking in this area south of Wickenburg.

If you are looking for a spot head up Vulture Peak Rd.

We were just here for breakfast but there are many spots and roads to follow in this area.

Hi Kelly and Al! We waved as we went by!

We are now on the 93 or the Joshua Tree Parkway

A nice ride albeit steep and slow in some parts for us.

By just after noon we were pulling into the Home Depot in Kingman - our designated meeting place with our friend Jeremy, aka Bear8Photo.

Jeremy and his dog Ink have been full timing for three years now! Amazing! We last got together with them last January at South Padre Island.

Check out all of Bear8's great photos!

Cassia enjoyed visiting with Ink.

Jeremy was headed east and us north. After a few hours of swapping news and stories we were back on the road - this is the 93 headed to Las Vegas.

Another nice ride. Again, we have been on this road so many times I've lost count.

We stopped a the scenic overlook just before the Hoover Dam for a late lunch. Derek was going to need some nourishment to get us though Las Vegas!

Navajo ladies selling their jewellery.

Driving by the Hoover Dam. When we first took this road it was before the fancy new bridge so we've been down and through the Dam before. These days we just drive by.

Too bad they don't give you much of a view on the fancy new bridge.

We're making miles today!

A quick look at Lake Mead - way down there.

Not something you see everyday!

Heading into Vegas - like El Paso - not our idea of a good time but it's got to be done.

Grid lock as the 515 meets the 15 north. Who goes through Las Vegas at rush hour? Why the Wood Clan of course. However, I'm thinking that rush hour is always on in Vegas!

Big sigh of relief here - can you hear it. We've stopped at the Love's at exit 64 and are now nicely riding along the 93 north.

Beautiful Boredom here we come!

After a very long two days covering 863 miles we were so happy to see another of our favourite spots - Pahranagat Wildlife Refuge! I'll show you this great area next post!

A long but fun ride!

So - that was Wednesday and Thursday.

Today, Friday was another long day from Pahranagat to Jackpot, Nevada. 

Boy, is it cold here! But no snow - for that we are thankful.

To help ease the pain we've foregone stealth camping here - as we have done before - and checked into the RV Park for some electricity and heat. It's gong to be a cold night.

Many RVs here with us tonight which is interesting. Guess were not the only crazies to be heading north so early.

Tomorrow we'll arrive at our friends place in Nampa Idaho. We'll be there for much of the week, so lots of time to get the rest our trip up to that point posted.



  1. Wow u guys sure have your peddle to the metal (as the saying goes) I enjoyed your descriptive comments and did go back to see Cassia younger. Glad u are making good miles. Travel safe cheers...

    1. We sure are Leslie - when we start heading home we get the job done!

  2. You are moving right along, I recognized your picture of Picacho Peak, right away. We know quite a few people in that resort and like to stop and visit every year, but missed it this year.
    Enjoy the rest of your journey and keep warm.

  3. Great pics. that area around Bisbee and up through Kingman are great boondocking areas. Nothing like boondocking in the desert. Safe travels and have lots of fun.

  4. I thought I sensed that Wood Clan whizzing by......... :)

    1. Ha! Not quite whizzing Kelly - sadly - Hraefn just kinda chugs along!

  5. Familiar with your route. Don' t think I would be heading up that way at this time of year. Having said that we came down that way end of November and it was cold. Enjoy your time in Idaho.

    1. I knew you came this way too Contessa. Actually, I think our trip is similar to November. No snow and clear roads. We've had more snow coming through this area in March!

  6. That Shell station near Gila Bend has to be one of the best. Have a hard time getting the missus out of there every time we stop. We really dislike driving through Vegas. Had friends total both their tow vehicle and Casita there three weeks ago. Got caught in the middle of a multi-vehicle pileup while on their way to Death Valley. Glad you're near a good resting place for a few days. 800+ miles in two days will wear out anyone.
    I love the boredom of desert driving.

    1. That's great Jerry! Others who enjoy this spot! Too bad about your friends and Vegas….. It's the cars that swerve in and out that are the problem! After the busy city we sure enjoy the desert drive as well.

  7. That route up through Nevada has become the norm for us. Our last two times in Jackpot we have had snow, so much we had to stay parked for an extra night once. Great scenery and it is nice to see Cassia still likes her dinosaurs! Maybe she will be a paleontologist..

    1. We've been through Jackpot in worse weather as well Croft. A few years ago we came up from the valley at Bliss to a blizzard. We had to spend the afternoon at the rest area waiting for it to pass. And that was in March! Cas is still crazy about dinosaurs. In Bisbee she picked up a pack of them that glow in the dark!

  8. Yep, that's a long couple of days. Glad they went smoothly for you. We are going to have to do that Vegas traffic thing too and we aren't looking forward to it. Enjoy your time with your friends.

    1. Hi Ruth. Interesting - I would have thought you two were headed up into Utah. You can also get around Vegas by going down to Lake Mead and over to the Valley of Fire - nice that way. We've done that before so didn't this time but something to consider for you two if you haven't been that way before.

    2. We are headed to Utah but not until mid April when we will me meeting with an aunt and uncle of Kevin's.

  9. Some of those stretches look to be long between mountain peaks, lots of time to ponder, eh. I'll bet your really looking forward to that new place to rest your heads at night. The pic with Casia smelling the yellow flowers is a framer. I thought you we're heading to Napa Valley, not Nampa, ID., It's not always read what is written and I fell into that category. I thought you'd be peeling off the clothing, NOT, however your forecast looks good for the next 10 days. Enjoy!

    1. Definitely long spaces between peaks Brian - you've got that right. My job changes from navigator to keeping the driver awake. We are so looking forward to our new house! We did the California/Oregon coast last spring so not this year again. It's cool here but sunny and clear so ok with us.


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