Friday, January 27, 2012

Tabasco at Avery Island, Louisiana

After a morning of enjoying Lake Fausse Pointe State Park we made the short trip over to New Iberia. Since it was still so early in the day we decided to go straight to Avery Island about 11 miles west of New Iberia.

I had first read about the Tabasco Factory Tour from Kevin and Ruth who stopped in back in 2008. 

Hmmmm - sounds like a good idea - and look - we will be going right by. 

So - the Tabasco Factory landed a spot on our itinerary - after all I am the Wood Clan's Events Coordinator. We generally stop for factory tours especially if it is sweet - like our Chocolate tour last year in Henderson Nevada. But - hey - we love hot sauce - actually we like the combo of the two - chile chocolate. At our Mortlach Sweet Shoppe we sold a chile chocolate ice cream - hmmm - one of our favourites. Anyway, I digress....

We found our way to the factory easily after paying our $1 toll to the Island. 

Once inside the tour begins with a 10 minute movie of the history of the McIlhenny Company and that of the Tabasco Sauce - very interesting - who knew? This in conjunction with receiving little itty bitty sample bottles - each of us got three so we really stocked up.

After the movie everyone exits through the next door to watch the manufacturing and bottling of this yummy sauce. Then on to an info room and outside.

Over to the Country Store.....

Everything Tabasco in the Country Store!

The sample counter at the back. Yum - we spent - oh - just a bit of time back here. We also sampled the Jalapeno and Sweet Spicy Ice Cream.

We'll take one of each - please!

After much consideration we purchased a few items. The Buffalo Tabasco Sauce, the Garlic Tabasco Sauce and a little Tin of Chili Chocolate. We COULD have gone crazy - so we chose and left. But first we had a nice conversation with the counter ladies.

One last swing before we leave - with our purchases.

And so that was a fun little trip to the Tabasco Plant. We really enjoy hearing and seeing where products we use come from. 

Initially we were going to also walk around New Iberia and then spend the night at the Walmart there. However, as we were driving through we decided to forgo the downtown tour. Since Avery Island is on the west side of New Iberia it just made sense to carry on west down the 14 since it was also still quite early - 3:30 pm or so. 

We drove as far as Abbeville, not too far away. Along the way I read to Derek the info about a restaurant called Shucks. Hmmm - sounded good. Abbeville, we knew, was going to be our last chance for some good ol' Louisiana seafood.

So Shucks it is!

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: We didn't go to New Iberia this time around but I am sure we will be back. Actually I don't think we are doing ourselves a favour by missing this whole area of Louisiana. BUT we love this State already even from the little we have seen and so I know we are sure to return - many times.

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  1. Glad you had fun there, it's definitely worth the effort to visit.


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