Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cape San Blas, Florida

Leaving from Apalachicola our plan was to head out to St. George Island - it wasn't on our original plan but geez the visitor center lady sure made it sound nice. But - for some reason we nixed that idea in favour of St. Joseph Peninsula. 

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park had been our original destination  - I had read nothing but good things about this park and the beaches along it. However, along the way I looked it up and realized it was about $26 to stay overnight - hmmmm - a bit pricey.

So instead we thought we would just head out and take a look. I had also heard good things about Cape San Blas.

Hmmmmmm - note to self - don't always take other people's word on things.

It isn't that they were bad - just not great.

We drove ALL THE WAY DOWN to the state park. By this time we had talked ourselves into staying the night since we had come this far and the day use parking fee was $6 anyway. At the gate house the lady - swatting the flies - gave us a map - told us to pick out a few sites we liked and come back. 

Well - ok.


We drove ALL THE WAY DOWN through the park - in and around the two campgrounds - sigh - busy and close sites - not worth the $26 to us.

Ok - let's just stay for the day and go to the beach.


We got the beach and were completely swarmed with little black fleas or flies - so bad that Cassia was crying to get them off.

So we left. Almost running. And spent the first 5 minutes trying to rid the truck of the flies.

We drove ALL THE WAY BACK DOWN to just past Cape San Blas and pulled into a public park and beach access we had passed - oh - 20 miles ago or so. I got out and did a fly check - all clear.

And so we happily spent the remainder of the day at the beach!



We made lunch first and visited with this family from Ontario - renting a home in Cape San Blas - and here they showed up on the beach riding horses. Cassia was p r e t t y excited about that.

Hey - what's that dog doing without his leash! yaaaaaa a beach for Roofous. Poor Roofous - now a desert dog or a beach dog - no longer a snow dog.

Since this was ANOTHER quiet beach Cassia had the same outfit on as at Carrabelle Beach.


There were lots of these - jelly fish!

I think this was the most fun and the most walking/running Cassia has done on a beach so far.

hmmmm - note to self - don't let Derek have the camera. Me - doing what I do - picking shells. Actually - what I noticed was that many of the smaller shells had little holes at the top. So I collected a bunch thinking that I could string them together for a keepsake for Cassia.

Later in the afternoon the waves started to pick up.

And the fog moved in.

It started to get cool and so our day at the beach had come to an end. Back to the trailer we went for a little rest before leaving to find our overnight spot.

I had also read good things about Port St. Joe from Glenn at To Simplify - he stealth camped there for a week not long ago. But similar to St. Joseph Pen State Park - Port St. Joe didn't do anything for us and so we carried on - and on - and on.

Thankfully I had thought ahead and had researched the location of the Sam's Club in Panama City. And so - that is where we spent the night. All was well.

Two blog posts in one night! yaaaaaaaaaaa! Battery left to start the third!


Today's Interesting Link: After enjoying another hilarious blog post by Cave Dwellings I checked out this link that Donna had provided for Fly Away Vintage. I haven't had much time to spend there looking around but from what I have seen it looks like a promising site. Remember - if you are looking for a chuckle visit Cave Dwellings - LOVE that blog!


  1. I do love me some beach time. Although, after spending three nights on the beach in Port Aransas, I finally got it out of my system for a while. We were coated with sea spray, and the wind buffeted us all night.

    I am loving the desert right now, though!

    The Good Luck Duck

  2. We sure are enjoying the warmer temps here Roxanne - but we too are becoming beached out! A few more days and back into Texas. By early Feb we will be following your path west - we will be happy for the drier air of the desert also! The humidity here is really getting into our stuff. I noticed this morning that the top of Cassia's dolly stroller has mold on it! yikes!


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