Monday, February 4, 2013


La Saladita 2! Yup - if you are here and haven't read about our arrival to La Saladita here it is - I'm up for two posts tonight with this super fast wifi signal I'm getting right now!

I really should have tacked these pictures on to the last post but alas I didn't so here they are. We took our second day at La Saladita pretty slow with just a couple of beach walks and mucho hammock time. Because of the heat this far south we tend to go to the beach only in the morning and late afternoon. WAY too hot during mid day!

When at a beach I always like to walk each way to get to know the place. So - it was time Friday morning to walk to the inhabited end.

Looks to be a number of private homes (maybe) and bungalow type hotels. I'm really not sure - AND I have no idea how to even get to these places. Some are pretty nice though.

This one caught out eye - one of the fancier ones. La Saladita looks to be a very low key place. The kind of place if you want to totally unplug from the world. I think we'll go back one day!

Looking back - way back - to our place at Miramar.

Not many shells at our end of the beach - turns out they are all at this end. Mostly broken though.

Neat sign. This looked to be THE place in La Saladita. The guys (and gals) were surfing and the girls were hanging out here at the beach.

There were A LOT of surfers out in the water - at least a dozen. Looked like they were in a bit of a line up. 

Not huge waves but as we watched them we figured that the draw is the fact that they road the waves for a very far distance. 

Not a lot goin' on so we turned around and headed back to our end of the beach which we liked much better.

Lots of birds fishing when we returned.

For lunch we decided to try out the little restaurant beside us - after all we were parked for free. May as well buy some lunch.

Not many options for drinking so we ended up with pop. Cassia trying to convince dad to give her some. Yes, she won but only had a little.

REALLY like all these hammocks at the beach and beach restaurants! 

Not a huge menu so Derek opted for the chilaquiles with huevos.

while I enjoyed the sopes with frijoles.

During our afternoon walk I was struck by the sun shining on the water behind the clouds.

Two GREAT days in Mexico. Just what we needed after the three beach weeks at Zihuatanejo - more beach time! We needed a beach vacation from our beach vacation - ha ha!

And if that wasn't enough - we headed out on Saturday to what?! Yup - another beach! 

Two more beach days coming up in the next post.

Fingers x'ed I may be able to get that post out tomorrow night. We'll most likely be in Colima and I'm sure the telcel stick will work there. I'll fill you in on Zapote de Tizupan then.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: How about following along while Croft and Norma take on Oaxaca! We so wanted to go there this year but decided it was too far - we'll get there one day. I was in Oaxaca back in 1994 when I was 24 years old - almost 20 years ago now. I have really great memories of the zocalo - a beautiful city. 


  1. All looks good on the beach, having more fun.

  2. good to hear from you and know all is well and fun

  3. A great place - but your photos don't look like I remember it. Maybe we were camped at a different end of the beach?

    1. Hi Jason - welcome to ALMS! Yup - from your pictures it looks like you guys were more in the middle. We saw a few campers there as we were walking by....

  4. Nice, really nice and it's looking like the beach party is just getting started! Nice place after you got turned around a bit on that road to the Miramar Restaurant. Another blessed day in the tropics!

  5. Hi... We were in La Saladita camping a the end of December of 2009 and have never been back. We camped at the "enramadas": the palm leaf roofs like those where you were having lunch at... and had a great time then. We are considering going back next week, but we'd like to know how safe the area is recently. We are Mexican and live in Mexico City, so we don't get scared easily but have also prefered to stay away for a while. Have you been back since you posted this in 2013? Do you have any contact info for someone there who can tell us about it? Thanks so much! What a nice blog to find, we may get a lot of tips of places to visit in our own country from you guys!
    Thanks for liking Mexico, coming here so much and showing the world its beauty!


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