Monday, February 11, 2013


Our two night stay at Zapote de Tizupan will be a highlight of our first Mexico trip - for sure. I loved everything about it - it was quiet, easy to get too, it had a nice pool and a long quiet beach.

Zapote de Tizupan is one of many Ecocentre Turistimo - seemingly a Mexican government initiative to create places for beach use and camping along the Michoacan coast. This one has a restaurant, pool, bungalows and an RV Park with full hookups - for any size rig.

If you are coming this way - put it on THE list.

The restaurant or a very nice place to sit to get out of the sun.

The bungalows closest to the restaurant.

And two off by themselves right beside the highway. The layout of this complex was very very strange. This great piece of land right on the ocean could have been laid out a whole lot better.

We didn't technically park in the RV area. We needed shade more than we needed power or water and the RV park had none. So we saddled up beside one of the parking palapas and made a nice spot for ourselves. The RV park is behind me and to the left.

Looking a bit messy but we had a ton of stuff to hang out to dry. The evenings down here are pretty humid and so anything hung out to dry is even wetter by the morning.

While Derek set up, Cassia and I headed for the beach. A bit later she opted for the pool.

And skinny dipping too!

Back to the beach of course for our late afternoon walk .... left .....

right. Now - how often do you get a beach like that completely to yourselves!

I guess some people think a beach is a beach. Not me - they are all unique in some way. At this beach there were two unique features. The first was the large number of orange starfish - standing knee deep in the ocean they were all around.

And second were these beautiful pink clam shells again. The same shells that were at La Saladita but this time the beach was littered with them.

And another discovery ....

Poor guy.....beautiful purple colour.

And of course another beautiful beach sunset.

While Derek and Cassia were off talking to our friends Peter and Carole - from the only other RV there - I sat in the hammock and enjoyed it to the end.

We had such a nice afternoon and evening at Z de Tizupan we decided to stay a second night - and at a price of $100 pesos per night we could afford to. The full hook up sites are $220.

Our second day was spent the same as the first - beach and pool time. Then back to the beach for our family walk.

As I said - just littered!

I  L.O.V.E. them!

 Sunset day two.

More fun with the camera.

I could easily have stayed a week - or maybe even two - at Zapote de Tizupan. It is just busy enough that you don't feel to lonely but quiet enough to get your own space. The only problem is the fact that there is nothing around - no stores for food and no wifi. No chance of wifi - Peter said no cell phone signal either. But with a weeks worth of food and the restaurant as back up you'd be good to go. I hope we get a chance to return there one day......

Since we didn't have far to go the next day we didn't rush off. Actually in the end we had to wait for Moonie to return from the forest and so we didn't leave until around noon.

We were headed to one place but ended up in another - I'll tell you all about THAT tomorrow.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Our friends and fellow bloggers Kevin and Ruth have also been to Zapote de Tizupan - twice! Looks like there were the very first RV visitors back in 2009. WoW! The RV park sure looked a lot different three years ago.


  1. Very nice beach and from what I read the area has a population of 100 people (all ages). I now understand why your getting all that privacy. Here's tidbit of info on the clams and why you see them everywhere. Do any of the local restaurants serve them up? The clams, not the starfish!

    1. Well aren't you clever to find that link Brian. As you say - only 100 people - so no 'local restaurants' except the one there - doubt they offered them though but can't say for sure we didn't eat there.

  2. Another awesome spot on your Mexican adventure, our kind of place.


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