Monday, February 18, 2013


Since we had stayed home all weekend, today we headed back to downtown VC for some supplies. 

While we were at it we figured we would go check on that penicillin. We were surprised to find another fellow at the Farmacia. He asked for our prescription but we explained that the other fellow - on Friday - had kept it. He pulled two boxes of penicillin from the shelves but of course we had no idea which was prescribed. But - Derek looked anyway - only to see that one box cost $365 pesos - for 7 tablets!


And here we thought medicine was cheap - or cheaper - in Mexico. Guess it is all relative since at the moment we have no idea what penicillin costs at home.

Anyway, Derek figured it was too late anyway - he's feeling somewhat better - enough to forgo the strong stuff.

With that done we headed to the produce stand/grocery store area. Conveniently they are all located on the same corner.

But look what we found first!

Hmmmm - our NEW lunch stand! Guess we'll be calling him the Taco Guy.

It didn't take us long to belly up to the bar to order two tacos each. Nice that they offer grilled onions, chopped cilantro, radishes and salsa.

Since the table was full we sat on the curb - doesn't bother us. 

It wasn't long before this fellow arrived to provide our lunch music.

Here's a listen...

We then headed to our most favourite place of all in Villa Corona! The frambuesa y fresa lady. So so so glad she was there again today. 

And even better! Now that I'm feeling MUCH better - I can actually taste them. I know I harp on prices - I try not to really I do - but get this - one of those LARGE raspberry containers costs $15 pesos - same for the strawberries. Just over $1 Can. Amazing! We are eating A LOT of raspberries these days.

Then over to Villa Corona's only 'grocery store' - that we know of that is.

Not huge but they have a few things. I get our yogurt, butter, cheese, soup base and noodles and bread from there.

While I was in the store, Derek was having a conversation with this fellow who had stopped to talk with him. Once I came to join them we continued our conversation. While doing so - the butcher (whose place we are now standing in front of) yelled over to this fellow. (Sorry I have completely forgotten his name and not sure if I could have spelled it anyhow.) 

Derek was quick on his feet and asked if that was a good place to buy beef. 'Yup - he said - that's my son in law. All the gringos go there.'

This was good news because this has been our Villa Corona problem all along. We are ok buying all the other things we need from the markets but as I have mentioned before - with very explicit photos -  the beef has well, turned us off a bit. We are far happier buying our beef from the large grocery stores nicely wrapped in plastic.

For the last 19 days it hasn't mattered much because we have been pretty much on a soup, sandwich, salad and fruit diet - being sick and all. But we have nine days left and had been wondering about getting some beef for more substantial meals.

Up until this conversation we were still a bit leery about buying from the market.

But if 'all the other gringos' shop here - guess we can too! Plus it looked very clean and organized. I know that sounds weird but you haven't seen some of the meat markets that we have seen!

So - we went for it and ordered two steaks. Since we had both our new friend and his son in law's attention and both speaking English - we thought we would ask for bones for Roofous while we were at it. If you can believe he gave us a HUGE bag no charge!

Steaks and scalloped potatoes for dinner tonight! Great steaks - who said you can't buy good beef in Mexico?

On another note.....

This vehicle has been parked here for a few days now - they left today for further south.

This rig (which is a slight understatement - right?!) is owned by Benny and Steffi of Germany.

They've been traveling for 20 months now with 6 more to go. They had their motorhome brought over - wondering as much as me how much that cost! $5,000. It's for sale - by the way ..... any takers?! 

A really nice couple - you can check out their site Reisenomaden
There is a translate button bottom left.

Market day again tomorrow! With today's trip to town we aren't really in much need of stuff but we'll head over anyway - worth the trip for the nieve. Plus I'm sure Derek is up for more DVDs.

I'll have all those pictures for you tomorrow night.

Feeling a ton better Teresa

TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: There are a TON of blog topics that I look out on the internet. Nearest and dearest to my heart are those that talk about homesteading. Ironic - I know, since I don't have a bricks and sticks home. But I'd love too! Maybe. I stumbled upon this site not too long ago -  New Life on a Homestead.


  1. That is good that you are all feeling better now.
    You can get some great beef in Mexico if you manage to go to to right place.

    1. Yup - that's why we were so glad to find the right place!

  2. Oh my gosh, those raspberries....I love fresh raspberries. This morning in Sam's they were $6.98 for a tiny container (probably a pint). I passed on those so here you are tormenting me. I know they travel a long way to get to Tennessee, but sometimes it's worth it to get them when they can't be grown locally. But not at 6.98.....LOL!

    1. I KNOW! Canadian prices are the same - even when they are in season! We treat them like gold back at home! As far as produce goes - it's easy to feel rich here!

  3. Great price on the berries but I gotta ask... Given the cheap pricing do you worry about the produce being heavily treated with pesticides. I understand Mexico uses a lots of chemical treatment. How about organic? Do you see much and if so is there much difference in the prices for organic fruits and veggies?

    1. I was going to add to the post but forgot - that the fellow we were talking to told us that raspberries are a very new crop here and Mexicans don't really know about them or buy them - thus the price is low because there isn't much demand. True or not - not sure but it makes sense.

      We don't buy organic here (which I've never seen) or at home. Unless you can control the air that moves over the crops (dropping chemicals and toxins - or Fukushima radiation) - over for that matter - take out all the GMO products from our diets, or take out all the hormones from meat and dairy or take out all the other harsh chemicals and colours in our food - why bother with organic?

      Don't get me wrong - I would LOVE for our foods to be free of all these things but that isn't the world we live in today - or will ever live in again.

      Anyway, doesn't most of the produce we eat up in Canada and even the USA come from Mexico? Now we are just closer to the source. And I have to also say that the produce here tastes way better then anything we can get at home in the grocery store.


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