Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Market Day - if you've been around here for a while you know that we LOVE Market Day!

Different towns, different Markets, different days.

Tuesdays are Market Days here in Villa Corona.

Having visited last week, we knew the drill. I WOULD have posted pictures last Tuesday except that my camera battery ran out after about five pictures.

NOT good for a blogger - kinda like getting caught with your pants down.

Today was a new day - I was ready.

Thankfully the VC Market is quite close to the park - down a couple of blocks and over the highway. But we got a late start and had to endure the heat.

In a moment of weakness we stopped and bought Cassia yet more dinosaurs. She has been watching the Land before Time movies and is trying to put together the little group of friends. We figured that we did pretty well with that considering they were regular run of the mill dinosaurs. She also got a sea turtle.

As I've mentioned - there isn't much that you can't find at Market Day. Even at small ones.

Since VC is quite small - they don't have big stores with all the stuff - you'd have to go to Guadalajara for that. Or, you could wait until it comes to you. The pink and blue round appliances are washing machines. I LOVE them - they come in all sorts of colours. 

Colour, colour, colour! 

All the Markets we have been to also carry a large selection of clothes.

Almost overwhelming - I don't know how I'd choose!

And talk about overwhelming!

I almost wish I needed some home things - but without a home probably not so much.

We found this set up last week and of course again today!

Cassia was keen on getting another little bag of gummy bears. And yes, I KNOW what's in them and yes, we bought them anyway. Can't wait to be back at Trader Joe's!

It's been awhile since we had coconut - so we decided today was the day.

This fellow - uses the machete to expose a small hole in the coconut ...

 he then pours the water into the bag and scoops out the meat. His son, aged about 13 with very good English, cut it up and placed in a bag. We had a choice of toppings - chilli, salt (fine or coarse) and lime. Taking a walk on the wild side we went for the coarse salt and lime. Yum.

Then is was lunch time. We had pizza last week and it was very very good. 

They nicely reheat it for you when ordered. 

 And dessert?! Why nieve, of course.

 We usually just get the chico size but with a lingering sore throat today Derek went for the grande. And then he went really crazy and asked to have a combo of the three flavours - fresa, limonada and mango. 

Enjoying our nieve in what shade we could find.

Yup - still off chicken.

On the way out we picked up some more strawberries and mangos. (Odd looking photo because the tarp cover overhead is red).

You can find these EVERYWHERE in Mexico. I'm not sure of the name - anyone know? We overdosed a few years ago while in California/Arizona for the winter and still can't bring ourselves to get some. It may still take a few years.

This picture is from last week. Derek and I LOVE to garden - so nothing better for us then to see nursery plants -- in February.

We like the Villa Corona Market Day. It is small, but large enough to have all the stuff. It is well laid out and therefore easy to make your way through. 

Is that all we do at Markets - eat?! Well, yes - how can we not? The food is good and cheap! We also bring things home with us but since we went out yesterday and came home with our pineapple, bananas, strawberries and raspberries we weren't in need of too much. More strawberries today because we had already worked our way through yesterday's!

We leave here a week tomorrow, which means we will be able to hit one more Market Day in Villa Corona. Perfect because we can stock up for our trek north.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Have you been to New York?! I haven't - YET - but it's on the list. Dare to dream. But this week I get to visit vicariously through our friends Chris and Juan from Living and Boondocking in Mexico. They are staying with friends across from Central Park (lucky!) and are hitting all THE spots. Why not follow along?


  1. Always love those market days in Mexico, wish we could find more here.

  2. great pictures of the market - i love all the colors that are there - we went to central mkt here yesterday and all i took pictures of was the food color color and more color.
    we're leaving here the 5th so will probably not see you

  3. Oh I wish I could visit a market...those colors are so stunning!!

  4. I'd say the same thing: "Yup - still off chicken"! Raw chicken on a table in the heat with no ice can't be a good thing or can it? Looks like Montezuma's Revenge! I'm also afraid of cheese which is out in the open like that, again not being kept cool, what's it really called? Let's say it all together, Montezuma's Revenge! I seems the Mexicans don't have the FDA peering over a shoulder making sure all is well. Hope you all are feeling a bit better :)

  5. I wanted to add that the Mexicans have been eating like this for a very long time with no problems and without Big Government "Nanny Sate" interference. Gringos don't have the same stomach bacteria or immunity build up, thus it is a regional problem not so much a sanitation problem. I find the FDA and our counter part Health Canada completely incompetent and corrupt, part of the Nanny state mentality. Approving things for filthy lucre on behalf of corporations and big pharma and crushing any little farmer or enterprise trying to make a living in a supposedly "free market" system. If Health Canada was doing such a stellar job then the E.Coli outbreak in beef would not have happened in Brooks, Alberta last year with many Canadians becoming severely ill or the latest of many E.Coli outbreaks in the USA , the latest being spinach.

    Derek Here . I usually save these rants for Facebook ;-)


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