Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Cassia feeding a motherless calf at our friends place.

What! Not back - what does THAT mean?!!!

Well - to get straight to the point - we've decided - and just today - that we are not going to go south this winter.

Ahhhhhh......... (relief)

Instead - we are going back to BC - to the place we have chosen to settle down and to begin to settle down. Remember a few posts back that I mentioned that this would be a last trip south - I really meant our last big - all winter - trip south. On our way north last spring we had come to the decision that we wanted to stop traveling and find a place to live.

Of course we'll never give up travelling - we LOVE it too much. BUT we don't love it right now. Instead of having the travel bug we have the homesick flu.

Derek and I have been humming and hawing about going south for the winter all summer. By the end of the season we had convinced ourselves to go - after all - it would have been a great trip. But both of us had a nagging feeling that it just wasn't the right thing for us to do at this moment. Aside from being homesick all summer we're not quite sure what the problem is. For the last three falls we couldn't get on the road and south fast enough.

Today the decision had to be made because tomorrow is our departure date and we had to decide - west or south.

We've chosen west.

This was our plan for next year - but we hit a wall. We've been having the gut churning feeling about traveling for this year so it is cancelled.

It still feels a bit strange but seems like the best thing for us right now. It didn't help that we found what appears to be a great rental property - but we have actually found a few places that will work for us in the short or long term until we get our bearings in our new area.

Anyway - that is our news for today. Will we ever get to the SE States as planned for this winter? Maybe - maybe not. But that's life isn't it.

We're not the first travel bloggers to decide to get off the road......each time one of my favourites packed it in (you two ladies know who you are) I felt a bit of envy.

So - it's settled life for the Wood Clan. For now - I'm thinking that a short - or a few short - trips to the state south of us - Washington - might be in order over the next few months - after all we could use a  Trader Joe's fix!

We'll keep you updated........

Over and out.



  1. Wow! Quite a switch, but you know in your heart what is best at this time. Enjoy the lovely left coast! But keep writing, please.


  2. That's the good thing, plans can be broken. Hope youll still continue to blog...I'd miss that!

  3. Thats an rver's lifestyle plans are made in jello, and so is life , you can live where ever you wish. Enjoy your new lifestyle and keep posting so we know how it works out for you.

  4. British Columbia is beautiful, even in the winter. Lots of photos please!


  5. Gotta go with your gut! And you are doing that! I was looking forward to seeing you sometime this winter but I'm happy for y'all! It is the best thing we've done, but we also still want to travel. We like having a home base though! Best wishes to you and now you can blog about food and simple living (the other things you enjoy!) Looking forward to seeing what you lives will look like!

  6. First cold front thru Central Tx, dumping more than an inch of rain, high of 55--yeah, nice to have cozy, brick home, but we did envy you all during the Summer, so don't sell the van!

  7. And after all the work you did on the van. BTW like the new header.
    I kind of know how you feel - one of these winters I want to stay home - but at our age probably once we stay home that will be the end of traveling. Enjoy life..


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