Friday, October 18, 2013


Wednesday morning we departed from our friends place around 10:00am - headed west - back to British Columbia.

It sure felt good to be on the road and headed home. We have been gone from BC - except for the one week trip Cassia and I took back in April - for a year. We sure have missed it - we really LOVE living in this province. For us - it has it all - mountains, grasslands, desert, ocean - neat towns, and a pockets of great growing areas. We are headed for the Kootney area - soon to be our new home. 

But first - we had the prairies and two provinces to get through.

The first five hours or so of our trip is prairie. 

We stopped for the night at good good friends in Lethbridge - George and Gail were our neighbours back when we lived in Princeton B.C. Darn - no picture! Too much catching up - we hadn't seen them in three years.

A view near Pincher Creek on the east side of the Rocky Mountains - a VERY windy area.

Yaaaaaa! We can see the mountains! 

Our first view of the Frank Slide.

Sometimes we drive right by Frank Slide and sometimes we stop. Since we could all use a walk we decided to go up. The Frank Slide was the deadliest rockslide in Canadian history.

What is left of Turtle Mountain.

Nice that their is a trail through the rubble - even nicer that we are here after tourist season and have the place to ourselves.

Cassia is enjoying taking over Rufus walking from Derek. Funny how he pretty much pulls Derek's arm out but knows to slow down when Cassia is in charge.

For us - a ride along the #3 highway would not be complete without a stop at Little Island Lake. Here's Cassia and I walking back to the self registration station - $14 for an overnight stay.

Yes, we could have found a free pullout or rest stop a little further up but we really like this little campground so it was worth the fee.

And a chance to have a fire. Cassia was pretty excited to roast her first marshmallow.

One was enough......

A nice shot of dad and daughter.

So many fun photo moments with Cas - she loved walking along the rocks by the lake until mom showed Cassia the sea monster hair stuck within the rocks. That got us back to the van fast and mom back to her tea. Not nice I know - I didn't actually think she would believe me! She was still talking about the monster this morning - hoping it wouldn't come get us in the van.

We are thankful that the snow is just at the higher elevations.

Only a couple of trains passed by the campground while we were there - nice that they went slow and therefore were quite quiet.

The view along the #3 this morning. Lots of fog so few opportunities for pics. However, we came around a corner and were almost blinded by the amount of yellow here.

Right now we are sitting where else but at a Home Depot - we've stopped for lunch and check email. 

We've been on the road for two days.......

And what can change in two days?

Well, our minds. Getting out on the road got us thinking about our decision not to travel this winter. Ahhhh - it sure feels good to be on the move!

Hands up on how many of you saw this coming?!!!!!

That, coupled with the fact that we haven't heard back about a few rental properties that we were inquiring about - and that coupled with the common rent price of $1,500 per month and lets just say we had a change of heart.

Plus - settling down NEXT winter is inevitable since Cassia starts kindergarten in the fall. 

So - the SE USA - here we come.

A few days here in BC to be tourists and check out some of our favourite spots - a quick visit with Derek's dad and step mom -- and we'll be back on our way south - probably Monday.

A huge detour back to BC - yep - it was - but it got us back to BC where we need to register our utility trailer anyway and purchase our Medical Insurance. 

Today we are headed to Ainsworth Hot Springs - one of our most favourite places - ever!



  1. Well, after reading THIS post, I am thoroughly confused.......are you back or not?? Still headed for Branson?? I'm pretty confused......

  2. It is what it is. Good 'new' plan especially with school next season so go for it.

  3. That was plan A, right? So now your doing plan B, right, and your going back to plan A, right? I'm sure you know what your doing, though it does sound a little schizophrenic. Is there a plan C? :) The cold mountains make me feel right at home here in Austin, TX., were out of our hot summer and into our fall, windows are open and it's 68, yippee ki yay!

  4. That the beauty of living in your RV, plans are written in chalk and can be changed at any given moment. Enjoy your winter travels and we will be there with you.We may cross paths along the way, we are heading to the southwest.

  5. Derek begins rant- Tis a dilemma to say the least, can you say ulcer, heart attack, aneurism or just scream at the top of your lungs F**K this BS (not in front of the child of course) !!! It all started with us taking a job out of province in Alberta which affected our British Columbia medical insurance, automobile insurance then if that was not enough we could not insure our new trailer in Alberta because we are BC residents.... OK so we now travel all the way back to BC to get insurance (which was real complicated due to having no permanent address) and along the way I change my mind plan A... plan B, Plan M for raving Manic ;-) I am getting tired of this packing and unpacking, rubber tramp nomadic lifestyle, give me a private coach on a train. I find that 6 months of 24/7 work then 6 months of traveling 24/7 just too much. There I said it , I could have said more but I won't END RANT. -Derek the dark half. Saved by grace ;-)


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