Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Yes, we are here - surfacing again - out from the park into the big city of Lloydminister! 

Actually, other than our drive through next Tuesday - and inevitably stopping for something - this is our LAST shopping trip here - ever! Pretty excited about that - this just isn't our kind of place.

Well, haven't we been busy - paint, paint and more paint. We have been VERY busy with our interior van renos. Good thing we are just finishing up because the weather has taken a drastic turn for the worst - cold and wet. 

The GREAT news?! Only five days left at the park - yup - back on the road next Tuesday. Lots to do between now and then though - packing and cleaning. Just a few days right now of some R&R with all of us down with colds. 

A final paint job - finishing off the hood of the van. It just didn't seem right off white - so it got the rocker guard and green treatment also.

A little afternoon amusement for my girl and I. Cassia had a good time decorating cupcakes - I think she enjoyed that much more than eating them. That's my girl - a baker in the making.

We just had to share our favourite place in Lloydminister this summer. Do we love food trucks - or trailers or do we love them. With all of our jaunts in for building supplies we were glad that Michelle and gang were parked in the Canadian Tire parking lot. Can't get much better than the poutine here. Hmmm - is a food trailer of our very own in our future? Maybe ... maybe. 

With warm daytime temperatures last week Cassia and I got a few walks in around the park. 

This one is for you Brenda!

Looking back at our cabin.

The three of us also took a walk after dinner - actually the four of us - of course Rufus came along.

A common sight these last few weeks - we'll meet you there!!!

A quick visit down to the river - Cassia's favourite spot this summer.

WoW - an actual shot of Cassia sitting somewhat still! 

Cassia occupying herself on our front lawn while we are doing what? Why working in the van of course.

And HERE is a sneak peak! I'll do a complete before and after once we have internet more often. It was sure a lot of work but we are pretty happy with the outcome. And just wait until you see our new floors. 

And Cassia's bunk so far - I had great dreams of painting a dinosaur scene but it isn't happening this year - thanks to Grandma for sending along these stickers. Cassia's ceiling is filled with the stars and planets that glow thanks to Dad. We let Cassia stay up a little later the other night so that she could see them in the dark. Pretty neat.

And another shot of the exterior now complete.

No rain the other night but a VERY bright rainbow off to the north. Too bad it didn't photo as good as it looked.

Just out of the bath!

And so our time here at Lea Park is almost complete. 

We are excited about moving on next week - another summer behind us. 

Sorry, another post without letting you know about our winter travels. That will just have to wait a little bit longer. Meanwhile we are busy trying to get all of our paperwork done. Not that easy being in another province - you would think that we were in another country!

All the best to our travel friends that are already hitting the road! We'll see you - or read about you - soon!



  1. Casaia has grown so much this summer. Lover her new 'room'. The entire RV looks FAB. I bet you are excited to be hitting the road.

  2. Thanks for the cabin photo, it still looks good.
    You guys did a great job on the RV, it all looks so good!
    Hope you get rid of the colds quickly. Stay warm.

  3. OMG, the rv looks great! Congrats. Hope to meet up soon and see it in person.

  4. Nice to hear from you.... love the van !


  5. Yeppir your Rv sure is looking good and now just to hit the road and enjoy it!

  6. will be interested to hear where you'll be - maybe our paths will cross again


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