Saturday, March 23, 2013


Things have been very quiet around here lately - both on the blog and here in New Braunfels. We've been happy to stay close to the church - not doing much of anything. Although with an almost four year old and a HUGE playroom at her disposal - and the need for a playmate - we ARE doing something.

Take today for instance......

Our day started with baking a  batch of cookies.....

Mmmmm - peanut butter. And Cassia's very first time lifting them off of the cookie sheet.

After that we took in the races!

Boy some of those cars can really move!

We had friends - lots of them - for lunch.......

So MUCH food to prepare - hours in the kitchen!

We spent the afternoon house hunting.....

Hmmm - a little dark for our tastes - not really digging that 70's panelling - and just look at the gold shag carpet!

This swanky place with great views was a strong contender. Fully furnished even - but pink? Nope not for the Wood Clan.

In the end we chose this colourful (think Mexico) little number. All the room we need and some animals out back.

We arrived just in time for Cassia's piano recital......

Ding, ding, ding, clang, clang, clang ...... music (ouch!) to her mom's ears.

Later, Queen Cassia (known because of the purple dress) presided with her yellow beard.

I have NO IDEA either - I just went with it. I have to dig real deep sometimes to find that inner child in me, to keep up with my own child - know what I mean?! Hey - I have almost 40 years on her!

We enjoyed a train ride through the countryside of Sodor.....

Thanks Thomas! 

And just before dinner we had time to do some fishing off the bridge out back......

Challenging little fish....

Yaaaa - Cassia caught some!

And the camp fire for cooking them over.

However, instead of the fish we all opted for PIZZA. The first one I have made on the road this year.  I guess we found it often enough on our travels that I didn't feel the need to make it. Plus - it is a bit of work in a tight space - I was really not into it with the heat in Mexico.

It's small because we have a VERY SMALL toaster oven - a light meal for Derek and I. Tonight's included chicken, purple onion, red pepper, artichokes, and feta and mozzarella cheese. We LOVE my pizza - I make it a lot during the summer months. Here is a link for last summer's Sunday Cook Series - Pizza & Popcorn.

Right now we are not sure if we are leaving New Braunfels on Monday or Wednesday - so it will be a surprise for all of us. We are a bit spooked by all the snow up north! Fingers x'ed that it warms up and melts just ahead of us as we head into Colorado. 

AND at this moment we don't even know where we are headed. Nope - we haven't secured our summer employment yet - but we are hopeful. We have applications in for a Park Manager position in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon. That's the great thing about being so mobile - we can go where the job is. 

Over and out.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: No link tonight - just this quote I found on Pinterest. Fun days like today remind me of how true it is .....

and for those moments that I'm not so sure, there is this one.....


  1. You guys are looking like your having a wonderful time. With plenty of space in New Braunfels, cool nights, warm weather and more toys and things to do than I can count. I'm really thinking your not missing the snow covered fields and roads which Nancy shared with me today in the Spacebook pictures, wow. You're more than welcome to burn more time in Austin waiting for all of that burrrish weather to pass and melt.

    Cassia looks like a natural fisher. fyi: Texas State Parks allow free fishing within the park boundaries (adults and children alike). You'll have one requirement, bait, a pole (cane poles are the best) and a child desirous of catching a monster eating required, catch & release. Speaking of eating, the pizza looks delicious!

    Keep in touch, your always welcome.


    1. It's been great B&N - especially the teaching by Pastor Jerry as you well know!

      We'll see about getting Cassia fishing for real this summer - not sure that she'll like it as much as pretend. We have to go back eventually we may as well start the trek now.

      Of course - thanks again to you two for putting us up - and putting up with us! LOL

  2. Cassia's smile is precious in these photos! Looks like she is having the time of her life!

    1. Yup - getting her away from the playroom tomorrow is going to be tough! She has logged many hours in there these last 10 days.

  3. such sweet make believe...remembering fairy fun with the grandgirls. building fairy house, then spreading glitter they thought was fairy dust. been fun watching Cassie grow up...darling.

    1. So true Cj! Cas is becoming quite the young lady - I can't believe how fast it happens! I keep telling her about when she was a baby - I think she's getting pretty bored with that. I still can't get over that she isn't a baby anymore! sheesh!

  4. You are such a great Mom to be spending creative time with Cassia !!

    But, me thinks, you are having just as much fun as your little lady .. lol.

    We are getting a little nervous about all the snow in Saskatchewan as well.

    We were going to be home the first week of April, but I think we might be postponing that. We just want to get home safely.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Thanks as always TnT!

      Funny - us, you and K and R will be heading up around the same time! Maybe we'll have a road side party somewhere near the Sask border! LOL

      I'm pretty interested to see which route you choose - I'll be watching!


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