Thursday, March 14, 2013



Yup - it's true! Every time we come to Texas we are overwhelmed by the friendliness of the people (actually, we find that in most states - but that is beside the point - talking about Texas here).

Making a trip to Austin, not only meant that we could visit Nancy and Brian - who we had only met once before a year ago AND only Brian. So ya - get that - we are staying a full week with people that we didn't really know. AND - Me Casa is sue Casa!

Another perk of visiting Austin was that we could FINALLY meet up with Teri and David - fellow bloggers. We've been following them since last summer some time. 

If you recall we met several bloggers that we follow during our Christmas stay at Hacienda Contreras - and last year we met up with Trent and Teresa, but this was a first blogger meeting in the USA for this year.

VERY exciting. 

Wednesday afternoon we awaited the arrival of Teri from The Zen of Sweeping and David of Flip Flop Vector. I highly recommend a visit to both - Teri is very insightful and contemplative - I always come away from her site feeling much calmer for it. And David's site - yes, full of RVing info - but really - I think Dave's post are the funniest I have ever read - EVER! I mean - laugh out loud - funny.

David and Teri.

If the visit wasn't enough - Teri came bearing gifts. 

If you follow the comments you probably noticed a few weeks ago that Teri posted that she was off making coconut and white chocolate scones. Well I tell you - that almost put me on a plane back to Texas - two of my favourite things and something I would not be able to find in Mexico.

And she brought me her Sunset Skies cowl that I had won on her site back in January.

So, we had a nice visit and we're happy to meet up with them face to face. Next year we'll stop in and see them at their new home.

The temperatures have been steadily climbing here in Austin. It was a bit on the cool side when we arrived on Saturday but within the last few days we have been closer to 80F. All the trees are starting to bud and even leaf out.

Amazingly, Nancy took this picture yesterday on her way home. She stops at this intersection everyday but just noticed that the street has the same name as our sweet girl.

We made good use of our time today - and the nice weather - and completely cleaned the van. It was sure do after these many months on the road. Nice to have a shop vac at our disposal - and a washer and dryer of course.

A few weeks ago our table base lifted up from the floor. We ended up taking up some of the carpet today to get more of the screw threads into the floor. Sure wish the whole van was laminate. The carpet does NOT work - it'll be gone pretty quickly come this summer.

We vacuumed EVERY THING - here's Derek in the back.

I can't believe how fast the week is flying by! One more day before we head back to New Braunfels on Saturday. 

Not sure what we'll be up to tomorrow but we'll be sure to let you know.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Are you a history buff? If you are, you may want to check this link out about the history of the city of Austin. Pretty interesting stuff. There is a Historical Walking Tour of Austin - not sure if we'll get to it this year - maybe next time.


  1. I was hoping you would meet up with David and Teri!!

    You are right, David comes up with some funny lines.

    As you know, Teresa and I are sharing a lot of the same thoughts as them regarding long term travel lately ...

    Glad you are making good use of your time to catch up on your housekeeping ... lol.

    Take care ... Tnt

  2. Nice to meet fellow bloggers. Fulltiming is not for everybody. But for us the most economical way to live with camping fees averaging $6.73 a day and lots of new places to see. Just love it.
    Enjoy more New Braunfels while you are there a nice area.

  3. JEALOUS.....two of my favorite follows! Inspiration galore and comic fun...not to mention you got gifted coconut YUM! So happy you got to gather...super sweet!

  4. Loved meeting you three! (And Bryan)... I only wish we could have spent more time together... later this year, right? I was so enamored with meeting up with y'all that I failed to get a photo of you three (or even us two together)... Not in the blogging frame of mind but I see that David snatched some of your own photos for our Flip Flop blog! We will leave the light on for you!


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