Monday, March 18, 2013


So, today was Landa Park day. 

It took us the better part of the morning to get ourselves mobile. The one - teeny tiny negative thing about our van surfaces when we are parked somewhere for a length of time. You see, once the van is parked - out comes all the stuff. When we move again - all the stuff must go back in. So today -- wanting to go shopping and to the park, meant that we first had to ready the cockpit. 

By about lunch time we were on our way. Already lagging due to the heat. Is that US that likes the heat? Hmmmm we are not so sure some days.

We decided to do our grocery shopping first. 

Now here's the thing. We have a total love/hate relationship with Walmart - as I've written about somewhere on this blog - last year sometime. We don't shop there in Canada but we do in the USA. They are everywhere and easy. Not exciting but with good prices. We've already been to the one here in New Braunfels.

But there is an alternative here in Texas - the HEB stores. Amazingly, we had yet to be in one - I know, I know - that's crazy talk because of the number of times we have been to Texas. We were just never sure what type of store - and what type of prices - we would find. Strange that we just didn't give one try right? - ya - I'm thinking that too.

Anyway, today was THE day to change that - especially since there is a HEB store very close to us here while Walmart is a bit of a crazy drive over by the Interstate.

Good news! We LOVED it - it was a nice shopping experience. We dropped a good amount of $$ there but we were happy with the amount that we got for it. The prices are quite comparable to Walmart. I see another visit to the HEB in our future before we head out.

Next, it was time for the park. Landa Park was only about 10 minutes away.

Enough time for Cassia to fall asleep in her seat.

 After her 45 minute nap or so - while Derek and I enjoyed a quiet lunch - Cassia was ready to go. Sadly though, it was pretty hot by then - around 3:00 pm. We tried to enjoy the playground - we really did - but it was WAY too hot. I am surprised that the large playgrounds are not covered, like we have seen in other warm areas. 

So - it was on to the duck feeding. We had to look for some shade though.

Good thing there were trees near to where the ducks were hanging out.

 As I've mentioned in an earlier post - we visited Landa Park a few times last winter and fed the ducks then too. Boy Cassia sure has changed.

There is OBVIOUSLY a hierarchy in the duck world - see these two white ones - Queen and King of the duck pond.

And just look at this pair? Anyone know what type these are? Mr. Duck looks a bit scary from this angle.

Nobody left hungry!

We moved on a bit around the corner to another area. It wasn't long before this guy was on to me. Actually, I was a bit nervous - he obviously doesn't know - or care - about personal space. 

More mouths to feed!

This is a VERY nice park - we'd be here a lot if this were our hometown. 

And thank goodness it was much quieter than the weekend. Although the train doesn't run during the weekdays - the sacrifice we had to make.

The water was moving quite quickly - nice with all the colourful rocks.

Big dog owner to big dog owner. This fellow approached Derek to see if Roofous was friendly so that the two could meet. 

 Poor Roofous - a fur coat in such warm weather and not able to jump in the water.

We only made it about an hour at the park. Is it hot here or what! 93F today - so about 33C. San Antonio hit 95F and broke the record from 1894! 

Of course - beverages were on our list at HEB. Derek found this on sale today - I guess with St. Patrick's day a memory they were trying to download them. In true Wood Clan style we are celebrating St. P's a day late. We started that tradition last year when we celebrated in Dayton Washington with Derek's 'Irish Death'.  For some reason I thought it was the 18th and so kept telling Derek yesterday that it was today. 

AND we almost couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this 6 pack starring back at us from the shelf. Funny because we had just been telling Nancy and Brian how good Henry Weinhard Root Beer was. Now - we haven't sampled ALL the root beers out there - but from the one's we have HW's is THE BEST. No joke - have you tried it? We are considering making some room in Caballito to take some back with us. No limit at the border at least!

And what to do with Root Beer with this heat? Why root beer floats of course. Cassia isn't a fan but Derek and I sure enjoyed them.

The heat was challenging today but it sure is nice to be sitting here outside with a t shirt in a more comfortable temperature. 

No plans for tomorrow although we'll most likely join Pastor Jerry at his evening Bible Study in San Marcos - just up the highway.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Mmmmm I can't remember if I have linked The Hill Country Cook yet? So, I just ahead and do it here - Katie seems like our kind of gal - she went camping the last week AND she actually went to SXSW. If you scroll down a bit I also see that she has a Cream Cheese Pound Cake post - yummmmm.


  1. It looks like you had the park all to yourselves and the root beer find seemed to cool things down a bit. Cassia loved the RB float she had at Shady Grove the other day, she must have had other things on her mind like salt water taffy. Enjoy the heat, because the northern part of the country is still freezing.

  2. We are enjoying this Texas heat too, think in three weeks we will be backin Canada wishing we had some of this heat still.


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