Thursday, March 7, 2013


Having spent Tuesday night at a roadside picnic area we were happy to be up and on the road again come Wednesday morning. Another cold night without heat........

It was a short drive over to Boerne - 23 miles - one of our favourite towns in the Texas Hill Country.  - It's not very big - but it's quaint - our kind of town.

Derek and I first visited Boerne (Bernie not Born) in 2008 when we were staying at Guadalupe River State Park (which we HIGHLY recommend by the way). We spent some time on the main strip and went for dinner. It is a really nice memory and one we recall each time we are in the area. Last year we passed through Boerne when we started heading west across Texas - since it was the end of January - and a bit cold still - we didn't stop.

Today, we were on a mission - we needed gas and propane - we REALLY needed propane.

Once we were parked just off Mainstreet, our first stop was the Chamber of Commerce. We had driven around the inner part of Boerne looking for propane at one of the gas stations. Since we didn't see any we figured we had better stop and ask. The lady at the Chamber was very helpful and even called the company I had found in the phone book, to see if they could help us. This was a BIG deal for us since we don't have a cell phone. I really appreciate when Chambers or Visitor Centres offer to do this - some don't.

This was sitting on the book shelf - nice - I bet Boerne is a nice town to live in.

Since we were there anyway we decided to take a stroll.

With the cooler temperatures Cassia can once again wear her sweater from Isla de Janitzio.

I LOVE towns/cities with nice looking shops filled with neat things. Sadly, most were still closed when we were there - at around 10 - looked like most opened at 11.

LOVE all the spring window displays. Ahhhhh - spring. 

At this point we stopped in at the Boerne Grill for breakfast. We actually went in for a GOOD cup of coffee but ended up staying for the whole deal. So glad we did - it was GREAT! Eggs, bacon, roasted potatoes and toast - biscuits for me! Nice to have an American breakfast - not sure how else to say that - you know what I mean though - right!. While eating we were watching the tv and realized that there was a whole bunch of things going on in the world that we knew nothing about - Chavez died!? 

THE best part of our day.

Lots of neat buildings.

I believe this is City Hall.

Lots of Antique shops also. 

I ducked into the Christmas Shoppe - also doing Spring I see.

We walked as far as the park and spent a few minutes there so Cassia could walk around.

Buds on the trees......

and even flowers!

Lots of German immigrants and influence in the Texas Hill Country.

 And the Red Bud. We had been seeing quite a few of these dramatic trees on our way to Boerne - but all from the van and I couldn't get a good picture. We were happy to see one in the park.

After that we headed back to the van and over to the propane place near I10. We found it easy enough and were glad to have that done - $15 - not bad and not much more than Mexico.

We then went back into Boerne, found the 46 highway and headed east to New Braunfels - our destination. 

A mere 46 miles later we were pulling into New Braunfels and minutes later into the Berean Bible Church parking lot. 

Along the way I was taking pictures of the drive through the Hill Country. I was telling Derek that they just didn't do the area justice. The Hill Country is so beautiful - it pretty much makes us giddy - it is our  "FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD" - seriously! We rambled on about that last year too. No matter where we go - it has a tough act to follow with the Hill Country. We could live here and one day we just might! Green cards in the near future ?

Better to visit the website - Texas Hill Country - for great photos.

We are sitting still for a few days - recovering from the last four days of driving! Our driver needs some serious rest! Looks like we are in for some rain.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: I'm sure I've linked this blog before - probably the last time we were in Texas, back in January. But - it's worth repeating now that we are back again. Is there anything better than Texas food? I think not - so head over to Homesick Texan for a little cooking inspiration.


  1. Happy to hear you are in your favorite spot, with your favorite people !!

    Our friends are always telling us how beautiful the Texas Hill Country is ...

    Enjoy your time there ... take care ... TnT

    1. Thanks TnT! Maybe think about heading to the Hill Country next winter - I think you would enjoy this area.

  2. Looks like a really pretty town. I love the look of their park and I really love Cassia's sweater!


    1. It sure is Ruth - their are several around here with the same feel - lots of neat shops, green spaces and a pedestrian feel. New Braunfels, Fredricksburg and Kerrville - plus many more.

  3. Love Texas Hill Country have been in the area a few times, such beautiful scenery. I assume you have checked out Gruene and Luckenbach

    1. Yup - we checked out those two places during last years trip.


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