Sunday, March 10, 2013


By Wednesday afternoon, following our brief stop in Boerne, we were rolling into New Braunfels. Since this was our third visit to this fine Hill Country City, we are really starting to feel comfortable and more importantly, know how to get ourselves around on the roads.

When in New Braunfels we are happy - and thankful - to base our little Caballito at the Berean Bible Church. During last  years trip we stopped in twice, the first in November, on our arrival into Texas, and again on our way out, in February.  I took a ton of photos both times so if you would like to see the area - our visit to Landa Park, the New Braunfels Farmer's Market and Gruene, just check out the links above or type in New Braunfels in the subject line to the right.

How nice that the Berean Bible Church has lots of parking in the back with water and electric hook ups.

And a little tricycle for Cassia. She took a few spins around.

The weather had been threatening rain since we entered into the USA. By Friday it hit. We spent the morning out and about in NB. We desperately needed to dump our tanks. We knew that that meant a trip up the interstate to either the TA Truck Stop or Camping World. If is a VERY busy stretch of Interstate - VERY challenging for Derek and I. But - it had to be done. All went ok and on the way back we stopped in at Walmart for a few more groceries that we missed in Uvalde. 

Back at the Church by 12:00, just as the rain began, we were happy to be settled for the rest of the day.

Wet, but still pretty warm.

Of course, Cassia just couldn't wait to get out their with her rain coat and boots. Actually, we haven't experienced rain since Patzcuaro back in January.

If you checked back in the links you will have seen that it rained in NB when were here in January - and Cassia did what she is doing now - standing under the dripping water and running through the puddles. That's one of the things that's so great about kids - right?! - they find the good in all sorts of situations.

Wednesday evening we enjoyed reconnecting with our Berean Bible Church friends - particularly Steve and Kim Gotberg. We visited with them in Montgomery, Alabama in December of 2011 - they have now relocated to Austin. 

We have already moved on and are now visiting with friends in Austin. We braved the one hour drive up the Interstate and around the west side of this fine city. It was a bit unnerving for us - give us the roads of Mexico anytime - wow! - what a ride. Multi laned highways, overhead ramps and fasssssssst cars. 

We'll be visiting here for the week, before going back down to New Braunfels, so lots more of Austin to come!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Austin is quite the happening place don't you know. We haven't actually spent time here before. Last year the closest we got was driving by on the interstate with Pastor Jerry Lockhart on our way to and back from Georgetown. I notice that there are many website listing the goings ons here - how about checking out this one - Austin 360.


  1. Love the picture Of Cassia watching the train go by, that was about the age I got my fascination with trains,Of course my Mom said kid's like anything big, stinky, and noisy. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

    1. Me too! We LOVE trains and have managed to pass that on to Cassia. Derek has fond memories of riding the train in the winter to see his Grandma.


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