Tuesday, March 18, 2014


By noonish on  Monday we were back on the road heading north on the 97. We stopped briefly in the city of Redmond, 16 miles north of Bend, to stock up on groceries. I knew that it could be anywhere from a few days to a week before we would see a grocery store again. We were planning on visiting two state parks.

Just south of Madras we veered west towards Culver and onto The Cove Palisades State Park. At $21 per night we had decided to stay one night - enough time to dump, take on water, get everything charged again and to most importantly take showers. Ahhhh - isn't the traveling life grand?! and stinky!

Here are the pics. What a lovely drive the 97 is - have you done it?

The few pictures above and below of the gorge were taken by Derek - the one brave enough to jump over the fence - you know - the one telling you not to jump the fence because of the drop off. This is at the Campground - by the way. Cold enough for even me to wear a toque.

Not too many of us at the Crooked River Campground this time of year - just the hosts and another RV. There are two campgrounds at The Cove Palisades - the Crooked River is the upper one - open all year - the Deschutes Campground five miles further in, doesn't open until mid May. I'd imagine this area is pretty busy during the summer.

I just have to add here that the Crooked River Camgpround showers are the BEST, and I mean THE BEST showers we have ever, ever, come across at a State Park. As many of you may know - or not - most state parks have a button that is to be pushed that dispenses - in varying forms of spray or drip - a predetermined water temperature for a predetermined length of time. $##%^&$##!!!!!!!!  I totally understand why this system exists but it is the WORST way to take a shower. Anyway - this is not the case at Crooked River. You can control the time and temperature. Amazing! Now if only they could be a tiny bit cleaner (off season - I understand).

Tuesday morning - clean and topped up - we continued on. Here's a view west of one of the many snow capped mountains.

LOVE red barns!

And then we came across the town (?) errr, village I guess, of Shaniko. Actually, we breezed right by it, but not without looking over our shoulders saying - what was that?! Should we turn around? Now, I just have to say that Derek is fondly known as the 'No Turn Around Guy' or well, that's what I call him anyway. He will not turn around under any other than the most dire circumstances. I could probably count on one hand how many times he has done so - so the fact that he did for Shaniko says something. 

It looked to be some kind of old western town.

We parked and walked around. 

Obviously a ghost town - and a real ghost town today.

The original jail!

A very neat place but today everything was closed. Looks like they only open during the summer months.

A small but very photogenic place. 

The only place that was open.

Nice that so much of the history is described on boards around the town.

Now - if only this picture could talk!

Back on our way north…

Although it doesn't look like it - the 97 is a very busy truck route. I just wait to take photos when there weren't any around. 

Then it's DOWN from Wasco to Biggs. 

The only view coming into Biggs - turns out there isn't much there but a truck stop. Good to know though if you are going through there.

Our first view of the Columbia River this trip. We've been along the Columbia several times but lately it has been east of here just north of Hermiston - near the Tri-Cities area.

From Biggs it was only 4 miles west to the Deschutes River State Recreation Site. A very nice park - we ended up staying for three nights.

Those pictures up next.


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