Sunday, March 9, 2014


Once the strong wind stopped at Humbug Mountain State Park Thursday morning, we got ready and continued our drive north.

Today we were on a mission.

No more coast!

Sad I know. We had planned to travel the Oregon Coast all the way up to Astoria - enjoying coastal craft beer all along the way.

But it was not to be. 

More than a week of clouds and rain was enough for us. 

And plus - we have always wanted to visit Bend.

Rain rain go away…...

Going through the town of Bandon - the downtown looked quaint and worth a look around - but not today.

The Bandon area is known for cranberries - can you see the fields? I tried. 

Now past Reedsport and heading inland along highway 38. 

All the photos for that day. A rain day. We spent the night at the Home Depot in Eugene - it was like coming home - it hadn't been since Yucca Valley that we had spent the night at a HD. 

And just LOOK at THAT - a new day and a new sky. Heading east out of Eugene Friday morning. 


The night before I researched as much as I possibly could to decide if we should take the 126 or the 20 to Bend. In the end we chose the 126 - no real reason why because I couldn't find much info on either - in the end the word 'scenic' won out.

It was a good choice - the road runs along the Willamette River. 

It is very full right now.

After you make the turn north the road starts to climb.

Cassia finally gets some serious play time in the snow.

We stopped to see the falls.

Quite a bit of snow still here but it looks pretty old. 

A lava flow.

On the 20 you reach a summit of about 4,600 ft as you make your way over the Cascade Mountains. We feared that it would be quite the climb for Hraefn but it was actually much easier than we expected. 

The Wood Clan is back into their preferred climate and landscape - cooler - yes, a bit - but dry. 

Although it looks like a cloud - the white stuff in the middle is actually a very snow covered mountain - Three Fingered Jack.

Obviously a fire came through here.

Straight ahead a view of the Hoodoo Ski Hill. 

Pulling into Sisters - 21 miles north west of Bend,  in the early afternoon.

For those of you unfamiliar with this part of Oregon here is our map. Humbug Mountain State Park is denoted with the red pin - we headed up the coast to Reedsport where we said goodbye to the coast and headed to Eugene via the 38 and briefly (thankfully) the I5. The next day we made the fairly short - but very scenic trip to Bend via the 126 and the 20. A nice ride. 

What a difference in weather in just two days. Yes, I know - the coast probably had a nice day on Friday too! 

Plus - it is now raining here in Bend so we only had a short reprieve. 

Thankfully, the weather in these parts and north - show some sunny skies coming up this week. 

Tonight is our last night in the fine city of Bend. We've enjoyed our three day visit but are continuing on tomorrow afternoon. Not far - another State Park just up ahead which will be nice after four nights of stealth camping. The nights at Harris and Humbug sure spoiled us. 

Four posts today! A record! 


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  1. WAIT stay right there, sister's Oregon is the site of a really big quilt show!! LOL

    Safe travels!

  2. You making some progress, but not having very nice weather, enjoy the places that you visit

    1. It's actually been ok although the rain could stop anytime now - March - always trouble getting past March.

  3. You've taken some good bridge pics this trip. The rain is everywhere and we tired of it too! We're looking forward to Oregon; Coos Bay and the sand dunes.

    1. LOVE taking bridge pics Chris! Oregon is good. Not sure that Coos Bay is a highlight though - probably with the right weather - we did see the dunes from the highway. Have you been to White Sands yet? Definitely the best sand dunes in our minds.

  4. You are seeing such beauty...glad you added that map...helped me figure out where you are! Coastal is nice but I admit...I'm kind of ready for some woods and lakes and rivers......ALMOST! Harvesting cranberries is cool to watch...saw that in WISC. I had so much fun catching I have to go back to task at hand - organizing FAV folder on PC and having all my route planning links in one place...gheez it takes forever as I've to get lost in looking at each one! :O) Travel safe...nice to see your smiling faces!

    1. That is for darn sure Cj! Much beauty out this way! Always nice to get a little of both - it's always greener isn't it?! Good luck!

  5. Don't know where you are now. But the coast is beautiful now. No rain for next few days then dry over weekend. We are hosting at Yaquina bay lighthouse. Two great state parks south beach and Beverly beach. Also two lighthouse s and Rogue beer headquarters

    1. Of course it's nice there now - we left! LOL! Glad the rain has past for now. We'll get back to the post - one day!

  6. From beginning to end....the portraits are just mind blowing and perfectly executed :)


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