Sunday, March 9, 2014


Have you noticed how grey the last few days have been! Not a drop of blue to be had.

But - it was warmish.

And really, what can we do. These parts are in need of rain and we are the ones to deliver it. We laugh that wherever we travel the weather changes - records are broken. 

Heading north on the 101 out of McKinleyville.

Not far along we noticed an Elk herd. A good picture because I have been wanting to show you all the daffodils growing along this stretch. Actually, they have been a constant for a few days but I wasn't able to get a good shot from the windshield. It sure feels like spring in these parts.

As usual, with leaving an overnight spot quickly we end up pulling off up the highway for breakfast. Here we are pulled over at the Big Lagoon.

It was a bit wet and windy but Derek, Cassia and Rufus went for a beach walk while I stayed and prepared our meal.

Back on the road we easy found the sign we were looking for. Jacob from Humboldt Regeneration told us about this scenic alternative - similar to the Avenue of the Giants - that takes you parallel to the highway but through the forest. 

This time we stopped at one of the trail head pullouts to go see the 'Big Tree'.

Well, the name sure makes sense. The two pictures is the best I can do to show it off to you. Obviously I cannot show you the height of a tree in one shot.

We continued along the trail. An amazing experience walking through the forest - we really enjoyed our time here - very quiet and with the moisture - a very fresh earthy fragrance.

You know a tree is big when you can walk under the it.

Another place where it is hard not to take pictures. From the flora and fauna to the interesting bark on the trees.

The sheer height is hard to wrap your head around.

Darn - a blurry picture - but the only one I took. 

We walked a good two miles round trip. Having had a cold for the previous two days I was spent but an amazing experience.

Our best chance of a road pictures outside of the van. 

Further ahead is the Trees Of Mystery and Redwood attraction. Sadly, Derek and I still haven't learned our lesson and told Cassia days earlier that we were going to ride a tram in the trees at this park. As we got closer we changed our minds because really - we had been able to walk among the Redwoods free and didn't think that the $15 entry fee for Derek and I was worth it. 

Note to parent selves: Don't mentioned you are going to do something until you are about to do it.

Anyway, we did stop in to see Paul Bunyan and Babe which we had also told her about.

From Klamath it was a short ride to the border. 

Helloooo Oregon! With that we were at the end of our ride through California. 

Dare I say thankfully so? Sorry, we had some great moments in California and we are thankful for that but with the high prices and busyness we were happy to be moving on.

The Oregon Welcome Center. WoW! Love the building design. 

Across the USA - one of the best Welcome Center/Visitor Centres we have visited. Since we were planning on spending about a month in Oregon it was a good chance to get some information.

From the Centre you can walk right to the ocean.

The Welcome Centre provided us an opportunity to be on line - while Derek spent some time on fb - Cassia and I went for a beach walk.

From there we headed into Brookings and then on to Harris Beach State Park. We were pretty excited to get to another campground with electricity and showers - and a playground for Cassia.

Oregon has many great things going for it - well priced State Parks is one of them.

In the end we stayed four nights at Harris Beach - those pictures up next post.

By the way, this is the second post of the day. If you are here but didn't see our first post on the Redwoods head to the archives for the Avenue of the Giants and Humboldt Regeneration post.


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  1. When we went to see Paul and Babe our son was about 3 and Paul was talking to him. Brooks carried on a conversation with Paul just as if he were human. I always enjoy driving through that area.

    1. Funny! It is a very nice area - the trees are amazing!


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