Tuesday, December 16, 2014


So, yesterday turned out to be a shopping day. Which is huge for the frugal Wood Clan who tries not to collect stuff - I mean we do just have a camper van - right?!

However, this may be the last time we are in Mexico for a while and we do have a few things in mind that we would like to take home with us.

In usual fashion we could procrastinate, but since we always do that with fairly negative results, we are attempting to mend our ways.

One of the main purchases on our list is a hammock - or hamaca.

A few weeks ago Bernie - our cheese friend - came around selling raffle tickets for a hamaca. He is in a dancing group and they were raising money for their costumes. 

Yesterday he stopped in to say that today was the day for the draw. Interestingly, we were to be the drawers. But - we needed a witness. Manuel - on the left was the guy - since he was back here storing the banana boat and parasail. Bernie pulled out his camcorder for the event. 

Turns out I was to choose the number. Not sure what we would have done if I had drawn our number! Sadly, we didn't have to worry about that - I drew #20.

Bernie making the call to the lucky winner.

The hamaca we could have won. Based on the colour I can't really say I was too heartbroken.

That got us thinking about finding a hamaca to purchase. The last time we were here we saw a hamaca seller on the highway about 10 miles before Zihuatanejo. We thought to stop but decided to do so on our way out. Well, you know what happened right - when we left the seller was no longer there. We made it all the way out of Mexico without a hamaca. 

Derek asked Martin, the head waiter here at El Manglar, where we should buy our hamaca. He said that he had a friend that made them and he would have him come visit us. Great - he would come Monday.

And sure enough he arrived Monday afternoon - that's him on the right - Gusta (really not sure of the spelling of his name!). But first, here is Obed returning Bill's 1/2" socket. The socket was borrowed a few days before to help repair the guys boat - the one they use for the banana boat and parasail. You can imagine how the conversation went when he came to borrow the socket. Took Derek, Bill and Obed a bit to get that communicated!

Funny, we had to laugh when Gusta came up to our van. He's from the beach! So - we've spent the last month saying 'No gracias' to him as he makes his way around selling his hamacas. 

Who knew! 

He has both nylon and cotton. Although the cotton hamacas often don't last as long we think they are more comfortable. 

Here he is showing us the double.

We settled on a very reasonable 500 pesos. To be honest we don't really know the going rate for cotton - one of the guys said that 300 on the beach was good but we weren't sure what he was referring to for that price. Based on the fact that we saw a cotton hamaca downtown for 1,800 pesos, we thought we were doing good.

Actually, we were so impressed with his prices we are thinking of buying a few more - both cotton and nylon. Just so we have a few years worth.

Following a few hours swimming and playing at the beach in the afternoon, we decided to head back to Paty's Marimar. Derek and I have realized that Happy Hour is something we can appreciate. We justified the return trip because being Monday night - with Tuesday our shopping day - we were really low on food.

Lots of dead fish on the beach the last few days - not sure why. The water has also been very choppy for the last week or so. 

Since Paty's is at the other end of the beach we thought to put our walk there together with Derek's nightly walk with Rufus.

Cassia enjoying her Pina Coladas - sin alcohol of course! It's not very often that she'll let me put a pony tail in her hair. I'm just glad it's getting long enough that I can. Cassia's hair has only been trimmed twice in her 5 1/2 years. She has VERY slow growing hair!

Trying on the napkin hats to pass the time.

We enjoyed another great evening. This time we ordered a few Mexican specialities. We were stuffed on the enchiladas alone and took the chicken fajitas home.

While we were there - Angelica came over to sell us her titular de la velas (sure hope I got that right - I used the translator which doesn't always work!). Anyway, we had seen these candle holders before and I had mentioned to Derek that I wanted to get a few to take home. So - well, no time like the present. Angelica also had a gentle way about her so it was nice to purchase from her. 

It was difficult to choose so we bought two! 100 pesos each. 
We think we might buy a few more as gifts!

Monday turned out to be a busy day for us!

Yes, that's busy. Hey - when it's this hot - movements matter! 

Today we had a busy morning - we headed to el centro to visit a special place and then on to the Commercial Mexicana. 

Photos coming soon!



  1. Hey shop away, after all it is Christmas time! I'd probably tie myself up in one of the hammocks and never find my way out, but those candles I could handle. Great craftsmanship.

    1. Good thinking Patti! Gee - I keep forgetting that it's Christmas. Yup - we like to buy the artistic stuff!

  2. those hammocks are beautiful! as is the fish candle holder..it would go beautifully with the gecko I purchased in PV a few years..the said gecko is hanging on the wall in the trailer! it most definitely made the cut!

    1. Aren't they Sue. Although I'm not a huge fan of some of the colour combos. Too bad we can't hang the candle holders - hope we get them home in one piece!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Karen and Tony! Hey - I checked out your blog - I'll be back!

  4. Just paid 120 pesos for a similar candle holder yesterday. We had so many of those hammocks and just gave them away last year. We now just have the one double cotton one with the lace edging that we got in Acapulco.

    Love Cassia's hair tied back.

    1. Ha! She did start at 120 but moved down to 100 pretty quick.Gave them away! Yikes! Hmmm - a lace edging would be very nice!

  5. Your new top collage is colourful and full of memories. Cassia looks good with her hair in a pony tail. Know what u mean about her not letting you touch her hair - my daughter now 43 always reminds me how heavy handed I was with her hair. Family joke now. Loved the candle burners so richly coloured. Cheers lesalp.blogspot.com.au

    1. Hi Leslie! I've missed you! Mexico and colour go together! What is with kids and not wanting their hair touched. Guess it hurts - Cas gets knots in her's and of course hates to be in pain. Can't wait until she is in charge of it all.

  6. We you see something there that you really want , best buy it now may not be there tomorrow. We learned that a long time ago. Such a great time you are having making memories.

  7. Hammock goodness...perfect take away gift. A ponytail...she's growing up too, too fast!! Better practice your braiding mom :)

    1. Yes, every time we manage to sit in the hammock this summer we'll think back to this time. Braiding! Is that a must for a mom?!!!! Yikes!

  8. When our youngest daughter, Erika, now 45 was about 3 her hair was long and thick. Unfortunately it was always full of food....well you know how that goes. Crying, sobbing and protesting when it was brushed and I gave up and cut it really short. Broke my mother in law's heart! But hey, it's hair, it grows! I have a friend at home who wants me to buy her a hammock or two so her grand children can use them when they visit.... I'll have to get some pointers on what type and where to buy one here in Mazatlan.

    1. Hi Kathy! You cut it! Ha! Good that it was long and thick it probably grew back fast. I'd be afraid Cassia would be 20 before it was back! I wonder where in Mazatlan - I bet there is someone in Las Jaibas that will know! Hope the bocce tournament is going well!


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