Saturday, December 13, 2014


Here is a few days worth of photos for you.

Not much going on with us……

Just the usual - the beach, the beach and the beach.

Thankfully the humidity has been dropping a little bit each day. Interestingly, we had a little rain shower a few days ago. We also had a cloudy day, which really helps to take the edge off of the sun. We could really do with a few more of those.

The other day, while on the beach, Derek helped out our parasailing friends get this jet sky back in the water. Derek has much fun visiting with the guys - I'm still working to get a picture of all of them together.

And just look at what we found. Derek's been asking around for Cous Cous (who we are pretty certain now met a bad end at the party last week) and was told about these guys. Much younger than Cous Cous and further up the beach. We went to take a look. Thankfully we can see that they are being fed. Not sure what their future holds but we have hope with that. Tempting to take one with us but really, our friend Cous Cous was a one time thing - there was something about him. Sad.

Then we went for Coco Frio. We have been meaning to do that for awhile but it seems the seller is only around during the weekends. We were told from Anna - our friend at the local store - that each should be 10 pesos. 
You gotta feel for Cassia sometimes. She gets a lot of this - either her head - hair - is touched or she is followed around until they can see her eyes up close. 

Derek looks a little on the annoyed side because this guy is trying to get a 10 peso tip out of us for showing us where the truck was even though we knew already and were headed there ourselves. In the end we paid just the coco guy the 30 pesos. Mr. I Want a Tip could get it from him we figure.

A bit of an armful for Cassia - plus we were walking with them on the rocks. Very refreshing though.

Yesterday, a new camper arrived. We knew to expect them as Bill told us about George and Lulu at the party last week. This couple comes for Christmas each year from Morelia. Interesting in the fact that they are Mexican campers.

Because we haven't had dinner out for almost two weeks, we decided to go out last night. One thing we would like to do while we are here, is to try out different restaurants. We haven't done very well at that yet having only been to El Manglar and Jungle Pizza. 

So, after having checked TripAdvisor we decided to try Paty's Marimar Restaurant and Bar. While it's not as high as El Manglar (#39 of 215) it comes with good reviews at #69.

From what I can tell, the sand art was for the taping of the Mexican TV Show  Hoy that was on the beach last week. 

Nice that it was still there for us to enjoy.

Also nice that they have perfectly sized loungers for kids.

Cassia deciding that she'll actually participate in the photo shoot.

Another great sunset as we waited for our meal.

Who were we to say no to Happy Hour. Not one of our usual things but it was tempting enough to get me to order two pina coladas and Derek two beers. 

Since we were out we thought that we might as well go all out. Plus, it's hard for us to say no - and we do like to support the local musicians. So - here is our song for 50 pesos. Nice that after us they ended up spending the next 30 minutes or so at the bar next door - we continued to enjoy the music.

Paty's is one of the restaurants with all of the nice lights. Here's Derek holding court with the three waiters. Most people eat later so we had the guys and the restaurant to ourselves for the first while. They were very interested in Derek's ecig.

While Cassia couldn't get enough of the light balls. Even better because they change colour.

We had a very large and filling meal. Derek the New York Strip Steak and me the breaded Mahi Mahi.

Following that we sat and enjoyed the atmosphere. We spent some time talking to a couple from Eugene, Oregon and another lady from Portland. She's here with her son and niece from New York and a friend from Patzcuaro. It was nice to get out and meet some new people and enjoy the conversation.

We headed back to El Manglar along the beach, arriving home just before 9:00pm.

Today, it was back to the beach - in the morning and then in the afternoon again before dinner. The water was a bit choppy so I limited my time. I'm a wimp when I see larger waves. And no they aren't even that large!

By the way, I'm working on a new blog header right now. So, if you arrive to the blog one day soon and think you are in the wrong spot - you aren't. 



  1. What a great place! Gather your memories while you can, it might be a while before you are back.

    1. It's a good spot Croft! A little of this and that. It's probably a longgggggg while before we are back. I dream of being a fly in here one day!

  2. A lovely spot and the food looks great. Enjoy!!

  3. Glad you are enjoying the local sights, and always meeting new people along the way.

  4. Makes me want to go back there - looks the same as it did in 2007 except I suspect the burned out 5th wheel is gone.
    Enjoy - she is sure growing up

    1. Yup - I doubt it hasn't changed much Carol - not really any new construction. Where was the fifth wheel? Don't think it is here anymore! The days are long but the years are short - right?!

  5. Lovely post and great photos. I like the new header, the photos are very perky looking. Wow that is a snazzy camper van for a Mexican. Most of the ones we see are fairly old and worn out.

    1. Thanks Contessa! It is a snazzy camper - we'd take it. Funny - it's a Ford but you don't see that at home - too bad. Nice older couple ….. Doctor or Doctors I think.

  6. Hey guys, I like the new blog header, but when clicking on one of the photos in the header are you suppose to be redirected to that particular post? If so, it doesn't.

    The food looks fab, I'm getting hungry looking at he pics. I'm with Cassia, I want a couple of the glow balls!

    Just finished watching Steve Atwood's weekly study:
    I don't know if you ever listen to his studies, but they are a great way to understand where society and the world has gone wrong about Gods directions.

    Have a great week in Christ,
    Brian Miller

    1. Hi Brian. Nope - they aren't meant to link. We just use free blogger versus getting a swanky website for megabucks. Too bad though wish I could do that - don't even think you can with blogger. The food was fab although for quality El Manglar is better but Paty's has more selection. Thanks for the link

  7. New header looks great! Fresh, lively, engaging. It makes you want to scroll down and see what else is happening with those Wood folks!!

    Good job!!

    1. Hi Nancy! Great! Thanks! I really like it as well! However, as you can imagine it was very difficult choosing just a few photos - I'll probably change them up now and then.

  8. Such a scenic the light balls !
    All your pictures are so nice. Cassia is a beautiful girl.....she has lived so many memories already.

    1. Hard to beat a restaurant on a beach! The light balls are a hit with us also! So relaxing to watch them slowly turn colour.

      She is Kelly - which she has been hearing for many years now. We work to hopefully ensure that the inside matches the outside! She has lived an interesting live thus far but she is happiest at a playground - she doesn't much care where that is. Hopefully we will be able to return to some of these places when she is older.


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