Saturday, December 6, 2014


Just as we were slipping deeper and deeper in lethargy here in the Zihuatanejo heat, we've just received some news! Last night to be exact. We had just returned from our beach walk, Derek was then heading back out with Rufus for their nightly walk. An email we had been expecting was suddenly before me ….. big news …. without Derek to tell!

It seems that the path of the Wood Clan is set to take a turn.

Although we haven't mentioned it here, Derek and I have been working the last few months to secure our position for next summer. Yes, we could have returned to Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park next summer, but we decided to set our sights higher -- or lower that is - elevation wise - and well, warmer.

In early November we had a Skype interview with a prospective employer. It's been a real nail biter waiting since then - as you can imagine, but our patience was rewarded with a new - and exciting - posting.

We are now the Pack Facility Operators (PFOs) for Fintry Provincial Park and Protected Area.

It was at the top of our list, so - you can imagine we are over the moon.

It won't be an easy task mind you - it's a large, busy park in the British Columbia's Okanagan region. It will be challenging and we will need to dig in deep. But with five years experience behind us, we believe we are up for it. That and a few employees.

And ….. the renumeration will be the sugar to help that go down.

After 16 months living in the van - which it will be when we return to take our place March 1st, we - the Wood Clan, are excited to be moving into a two bedroom house. Located on the periphery of the park no less.

I grabbed this photo of our house off of the Google Maps street view. 

Pure luxury.

The house - and utilities - is in addition to our large increase to our monthly salary.

And the catch……

Well, the condition of placement at Fintry is that the PFO's must remain on site year around. In addition to being a campground - Fintry PP is also a heritage area - the historic Fintry Estate. As such, it needs to be watched over even when the campground is closed. But if you are following closely, this means that we are rent and utility free year around as well.

(Without our own, I've had to pilfer a few pics from the internet.)

The Manor House.

The Historic Barns.

Yes, we knew that we would no longer be able to travel long term and still - we signed ourselves up.

Because why?

Well, if you've been with us a while, you'll know that while many of you are working to get yourselves on the road - we've been working to get ourselves off the road.

It's been fun - it really has - as I've mentioned many times - we've met some amazing people and have seen some amazing places. But it's been far from simple, traveling frugally for six months of the year with two five years olds in such a small space. We've had good times - and well, not so good times.

Six winters south and we're spent.

Sure - you say - let's hear their tune next winter in Canada when it starts to snow.

And look what Cassia gets out of the deal - other than her own bedroom of course.

True enough - it will be an adjustment for sure. But still - we are looking forward to all the positives of living in a house - having a stable lifestyle - being pinned down.

I know for sure that we will miss many aspects of our traveling lifestyle - but this will most likely be more of a long term hiatus rather than a full stop.

Lots of natural area surrounding us for hikes with Rufus, we even have a waterfall. Source.

We are sure that there will still be a bit of room during our months off to get out and explore. We already have a trip planned for a few weeks up to Alaska next fall. We've wanted to return to the north ever since we got as far as Watson Lake during our honeymoon back in 2002.

We'll be trading one beach for another.

So, that's it. 

What more can I say. 

We're changing course and are good with it. 

Did I mentioned that a creek runs by our house?!!

Oh and that we can finally get back to gardening?!!

I'm sitting here dreaming of indoor plumbing with hot water at my finger tips …….



  1. It looks so beautiful....just beautiful!!! How exciting you got hooked up for such an ideal happy for you!!!

  2. Looks like a great opportunity for you guys...congrats!

  3. Great news - you sound very excited. A feather in your cap for sure.....I am looking forward to hearing all about it when the time comes (you will still blog???) Cassia will have fun as well - the dinosaurs can have a permanent enclosure LOL

  4. Congratulations! I wondered what your plans were for the future as Cassia would soon need to start school. Nothing wrong with home schooling but it seems from your blog that she really enjoys the company of other children. Good for her in Fintry and obviously good for you. Sounds like a great opportunity! You will now enjoy your winter in Mexico even more. Have fun!

  5. Congratulations. It sounds and looks like a great deal. You deserve this, have fun!

  6. OMG! What a change in lifestyle. The Wood Clan are growing roots! I think this is great. A house and utilities provided is a huge bonus and I can see the bank account building. Not to mention your own toilet!

  7. Congratulations. Perfect timing with Cassia about to start school. Looks like a fab situation. Well done. Enjoy every minute of your winter.

  8. Congrats!! Sounds like an awesome placement. You guys will do a great job!!!! water, anytime you want it!!

  9. Awesome deal, congratulations. Cassia will be able to school and you guys can settle in for a bit, Stock up on your funds. Another great new experience as well.

  10. Congratulations, I think this is what you need for awhile give it time and do the saving for retirement. Get Cassia into school and every thing else will take care of its self. Good Luck

  11. Very exciting for y'all! Sounds like the perfect situation! Congratulations!

  12. This all sounds great ! Happy for you....I bet it will be easier on Rufus as well.

  13. Awesome. I can feel your excitement. The six years of road memories should help to keep you settled for a while.

  14. What a beautiful place!! Trying to imagine all the possibilities!! Room to garden, I suspect the blog will be filled next summer with pix of flowers and bountiful harvests of fresh home grown tomatoes and green beans and cabbages....oh my!! A great chance to build the future travel fund as well..

  15. Enjoy the adventure. The location is great beside the lake, and the summer heat is not too hard to take.

  16. Congratulations - so very, very happy for you all - sounds like a plan to us!

  17. Congratulations, what a neat place to live and work.!

  18. Wonderful, seems a great place, se ve muy hermosa. Enjoy Mexico and it has to offer :)


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