Monday, December 1, 2014


Although we are all still recovering from our colds - it hasn't held us back too much. We've continued to lay low during the day but the beach has been a welcome relief each day. The water is just cool enough to take the edge off. 

Sunday, Cassia met a friend - Luna - at the beach. We were talking to her and her Grandma - the best we could. We learned that they had come down on the bus from Morelia. The Grandma's husband was the bus driver. Imagine a four hour bus ride each way for a day at the beach. 

We also found our taco lady back. We actually found her on Saturday but were without pesos - not so Sunday - she found us back! Now for the mango lady….

So, wondering what Rufus does all day while we're hittin' the sand and surf. 
Poor guy! Dreaming of snow I bet.
Derek does take him for a walk on the beach every night - he's not really a water dog though.

Sunday evening we headed back downtown to the Cancha Municipal.

The first thing we did upon hitting el centro Zihuatanejo was look for the Humane Society. We found it but it was closed. We figured that but thought we could find their hours. 

While Derek spoke to the man in the shop below, Cas and I did a little shopping.

Hard to resist the kids selling these animals. Last time Evan got 40 pesos out of us for a dolphin. We did better this time getting this young lady down to 25 pesos from 30 pesos for the crocodile.

Then is was time for tacos. We first stopped for our drinks - naranja, jamaica and frutas. So reasonable at 10 pesos each.

Last time we went for three tacos each - this time four. 

Already getting busy.

Our nieve guy.

Cassia going in for a taco. She likes it plain - after that I added onion, cilantro and radish.

Then on to watch the show.

Ok - so I took about six photos here with neither of them looking at me at the same time! This is the best I got.

The second performance. 

At this point we decided to head home. We'd only been gone a couple of hours but figured it was better than too late. Last time getting home at 9:00pm was too much for us.

Since it was still early we could catch a combi back rather than the taxi.

We took a different route to the main strip to find a combi and found Gringo Row - ha! Sorry - but it was a bit funny - a bar and a restaurant with all Canadians or Americans. They were so missing out on the Cancha Municipal!

Today, we stuck to the usual. A few hours at the beach and the rest of the time parked in front of our fan. Since we aren't going grocery shopping until tomorrow we decided to treat ourselves to dinner at El Manglar tonight.

Be still my heart! I almost fainted upon arriving at the restaurant this evening! A new shelf - I'm in book heaven!

And so is Totopos, apparently. 
Yes, we finally have a name and spelling for the restaurant cat - Totopos is Spanish for Tortilla Chip. What a cutie - I'd take him home too given half the chance.

The sun was just starting to set when we arrived at El Manglar shortly after 5:00pm. 
Enjoying our limonades.

The beach is only a bridge walk away.

Me and my gal. And….sunglass lines.

One of the few times that Cassia has asked to have her picture taken. 

While waiting for our dinner to arrive I went out to take a picture of the sunset.

Our amazing dinner! This picture was taken by Gustovo - one of the waiters at El Manglar. Such nice guys here.

Tonight was a splurge night for us! Seafood! Derek ordered the Seafood Combo while ….. 

I finally decided on the Fish Roll in Butter Sauce - it was a tough choice. The roll was filled with fish, ricotta cheese, spinach and mushrooms. Very rich!

We were completely full when we were done.

I say a splurge - but really very reasonable at just under $40 for the entire meal - including Cassia's spaghetti, our limonades and Derek's beer. 

This time Derek ran out to take a photo!

Cassia with her new necklace purchased on the beach today.

El Manglar is so pretty at night with all of their lights.

A nice few days for us here in Zihuatanejo.

Tomorrow morning we are off to the Humane Society - hopefully to borrow a cage to transport little Whiskers back for treatment. Then off to the Commercial Mexicana. Hopefully we can get back before the heat of the afternoon.

Here - you gotta get things done in the morning or evening.

By the way - did you know that the best way to get gum out of a little girls hair is with oil and a comb or toothbrush?! Who knew!

Buenas noches mis amigos!



  1. The food and drinks looks delicious there!!!!! Poor Cassia with gum in her hair. That happened to me as an adult with waist length hair about 30 years ago. It wasn't fun!

    Enjoy your time there.

    1. Hi Patti! Very delicious - esp the drinks which you just can't get enough of with the heat! I thought I was going to have to cut it out! Good thing for the internet!

  2. lovely lot of photos again - Mexico is so colourful and the Mexicans all seem so friendly and smiley - colourful and friendly just seems to go together. Cassie is so photogenic - every shot is a beauty - she is looking extremely happy...cheers

    1. Thanks Leslie! Doesn't it seem the way - about friendly and colourful. We've only be treated well here in Mexico! Cassia - my little muse!

  3. So much fun, you are helping us relive our three months in Mexico such a wonderful time.

    1. Glad you are enjoying the trip George! Hope you guys make it back here one day!

  4. Great photos, as usual. Cassia has lost so much weight! I can see she is eating again so that is good but she has a ways to go.

    1. Thanks Croft! She's good now - a few days and back to her 30 lbs or so! She's totally got Derek's build - I think she'll be thin for life.

  5. You guys look really relaxed. Enjoy your winter in Mexico! (but I have to say, clowns scare me)

    1. Hard to be anything but relaxed in this climate Chris! Ya - I hear you on the clowns - Derek too apparently!

  6. Thanks for the hair tip about using a toothbrush and oil - I assume you meant cooking oil??? Our 3 year old granddaughter has issues with hair getting matted at times. I always enjoy your photos - Cassia is so dear!
    Connie from PA but in CA on vacation

    1. Yes, cooking oil - although actually it said peanut butter but with high oil content. With no pb I went with coconut oil - worked great. Use some coconut on your granddaughter - just a little will do - I use it for both Cas and I to get the mats out. Cas is dear …. most of the time….:)

  7. Hi I have been following along for awhile now. Tried to meet up with you in Guanajuato but you were a day ahead of us. Now we are in Xpu Ha that's between Playa del carmen and Tulum till after christmas then we are taking the slow road to the west coast So maybe some time in the new year we will meet. Our blog enjoying your travels.

    1. Hi Gerry! WoW! Thanks for writing. Boy, sure wish we had met up in Guanajuato - that would have been fun. More blog material for me what with the ticket and all! I'm going to head to your blog and post there so that you get a message from me! We are here until the end of January - definitely stop here if you are through before that!


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