Saturday, November 29, 2014


It's been a bit of a down week for the three of us.

Although Cassia was feeling a little better last Wednesday - her illness still lingers. Whereas she had a fever, Derek and I have had colds. We are now in the coughing up a lung stage, which hasn't been made better by all the moisture. We are the hacking Wood Clan now.

So, we've stuck pretty close to the van - practicing our sloth techniques. We went to the beach today for only the second time this week! 

We REALLY needed to go shopping last Monday, but with Cassia so sick we delayed it until Tuesday. Instead of the morning - we went in the evening when it was a bit cooler. And, instead of taking the combi there and taxi back we took the taxi both ways. 

We didn't suffer on Monday however, there are a few positives to living right behind a restaurant. I did mange to round up something for dinner but we supplemented that with deep fried calamari.

A few posts ago, Leslie - one of our Australian followers, asked about the products available at the grocery store.

We did do a post on that last time we were here but I thought I would take the camera along this trip for some more info on the Commercial Mexicana.

This picture of the exterior is from last time - I keep forgetting to take a new photo of the exterior. We really like that the Commercial Mexicana has a Scotiabank ATM. LOVE that there are Scotiabanks in Mexico, which is our bank in Canada. We only pay 9.50 pesos to take out money.

Really good prices - and selection - on the cream cheese.

I don't know that I have seen a larger selection of yogurt than I have seen in Mexico! However, plain yogurt without sugar alludes me. It might be there somewhere but I haven't found it yet.

$3 for hummus - but I'm tempted….

Oh, if only we had a full sized fridge!

A fairly large Asian sauce section.

Even sushi kits!

Lots of foods brought in for the tourists - we noticed the same thing in Mazatlan. There isn't much you can't get here as long as you want to pay for it.

We don't purchase these items - it's just not worth the cost to us. We don't need it - we quite enjoy using the basics.

A closer look at the Maple Syrup - boy, you've really got to LOVE it for $30!

Lots of ready made items.

Got bugs?! We were in this aisle for mosquito spray. We ended up with a small bottle of lotion for $5 - guess we should have stocked up.

A mountain of beer anyone. Makes me wonder how you are supposed to get the beer - wouldn't there be an avalanche eventually?

Two options for beef - here and in the pre wrapped section. We go with the pre wrapped - we haven't been disappointed with the beef here in Mexico. These cuts look to be out of our price range.

We came because we needed food - but what we really wanted was a FAN!

Strange right. We don't even have a house to put it in. No matter - nothing like taking the edge off the heat somehow. We got the idea from our neighbours who all seem to have them. 

Bad picture - again! We opted for the fan on a stand - and went with the cheapest - 258 pesos - so just over $20. Well worth the investment - especially since we'll probably need it this summer as well.

At home update: Ahhhhhhh……..

Cassia at the check out line. After a couple of hours we were all happy to finally be leaving. Lucky Cassia, she got a Kinder Surprise box with chocolate AND a plush reindeer, out of the deal. We thought it was a pretty good treat for less then $10.

Check out lines are the same every where - right?!

So, we really don't mind our shopping trips to Commercial Mexicana - however, we do find the prices pretty high. No real surprise since much of the food caters to the tourists. We could go downtown or over to the Bodega but there is something to be said for convenience. 

Interestingly, places that we have stayed before like Villa Corona and Patzcuaro had much higher camping prices but much more affordable food. Here, what we save on camping will be spent on food. 

Back at the RV Park - we wanted to introduce you to two of our new friends.

First, the El Manglar cat. So lovely. Memo told us it's name but we can barely remember how to say it let alone write it out. No matter - I have my own names of affection. I visit with him mornings before the restaurant opens and Wednesdays when it is closed.

And Cas and I come when the mood strikes us. Looks like Cas lost half of her body weight in a few days of the flu.

And second - no relation although similar in colour - the kitten across the cul de sac. Whiskers, so named by Cas, lives beside the garbage area. 

Which just wasn't good enough for us - so……

now we are officially fostering him. You'll here more about Whiskers as we work to get him to the Humane Society in Zihuatanejo for fixing and medicine.

And speaking of new friends …. remember the family I mentioned last post that came to visit us? Well, here is Erica with her oldest daughter.

Rufus enjoying the attention of the three kids. And vice versa.

Derek saying good bye to Raphael, Erica and family. 

That evening I went for a solo walk on the beach - I think that's the first time - ever. 

Quite the fireball.

So, with this being Saturday night we are at the end of our second week here in Zihuatanejo.

We are finally getting into a bit of a routine and adjusting to the heat - somewhat. All is good except for between 10am and 4pm. The nights are cool - relatively, and we keep the fan on so sleeping isn't too bad. 

Last night we returned to Jungle Pizza for David's hamburgers - very good because they were very filling and a strawberry/vanilla//blackberry lollie cake (ice cream). A nice way to end our down week.

I almost forgot to mention that when Derek and Rufus were on the beach the other night they almost walked right into the crocodile heading to the ocean from the El Manglar Mangrove. It shocked him a bit - good thing he wasn't a minute or so earlier! Guess the crocs do come and go. This afternoon when Cassia and I were checking for iguanas at the restaurant Memo showed us a picture of a crocodile right up by the restaurant patio this morning. 

Hmmmmm……. maybe I don't need to walk to the restroom in the middle of the night…..

Tomorrow night we are heading back to the Cancha Municipal! The Humane Society is close by so we are going to do some research on how to get Whiskers some help.

Hasta luego!



  1. Guess a cat easier maintenence.BUT...What's Rufus say?!

    Interesting store some cool stuff. Glad you are taking slowdown break You know the cures. Don't get sick!!!

    A FAN....ahhhh we set ours on now for noise never thought Jer would agree.

    Stay away from them crocodiles..hope no one feeds them, messing them up for bad manners.

    Ps Get the humus, not the cat food! But nice mouse catcher.... Hugs

    1. Well, we'll see what Rufus says. Actually, we'll see what I say - I'm not on board - yet - with bringing Whiskers home with us!!! Rufus is usually ok with cats since we have had them before. We like the fan for background sound also….

  2. Not much to want for anymore. Things are pretty much global these days. In the glass meat case it is USDA premium choice, hence the price. We too like Mexican beef and it varies from place to place. Here in the north, our beef is grain fed and just as good as USDA. OTOH, beef in Chihuahua is probably the best and also the best price. Imagine a 300 gram rib eye for 99 pesos in a restaurant with all the sides and trimmings! Can't beat that.

    1. True Chris - things are pretty global these days - esp. in the larger cities or like here in a tourist area. Thanks for the info on the steaks. That would be a great deal on the beef - 99 pesos. Actually - more selection of food here at the Commercial Mexicana than at home.

  3. Love the grocery stores in Mexico always a fun outting.
    Hope ya'll get better real soon.

    1. I agree George - we just wander around looking at everything! Almost too much choose for us!

  4. Hi Woods - Anyway you can show us a picture of the inside of the park and how the sites are set up? Looks nice and makes us long for the heat. Here in Nanaimo, it's below freezing, sunny but BELOW freezing!! Supposed to be like this all week....hmmm??!!

    1. Hi N and D! Sent you some pics by email! It is nice here - the best part is close to the beach and quiet. And a good price! If you want heat - this is where it is! Crazy to be below freezing on the island! Come on down - you know the way!

  5. Good luck with Whiskers. I understand the heat. We did Acapulco for 5 years with only 15 Amps. It was so hot we had to be off the beach by 8AM.

  6. Hmmmmmmmm.........the mountain of beer is interesting......feel sorry for the poor sap who pulls out the wrong box, and it all comes tumbling down!!


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