Saturday, November 22, 2014


Thursday we decided to head into Zihuatanejo to the central market. There isn't much you can't find there but today we were looking for produce.

Another day we'll probably spend more time looking around at the stalls and I'll show you those photos too.

We find that with the heat we need to keep our shopping trips quite short or we all get a bit frazzled.

Here are the combis that replaced the buses we were traveling on two years ago. We'll be very used to this form of travel by the time we leave here. 

Off to El Centro Zihuatanejo - looks like I caught Derek in a yawn.

Cas came and sat back with me to get the breeze off the open window.

Before long we were walking around town. We only walked around downtown Zihuatanejo a few times last time so we are still quite unfamiliar with it.

It's actually fairly large and busy. 

Although some streets are quiet - this is a pedestrian street. Lots to look at and buy. Eventually I would like to pick up another bathing suit, a few dresses and probably some tank tops. Motivation is low when it's so hot.

The town plaza by the Playa Principal. You'll be seeing this area again in a few posts but it'll be a bit busier - this is where and the photo below -  the Sunday night Family entertainment happens. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Just north of the plaza is a strip of restaurants and shops on the right with the fishing boats on the left.

 The previous nights catch…

A little further down - a park.

And at the end a visitor centre. We didn't go in - I think the next time we go by I'm going to see if they have a map of the downtown. We need it.

We quickly walked out to the end of the pier but our hearts really weren't into it - we were melting. We'll probably come back during a Sunday evening. Last time we noticed it was a bit of a lovers lane.

Walking back to the central market. By this point we had pretty much decided that it was too hot to be wandering around. Much better to do that when we come in the late afternoon for the family entertainment. This is Zihuatanejo's movie theatre.

We were at the market for produce - I only took a few pictures - couldn't resist the fish….

or this years photo of yellow chickens. 

We stopped for some fresh squeezed orange juice - jugo de naranja.

 We were thrilled to find our friend Bernie in his usual spot. We buy the most delicious Oaxaca string cheese from him. I'll show photos again - once it gets busier he comes to the RV Park to sell his cheese.

With our shopping complete we decided to find some nieve or helado before we headed home. 

Cassia and I got the same - she's finally figured out that the Limon mom almost always gets is the most refreshing. I missed getting a picture of Derek's, but he got a large cup of three kinds of ice cream.

After that we FINALLY found the combi back to Playa La Ropa. The only real blunder of the day - we didn't know where to get the bus back. After walking to and fro we finally found one and jumped in - it looked like he had just finished lunch. Anyway - we did make a mental note where we stopped along the way so hopefully it goes better for us next time.

We bought almost all of our produce from one lady at the market - she threw three star fruit into our bag at the end. Can't say they are our favourite.

Sometime in the next few weeks I'll let you know what we eat while in Mexico. Although we would LOVE to - we don't eat out often. Just when we are in town or want a treat - although this year we do have our eye on a few restaurants we want to try in Zihuatanejo.
The rest of the time we eat home cooked meals. This has been our breakfast for the last week. I imagine that eventually we'll get sick of avocados, cilantro and beans!

So, another day here in Zihuatanejo.

We find that we love our beach days but it's also nice to get out for a bit. BUT once we got back our suits were on as fast as can be and we were back to the beach to cool off! 

Last night we headed over to Jungle Pizza for dinner - one of our favourite restaurant finds from last time - it's also nice that it is within walking distance from El Manglar. Those pictures and some more beach shots next post.



  1. Seeing your pictures brings back some memories of the areas that we saw as well. We enjoyed Zihuatanejo. Love the market area but found the better prices for produce on one of the streets behind the actual market itself.

  2. Hi Ruth! Man you are so right - that's true - now we remember that we were told that and went to that area last time. We totally forgot - we'll go there next time because yes, we found it a bit pricey at the market! Thanks!

  3. And...I know you don't eat out very often (!!), but there's a place you have to try to find called Las Papas Loco (The Crazy Potato) or something like that. They do the best stuffed potato...a meal in itself.

  4. Ha! It's on our list - we missed it last time but we are going for sure this time - maybe lots of times! Ok - so we eat out sort of often!

  5. I've been wracking my brain trying to recall why the name of this town you are at sounds so the movie The Shawshank Redemption, I think this was the town the prisoner played by Tim Robbins went to after his escape, and then his friend joined him there after he was any event, its very colorful, your pictures are great! Keep enjoying the winter but try not to melt to often!!

    1. Yup - that's it. I haven't seen the movie myself but Derek has - and lots of people mention it. It is very colourful. With steady temps I think we'll be melting until we leave - that's ok - it only hurts in the afternoon.

  6. That would be my daily breakfast too! Looks yummy!

  7. Love the locals and the markets places thanks for taking us along.


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