Monday, November 24, 2014


Two of our favourite things!

As you have probably figured - we spend most of days at the beach.

We have a bit of a routine going - we head there after breakfast - so about 10:00 am for a couple hours until we head home for lunch.

We then return in the later afternoon around 3:00pm until 5:00ish. 

Some days we stay a little longer some days we don't go back - some days we return after dinner for a beach walk, some days - like today - we don't go at all. 

Here are some shots from last Friday.

The lady that has a beach stuff store that we pass on our way has a daughter - Andrea, who is also five. She came to play with Cassia - and brought a friend. At this point they are playing but not together.

But once they hit the beach they seemed to be talking a common language. I haven't mentioned that there is a banana boat and parasailing rental place right beside us - fun to watch. They do a booming business on weekends - particularly Sundays. To Americans and Canadians - nope - to Mexicans!

Hey buddy - don't you have anything to do other than suntan!?

Only three little girls know what this was about.

Coming for the ring…

and leaving with it. Andrea,  is obviously a leader and a strong willed girl - as is Cassia. We were happy that our lessons on sharing with Cas were starting to show themselves. It was only a few days ago that she totally took over two little girls dolphin….

And then we looked behind us….

Dark clouds loomed all around us but it appeared that it might pass us by.

It was really interesting with dark and white clouds separated by a patch of blue.

The beach is such a nice place to be around 5ish  - there's always a nice breeze and the sun isn't so intense.

After getting the sand off and spiffing our selves up some back at the van - we headed out to dinner. The clouds just as we were leaving El Manglar. In the end nothing came of them - somebody got rain but it wasn't us.

The hotel we pass a little bit behind us. There are often USA and Canadian plates here.

The arch coming into this area of Playa La Ropa. Buses - and RVs - wanting to come pass must go down the other side to get around it.

The corner lot is vacant - often filled with tour buses on the weekend. Not the best picture but the only one I had. I'm taking pictures as I'm holding Cas's hand - it doesn't usually work to well. Anyway - we cut through on the trail to the main road.

The trickiest part of the trip. We so wish they would build a sidewalk. Thankfully it wasn't all that busy when we were walking - and walking back home in the dark!

Only a five minute walk or so and we had arrived at Jungle Pizza!

It wasn't long before Cassia had a collection going. 

I didn't take too many pictures of the interior. One of the reasons we like Jungle Pizza is the setting - under a palapa with only a few lights - great for atmosphere but not so good for pictures. I notice I took more pictures last time when went with Freddy and Frosso.

Cas obviously enjoying her pizza with her project beside her.  David offers up one of the finest Limonades in Zihuatanejo as far as I'm concerned. He also has Lollie Cakes - ice cream cakes - but not tonight as his ice cream delivery was late. 
That's David, the Owner, in the background - a super nice guy from New York - I'll take a better picture of him next time.

And there will be a next time.

Jungle Pizza could become addictive. Next time we are going to try his burgers which have great reviews. David's even threatening the delivery of a deep fryer in December! We are in trouble!

So,  a nice day and evening for the Wood Clan.

Today, not so good. Cas is down with a fever and has been sleeping the day away. Last night we went to the family entertainment at the Basketball Court. She may have picked up a bug on the bouncy castle or she had too much sun yesterday - probably a bit of both. 


  1. Altogether good fun, hope Cassia will feel better soon.

  2. Great Info & Pics as per.... poor dinosaur's left in a sand hole while Cassia & friends frolic in the surf....LOL kids always find a happy medium - interesting to observe for sure....P.S Love David/Pizza guy's hair......keep up having a great time cheers for now

    1. Hi Leslie! No need for toys when you have friends and the surf! It's longggggg……not sure how he does that in this heat cuz he lives here year around.

  3. Nothing beats your homemade pizza. That was really delicious!

    1. Shucks - darn - thanks Chris! Come back to Canada and we'll do that again!

  4. The beach, the pizza missing the craft breweries though, too bad.
    Hope Cassia feels better soon.

    1. You said it George - we sure are having to sacrifice. But really it's true - we'll be seeking some craft breweries on the way home - we do miss it!

  5. Love your blog. It is such a treat to follow along. Thanks. Hope Cassia feels better soon.

    1. Thanks Susan - so nice to hear that! She's much better but it set her back a bit poor thing.

  6. Hmmmmmmmmm.........wonder how many silly people have thought they could clear that arch pulling RVs behind them......lolololol

    1. Exactly - although most people get here through Church's book and they do mention it! We've heard many of a story from RVers in Mexico with larger rigs taking something out with their roof!


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