Wednesday, November 12, 2014


By Friday morning, we had finally packed ourselves back into the van, ready to continue our trek south into Mexico.

A HUGE thanks to Chris and Juan for putting up with the Wood Clan for a week and being the most gracious hosts. We really appreciated it. It was difficult to leave.

Saying goodbye to Chris.

Since my camera battery had died just as we were pulling into Santiago I didn't get a chance to photograph the road in to Chris and Juan's. Here it is! There is a chance that it will be paved in the future - fingers crossed for that.

From Chris and Juan's street we had to head towards Monterrey in order to use a Returno to then head south. Returnos are very popular here in Mexico. Here we are now on our way south on the 85.

Here was our route Friday - since we stopped about 30 km south of Santa Maria we did close to 600 km - ouch!

Ahhhhh - nice to be out of town.

At Linares we stopped for groceries - at Soriana, and gas - both at the corner where we were to turn onto the 31 heading west to San Roberto and highway 57. Chris had tipped us off to this location. It worked out well.

Now on the 31 heading into the mountains. Rain rain rain.

Heading up - sorry - with weather like this it's near impossible to get a shot in around the wipers.

Since we are unable to accelerate quickly we were behind this truck for quite some time.

I bet the scenery is amazing (as Chris mentioned it would be) on a clear day.


The town of Iturbide.

Hmmmm - and I thought we were done with mountains after Colorado. Good thing I had the Million Dollar Highway to warm me up to these mountain roads without barricades.

Pretty foggy …..

And then to this - the last stretch of the 31. Here, we are almost at the 57.

Now heading south on the 57 - a large highway - an Interstate really. Lots of Joshua Trees.

Just to show how easy it is to find gas, food and other amenities on the highways in Mexico. There are also many signs giving you the number to call in case of emergency.

And just what does Cassia do during a long day of driving? In my mind I'm wishing that she is looking out the window learning about the Mexican landscape - but - not going to happen with a five year old.

We definitely wanted to take the cuota (toll) highway around San Luis Potosi. Now is a good chance to mention that signage is beyond great in Mexico - the USA and Canada especially - could learn a thing or two from our neighbour to the south. I bet you could drive this entire country without a map, relying solely on signs.

One option for overnighting was at the toll booth not to far ahead from this sign - Chris had told us about a Pemex there. However, as we drove by we only noticed how packed it was. Instead, we continued on to a Pemex about 30 past Santa Maria del Rio where we had stopped for gas. 

All was well - we had a good night.

The next morning we carried on along the 57 knowing that the 110 taking us west to Dolores Hidalgo and Guanajuato wasn't far.

Now on the 110. We were behind this truck for quite some time because the road was fairly busy for 9:00 am Saturday morning. The 110 is a fine road - just a little narrow.

Pulling into Dolores Hidalgo.

Right into the downtown. 

The plan was to stop in Hidalgo for the day - however, something went wrong. I believe I told Derek to go straight when we should have gone right. We ended up right in the heart of Hidalgo which was super busy - Saturday morning. There was not one place to park. We ended up getting ourselves turned around without any idea which way was which. Finally we made it to a main road and headed west - before we knew it we were out of town. Oh well, Hidalgo will have to wait until next time.

We carried on to Guanajuato approximately 50km west.

The last 30 km or so are back in the mountains.

Our first look at the city of Guanajuato! We were really excited to be here - we've been wanting to visit since Bill and Carol mentioned it to us when we were in Mexico two years ago.

Welcome to Guanajuato. 

So, that was Friday and Saturday - traveling days.

We arrived at the RV Park in Guanajuato around lunch time. We set up - had lunch and rested for a few hours before we made out way to the Centro Historico.

Those amazing pictures in the next few posts. Guanajuato is one of the most interesting and beautiful cities we have visited - as such I have so many pictures I'll have to break them up into a few posts.

That's next.



  1. thanks for the post Teresa, I do believe that Marina and I shall be following in your footsteps soon.


    1. Hi David! Sounds good - I saw that you may be stopping in to see Chris and Juan. We'll be set up at El Mangalar in Zihua where you stopped to see us last time - if you go by - stop in again - hopefully there will be a space for you to overnight.

  2. Oh nuts. I wish you could have stopped in Hidalgo - the pottery factories and the ice cream in the plaza are amazing. And for 2010 the entire interior of the church was re - gold leafed.


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