Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Knowing that Guanajuato isn't the easiest city to get around in I did my research well in advance. I was afraid we would end up downtown unable to pass through one of their many tunnels. 

Well, it wasn't THAT bad but I still knew we had our work ahead of us to find the Morrill Trailer Park. Although there is a larger park south of Guanajuato, we wanted to stay at the Morrill because it is the only RV park within walking distance of the Centro Historico. Good thing we have a van because it can't accommodate much more. Actually, I wouldn't go there with anything other than a van or truck camper.

I knew what I was looking for as we came into Guanajuato along the 110. However, our turn wasn't showing up as early as I thought. Before long we were in a congested area with a shopping centre. I told Derek to pull over so that I could get my bearings. Since there was a Soriana we decided to pick up a few more groceries.

As we were coming out we asked a fellow about the turn onto the Panoramica. He told us that up ahead we would see a castle - turn left just before it. 

Didn't we feel a bit dumb when it was right there as we pulled out of the shopping centre parking lot. Well, who knew?

If you google map the city of Guanajuato you can see that the Panoramica is a road that circles the city. It's windy and narrow but possible. We were only on it for a short time - thankfully. I'm so done with windy and narrow.

On the Panoramica just before Mina de Cata. There is a very sharp turn at this point  - the first reason why this RV park isn't suited to large rigs.

I took this picture on the way out for those of you interested in finding the Morrill Trailer Park - I saw this building on google map at Chris and Juan's place - good thing I did because it was the only way I knew we should turn to the right.

We used the Church's book to find this park - plus I read a few blogs about it at Chris and Juan's. I knew it was going to be a bit of work to find it. Once we got to this pink building I had Derek wait while I went to see if the gate was open. At least we had an easier time then Jim the Truck.

It was important for me to check the gate because this is a one way…..

Turn into the second gate on the left. Funny that there is a picture of a trailer and that it is called a trailer park - no way you are getting an RV trailer in unless it's a teardrop.

All backed in and set up - great view!

Arriving at the Morrill Trailer Park around noon, we decided to have lunch and rest for a bit. It didn't really look like touring weather. Fortunately it never did rain so we headed out for our first look at Guanajuato Centro Historico around 3:30pm.

The driver taking a much needed break after two days of travel.

Electricity, water and a sani dump - a bit rudimentary but they are there. Sadly, no wifi or hot showers at the park. 

I took these pictures the next day on our way to downtown but I'll show them here. Church's book said it was a 15 minute walk via the tunnel but to ask for directions. Since the manager wasn't around we figured we'd try finding our way. 

Actually, it was fairly easy. We just headed down.

I give Guanajuato residents a ton of credit for driving and parking in this city.

When you get to the bottom look to the left for the tunnel. This was the only place we almost screwed up. We were headed right when I stopped to ask some young people which way to go. They pointed left to the tunnel - of course! 

Ready to walk the tunnel. An interesting, eery and nerve-wracking experience. My advice - hug the wall.

Once out of the tunnel we walked straight and then left. We had no idea where we were going. If in doubt follow the crowd.

At this point - I'm in LOVE. This is going to be good I thought to myself.

Guanajuato Basilica.

We continued on and found ourselves in the Jardin de la Union.

This is the Templo De San Diego De Alcala.

What fun! We saw a few others the next night - those pictures next post.

Then we wandered over to the Mercado Hidalgo. Again - I took pictures of the interior the next day.

We're back in Mexico and so back to our addiction to Nieve

Hmmmm - sweets …..we stopped in at La Catrina.

It was a tough choice but we picked up a smaller package of this milk candy for $18 pesos.

Then we headed back to the van.

A view of the lights across from us. 

A bit later we were treated to a show of fireworks.

Our first four hours wandering the streets of Guanajuato. We were glad that we went that first night because although we planned to, we didn't get back for an evening. 

The next day - Sunday - we spent eight hours back downtown. Amazing - although our legs sure felt that when we got home late in the afternoon. 

Lots of great pictures coming up!



  1. An interesting looking area to be sure! And yes, when in a tunnel on foot, hug the walls!!

    Safe Travels..........

    1. Very interesting - so much to see! There is a bit of a sidewalk….

  2. Thanks Wood family for the great photos. We also love Mexico and will be following along.

    1. Hi Norm-Susan - thanks for the compliment and for following along.

  3. One of our most favorite towns - we hope to go there this year too - but we'll stay in the "big" rv park.There is a mummy museum there. Right now we're in Quaartzsite - will probably be in MX by Monday or Tuesday.

    1. One of my most favourite towns now too! I hope we return one day. We passed the 'big' rv park on the way out - good thing you have Willie with you to make the trek back in. Ya - saw you were in Q - happy travels into MX.

    2. We didn't think Cas would be up to the Mummy museum…..

  4. I am so missing Mexico, glad I can travel along with you, such interesting experiences.

  5. Y cuál es el precio por estacionar ahí?


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