Saturday, November 15, 2014


Well, three lazy days to be exact.

We arrived Tuesday night - it's now Saturday night - we went into town on day - sooooo that leaves three days of lazing around the park.

Yes, today was the day to head down to the beach. But, when we woke around 7:45am (a bit late) and listened to all of the traffic building up - we decided to stay put.

Saturday's are busy days in Mexico.

We'll leave tomorrow.

We can't really see the sunsets because of the trees - however Derek caught this one last night.

There has been a rather large group staying at the hotel this week. This morning Derek got a chance to talk with a few of the men. Turns out they are from the Guadalajara University - others from Universities throughout Mexico. They were attending an International conference about arts, photography and biology, an odd mix but it was about how to use arts media to teach environmental awareness to youth. We've been listening to the guy in the orange shirt laugh for the last few days - one of those deep boisterous belly laughs. Joel next to Derek was taking pictures of our van earlier when Derek went out to strike up a conversation. Nice bunch of guys.

Cas taking pictures this morning - I won't share the ones of sleepy eyed mom and dad though.

So, Cassia has been trying as hard as she can this week to make friends with this puppy that lives here. He is a skittish little thing so it's been tough going. We have been getting her to sit down an let him come to here rather than her approach of chasing him and becoming frustrated as he runs off.

It took about 20 minutes but she made pretty good progress.

I think there may have been some contact here. I was keeping my distance fearful that my arrival would send him running again.

A cute little thing though. You can imagine what is on Cassia's wish list now - right?!

Later in the day we decided to walk over to the Bodega.

Much much much busier than the other day. Problem is we need to dodge the traffic - not an easy feat with all the cars, buses and colectivos.

I meant to take more pictures but Derek stayed outside with Rufus. I ended up being more into our list then taking pictures. Plus, it was super busy inside. Here's the front of the store with the stuff - the food is in back.

My little helper.

Heading back via our trail.

A beautiful property just down from the hotel.

The new building beside the hotel.

Passing the hotel rooms on our way back to the van.

For the first time I walked to the very back of the property and took a picture looking back to the van. See you could fit here Croft - that's about a 34' Class A.

Cassia in the bath tonight. Something practical about how we live for a change. Since Cas isn't much of a fan of showers we always bring a large rubbermaid with us. This way she can get clean and have fun at the same time. In Zihuatanejo - we'll be filing the container with cold water in the morning so that the sun warms it up by the time we return from the beach in the afternoon. Have I mentioned that El Manglar has only cold water showers!!!!! Yup - I'm heading into 3 1/2 months of cold showers! I guess I can't complain too much when the daytime temperature probably won't be any lower than 30C (86F).

A look at tonights sky.

I'm glad we stayed one more day in Patzcuaro.

Another RV - a van - came in tonight - again at around 7:00 pm - in the dark. Not sure where they are from yet - as it is dark. I guess these other travellers have way more guts then us to be driving in Mexico after dark. 

Buenas noches.



  1. I guess these other travellers have way more guts then us to be driving in Mexico after dark.

    Not more guts. Less brains.

  2. Your day sounds a lot like mine was.........yawning........a relaxing Saturday doing almost nothing at all.......what a life huh? Supposed to get 2 to 3 inches of snow tonight.....blech....

    Safe Travels..........

    1. A good day then…. Seems like lots of snow up there - feel for you!

  3. I'm glad you stayed one more day too...I was stressing out your schedule, colds, planning, and those hills!!! Let alone speaking English. It's so beautiful there Lved Cassia and her steadiness for the pup. Darn her own spa too, to be that luvky!!!

  4. Nothing quite like relaxing days.
    Travelling at night in Mexico that is just plain dumb and asking for trouble.

    1. Exactly George. I guess they are so close they push through but still - not sure where they are coming from that they arrive here so late.


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