Thursday, November 13, 2014


Guanajuato - how we love thee.

So, with our four hour taste of Guanajuato on Saturday afternoon and evening, Sunday we were ready for a full day of exploring. In hindsight I'm not sure that our legs were up for that but that's another storey.

We left the RV Park around 9:00 am not returning until around 4:00 pm. 

And yes, this is ANOTHER long post. Sorry - I just have to show you all of these pictures!

Since there was no wifi at the park our first stop was Starbucks on the Jardin de la Union.

We brought the iPad so that we could see what was going on having been out of touch for the last few days. $29 pesos for a coffee - not much different then home.

Then to do a little shopping. Cassia had seen these 'princess crowns' the evening before and had set her sights on one. 

I gave her some of my change - $20 pesos and told her that if she asked how much they were and paid herself she could buy one.

Which she did. Her first chance to negotiate the price. The lady told her $20 pesos - Cassia offered $15 and it was a done deal. 

Strolling along - actually we had a destination in mind - we were making our way to the Presa de la Olla. It was quite a distance away.

Museo Iconografico Del Quijote Statue.

San Francisco Church.

Hmmmm - we thought about the churros but we passed - it was a bit early. We haven't had churros yet so we'll have to do something about that soon - right Bill?

Monument to Don Quijote and Sancho Panza.

Look what we found! Another market.

And nieve!

Definitely a colour theme - Cas got the Chicle.

Then a parade happened. Just gotta love that a band plays on right along with the traffic.

When this fellow saw that I was photographing him he ran over to pose with D and C.

There was a lot to see on the way to the Presa de la Olla - but thought I would cut it short and show you the pictures once we arrived.

We didn't stay too long - strolled around a bit then headed back to el centro.

If you have a sweet tooth - Mexico is the place for you.

On the way back we ran into the parade again - so we sat and watched it pass.

We stopped off at a little restaurant for lunch. Derek had a cubana torta and mine was milanesa.

We made our way back to the Jardin del la Union. Another shot of the Teatro Juarez that I showed you last post.

We joined the crowd to watch this fellow perform.

Very funny - here he is dressed as a women and is saddling up to these unsuspecting people at the restaurant. 

He was rather well endowed as you can see here - anyone that came along at this time was treated to his her charms.

Too bad he had just taken 'her' off when this motorcycle group walked by - he had fun with them anyway.

We couldn't convince Cas to sit with this gentleman.

Inside the Mercado Hidalgo.

The only sunset shot I got while in Guanajuato. We walked up the hill from the RV Park.

Prior to our arrival, Derek had found that there was a craft brewery in Guanajuato - Gambusino. The problem was that we didn't know where it was. We had spent the previous evening asking around to no avail. At Starbucks early in the day we were able to find it - turns out it was just up the hill from us! Crazy - right!? 
So - Sunday evening we walked up to see when it would be open. Not open now - we'll return - of course.

Since it was a nice evening we kept walking. Just around the corner we found this family. We stopped to admire this Dodge and began a conversation with the Owner. Turned out that he spoke English.

While we talked, Cassia made quick friends with the girls. 

Then they invited us inside for a drink! From there it went to seafood soup. So generous. It was a nice evening. Jose Luis has traveled to Thailand, Germany and the USA with his work for Ford.

Our new friends - the Vargas Family. From left - Cynthia, Iris, mom Maria Elena, Dad Jose Luis, and Lisbeth - missing was fourth daughter Fatima.

Cassia was so upset to leave her new friends they invited us back the next afternoon around 4:00pm for a playdate.

That was our day.

We were pooped when we arrived back to the van. Not only did we walk around for about seven hours pretty much non stop - but the climb back to the RV Park is a bit of a killer. Church's suggest taking a taxis which we didn't do but it's worth considering.

Our third and final day in Guanajuato up next.



  1. Don't you just love it there. It is one of our favorite towns. BUT the churros aren't that good there - unless someone else is making them now. We'll probably be crossing the border Monday or Tuesday.

    1. I was thinking that the churros might not be the best - I told Derek we should wait until they are fresh made like they were when we were with you. Have fun at the border!

  2. I do believe that if I was to spend 2 weeks in Mexico, or at least where you are in this post, I would need to spend 2 months at the gym to get rid of the sugar gut!! Sure looks like a nice area though.......and you guys have a knack for finding hospitable locals everywhere you go!!

    Safe Travels...............


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