Wednesday, November 26, 2014


A bit of this and that for you tonight. 

All from our day last Sunday, looking back it was a very busy day for us! 

We spent much of the day at the beach with the intention of heading down to the Basketball Court for  the evening. One of our favourite things to do while in Zihuatanejo.

For some reason it was a movie kind of day - below I have three movies for you.

We spent the morning at the beach but I didn't take the camera. So - here we are early afternoon with Bernie - he came to sell us more Oaxacan cheese. I usually order about 50 pesos worth which lasts us a few days. By the way - rather than me converting pesos to dollars for you, just keep in mind that for Canadian dollars you divide the number by 12 for USA use about 13.5. It shifts daily of course but that's about right for now.

By the way - the fifth wheel in behind is our new neigbour - the fourth RV here now - they arrived last week. Very nice - from B.C. also. Just a little jealous of all that room!

After the cheese - Bernie treated us to some rope work. 

On the way to the beach via the restaurant in the afternoon I got a good shot of one of the crocs. He was a real hit with the restaurant patrons.

Right now Sundays are VERY busy down at the beach with Mexican families.

Around 4:00 pm we headed back to the beach to listen to the salsa music at El Pirata - they have music every Sunday from 3 - 6pm. Looks like this is a musical/entertainment family. I took a movie as well.

As I mentioned - we are usually stationed beside one of the parasailing groups. Fun to watch the take offs and landings. To date all have been smoothing landings except for one guy - I don't think he listened to their commands and came in hard. They all laughed about it after so all was good.

We had a difficult time convincing Cassia to leave her friend from the afternoon. 

Watching the mariachi band guys walk around the water so not to get their shoes wet - they had to take their instruments with them over that branch you see on the left. Always something to watch around here.

After that we headed home and prettied ourselves up for our trip into town. Last year we walked to the Central Plaza. This time we took the combi. 

When we arrived at around 6:00pm everything was set up. We walked around looking for dinner first. I wish this picture had turned out better - for some reason the camera is really hit and miss these days with medium light. Anyway, this is how beverages are displayed - we bought a HUGE cup of watermelon juice with our meal - not from this stand though - maybe next time.

The place we bought tacos for dinner last time was in the exact location as before - Don Oscarito.

As good as last time…

Cassia could barely get to the bouncy castle fast enough. 10 pesos for 10 minutes. 

While she did that and Derek watched, I checked out the dancing at the court. A packed house!

It was then time for more painting. Cas did this the last time we were here also - sadly we dropped her artwork somewhere - this time we were sure to make sure it got home with us. Also 10 pesos.

More dancing. Many performances tonight - so LOVE that about Mexico. 

Her completed painting. I thought it interesting that she chose Ariel. A few mornings ago she actually lost her little princess doll Ariel to the ocean - maybe she wanted to return to being a mermaid. A hard lesson for a five year old to learn about the strength of the ocean. 

Hula hooping little girls getting ready for their performance.

Another traditional dance with very interesting costumes. Here's the movie.

Funny - the dancers were getting ready and this little boy decided to see what it was like in the middle of the court.

The evening ended for us with this Marching Band.

By this point, Cassia said, 'I'm done."

We were done. 

Since we are becoming experienced with the combi we decided to take it home rather than the taxi.

So, we headed back to the main strip by the central market to catch one. Another combi came up for a different location. Derek mentioned that we were waiting for the Playa la Ropa van. Thankfully they told us that it quits at 8:00pm. Turns out it was now 9:00pm. Live and learn - by the time we leave here we'll have it all figured out.

It was therefore a taxi ride home. Not a huge deal - the combi ride is 15 pesos while the taxi is 40 pesos - so not a huge difference.

During that night Cassia had a fever that carried over into Monday night - we aren't sure where she picked that up but we are thinking the bouncy castle and perhaps too much sun that day. She's pretty much back to herself now - Wednesday evening. 

Today, we had a Mexican family visiting us here at the RV Park. We met them Sunday evening. Nice that they dropped in - Raphael and his wife Erica - with their three children -  are from a town just north of here. We asked them what they called going to the basketball court and they said 'cancha municipal.' We've invited them back for a day at the beach - sure hope they return. They have also invited us to their place - we'd love to - after all - that is a generous offer - but it will take some maneuvering with the combis so we'll have to work up our nerve for that.

We enjoy visiting with Canadian and American travellers when in Mexico - but we really enjoy meeting Mexican families - learning about their lives etc. 

Sitting here enjoying our new fan - more about that next post.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our American friends and followers! The Wood Clan is thankful that we are able to share our life and travels with you.



  1. I love living vicariously through you whether its in Canada, Mexico or the USA!!! Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

    1. Super thanks for that BlackSheep! You've been with us for quite a while now - you're like family!

  2. How,lovely, how totally lovely! Happy Thanksgiving...may you continue to be so blessed!!!

    1. You are so totally lovely Cj! All the best to you and Mr. Jer!

  3. Oh yeah such great times there in Mexico and enjoying the local festivities and families.
    You may as well move there and really enjoy it.

    1. We LOVE the local Mexico! Ha ha - don't tempt us!

    2. Oh - because of a little thing called money - George. We do have to go home to Canada at some point to make more of the darn stuff.

    3. Just make money there, or go fishing, grow your veggies, be creative.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, thanks for sharing your many adventures with us!

    1. Hi Kevin and Tracy! You are so welcome - thanks for commenting!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. We've always enjoyed your post, what you share is addictive, especially those pics!

    Thank you for giving!

    Have a great day in Christ!
    1 Corinthians 15:1-4

    1. Thanks Brian! Hey - that was the Ariel doll that you and Nancy gave Cassia two years ago - she was so sad because now she lost one of the three.

  7. I use the especially simple and not perfectly accurate "multiply the pesos by 8" method. 10 pesos = .80 cents Canadian. 40 pesos = $3.20. Close enough for me!

  8. Looks like great weather and fun times. Oh come on, those combies can't be that bad to get around! :)

  9. Love your blog. Norman's nephew, TnT (Trent and Teresa) directed us to your blog. We have been following for some time. Especially, love it when you are in Mexico. We would so love to take our RV there but family restrictions only allow us to be gone for 2-3 weeks at one time. We are from Alberta (Tofield) and tons of snow today, so am really enjoying your pictures. Happy Thanksgiving and keep posting!!!

    1. Excellent! Thanks for letting us know Susan, who you are and where you are! Ahhhh - TnT - miss them a lot - last I wrote with them they had moved to Swift Current. Hi to them for us! We so understand others not being able to travel …. I guess that's why we love sharing so that all can see and learn about places they may not get to - or not get to until another time. I grew up in Cochrane, AB and Derek - well all over AB and BC. We know snow - but thankfully not for a few years now…. Thanks for following - and commenting!!!! Keep warm!


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