Thursday, November 6, 2014


Well, not just downtown Monterrey - but that is what is coming up below.

First, a few pictures of just hanging around.

As full timers living in a camper van - and tent - the Wood Clan sure misses spending time in a house. I know - not much of a luxury for most of you, but for us - spending time in a home is a real treat. We've been totally enjoying sleeping in a real bed and having the use of indoor plumbing at our disposal. It's been about six months - since we were visiting with our family when we arrived back into Canada in the spring, that we've enjoyed the comforts of a home.

Lounging around a home is a vacation for us.

Cassia was brave enough to try the pool - she didn't last long however. The weather has been a bit wet and grey this week thanks I suppose to Hurricane Vance on the west coast.

We are so ok with some down time.

Being cat people, without cats, we are enjoying spending time with Little Bit and Missy.

I think we've all taken time to play catch the ring with Cas.

Chillin' on the back patio cooking up some burgers.

Wednesday morning we headed into the downtown. It takes about 45 minutes from Santiago.

We are beyond thrilled that we have a local to drive and show us around!

Although it was raining we were determined to make the most of it. Our first destination was the Santa Lucia River walk. Hmmmmm… has a barricade. Turns out we are here the same day as Prince Charles and Camillia Parker Bowles. Darn!

The Plaza and History Museum were also closed. 

So - why not a stroll. Here is the Library.

One of the things I appreciate about Mexico is the public artwork.

We looked around finding ourselves in the children's area. Chris treated Cas to an impromptu puppet show.

Walking through the Macroplaza or La Gran Plaza - the fourth largest plaza in the world.

The Wood Clan in front of the Fountain of Life - Neptune.

With the riverboat ride out, Chris suggested a ride on the subway. Sounds good to us - it's been awhile since Derek or I have been on one and Cassia first time. Public transit in Mexico is very cheap compared to Canada or the USA. Four tickets totalled 16 pesos!

Sorry - a bit blurry. Tricky trying to take a picture and walk for the train at the same time.

Following a short ride we continued our walk...

Hey! What's that? Craft beer? 

We walked around the Metropolitan Museum to look at the peace signs.

Two of Cassia's favourites.

And mine - although it was hard to choose - they were all neat.

And Derek's.

The interior of the museum is between exhibits. 

 We were all impressed however that we could look to the original structure below.

And down a well.

The Gran Hotel Ancira - beautiful!

With all this walking it was time for a late lunch at Chilo.

Then back to the garage for the car. As we were heading out of downtown, Derek and I were fascinated with the modern buildings and the amount of construction going on. Look at this one - it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

We then carried on to The Regional History Museum. 

Too bad it was so misty - this would have been a great place to get an overall picture of Monterrey.

The Bishop's Palace dating back to 1787. 

What a day! On our way home we stopped off at HEB for some groceries. Here's Cassia and I working on our pizza.

Derek was pretty excited to find a collection of Mexican Craft Beer at HEB. Craft breweries are just catching on here in Mexico but look to be a growing industry right behind the USA and Canada.

So - that was our day out in Monterrey.

Too bad the weather is so wet right now - still, we appreciated seeing the inner area of Monterrey. We were struck by it's size - for one thing - but also by the fact that it is thriving. There is construction going on everywhere it seems. We weren't completely surprised however, as we know that Monterrey's residents enjoy one of the highest standards of living in Mexico. Definitely put this vibrant city on your list - I know that we have only seen a small amount of what this city offers.

There - I am finally caught up on our posts.

Tomorrow we are carrying on…...



  1. Well, on the positive side, poor weather brings out color in photos. Too bad about so many things being closed but you certainly made the most of it. Looks like fun!

  2. I particularly liked the exterior fa├žade on that one building, like slashes with blue glass.....wonder if maybe it was an bad all the good things were closed due to British royalty visiting....but at least you found a brew house!

    Safe Travels........

    1. Exactly BlackSheep - it's an office building but they are supposed to be fish - I believe. Pretty neat stuff. The brewery wasn't open - sadly but we'll find some more along the way.

  3. Replies
    1. We inadvertently deleted our friend Chris's comment - here it is:

      Yep, HEB in five Mexican states, 25 in Monterrey alone, three Costco, eleven Walmart, six Sam's, City Clubs, well you get the idea. Monterrey is known as the Houston of Mexico. Modern, richest city in Mexico, highest education level with five major Mexican universities, one is the best in all of Latin America. Highest per capita income in the country, BTW, there are 600 Starbuck's in Mexico.

  4. Lucky you guys to see downtown Monterrey! We have been through and at the sides of it but we haven't yet explored it. Next time we are there we will.

    Sorry you didn't have better weather but it still sounds like you had a great time.

  5. Yukky weather but hanging out in a real house I think would compensate for you. Craft beer who woulda thought?


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