Saturday, November 1, 2014


Just west of Roswell, NM is Bottomless Lakes State Park - it was only a slight detour and since we had never been, we figured we would give it a try. Plus - we had been on the road for a while now without any conveniences - it was time for the Wood Clan to have a few luxuries. Electricity, water, a dump, restrooms, showers, trails, a playground and wifi all in one place is like hitting the lottery for us. 

I figured we were good for three to five nights. Since it was Thursday, Derek and I decided to stay until Monday. Our next destination was Carlsbad Caverns and we didn't want to visit on the weekend.

I can't say we were overly impressed with the park when we arrived but it was almost dark so I figured we really should reserve judgement. Plus, it was fairly busy. I know, I know - it's a campground - other people camp too! We just aren't good campground people because of the lack of personal space. (And yes, I know - we do work in a campground.) The irony doesn't escape me.

First thing Friday morning we were off on a walk around the park - the campground is beside the day use area which is where we were headed.

The picnic and beach area. I would imagine that it is VERY busy in the summer months.

With reaching the Roswell area we were suddenly into the hot weather. From here until the spring I would imagine that it is pretty much shorts and t-shirts for us. Even at around 10:00am it was pretty hot - Rufus enjoying the water.

And - another playground. Good thing there was a cover for mom to sit under. Roasting already.

A pretty neat addition, the first one we've seen like this.

Like I said - it was hot….

A view of the park.

Later, Derek went for a sunset stroll with Rufus, taking a few pictures while he was out.

Although the intention was to spend the four nights at Bottomless Lakes SP, after two nights we just couldn't take the flies. There were mosquitos too but nothing compared to the flies that were relentless all day.

We were also very frustrated with the wifi. We were in the main campground, not far from the tower but still, the wifi was touch and go. Not good.

I can't say that our first impression of Bottomless Lakes SP changed much. Sadly, it isn't very well maintained and fairly dirty. Too bad.

So, we packed up and headed down the road - not far - but we thought probably far enough to get away from the agriculture that was obviously causing the enlarged fly population.

We had been to Brantley Lake State Park back in 2008 so we knew what it was about. Although a nice park our main memory focused on the less than ideal shower, which at that time was little more than a light spray. We were hoping things had changed in that respect.

And more importantly, we were hoping that there weren't so many flies!

I'm not sure why but I really didn't take any pictures on route or even as we entered the park.

I did get the camera out however once we decided to go on a walk that first night. 
We tried to take the lake walk but …..

didn't get all that far.

So we headed back up to the campground - past our site which is here, #37 and on to the trail leading to the day area.

With a look back at the campground. It was also quite busy - after all is was Saturday night - but at this park you feel like you have a bit more space. Plus, it's cleaner.

Cassia was enjoying herself with a playground at the main campground and at the day use area.

We made our way to the boat launch to catch the sunset.

Sunday - although hot - we walked down to the primitive camping area to take a look. We wondered why it was closed off at the top of the road. Turns out the area was completely under water, you can see the garbage can over Derek's shoulder.

Then later we took our trail back over to the day use to see how the sunset would turn out.

Nice with the wispy clouds that were absent the night before.

Monday morning just before we left I snapped this picture again of our site.  Nice with the privacy wall. There are packed up now, but Cassia had quite the set up with all of her animals on the concrete.

On the pathway behind I found this cactus - LOVE the read buds.

If you have followed us for a while you'll know that we are very fond of New Mexico State Parks. Compared to other States we have traveled in, NM Parks fit in theWood Clan's frugal budget. Fourteen dollars a night is worth it to us for a few nights. 

Brantley Lake SP we very much enjoyed. And! The showers are much improved. I chose the accessible shower which was best because of the hand held shower head with good water pressure.

We knew that a respite at these two parks was our last change to relax and unwind before our last real travel push from Carlsbad to the Texas/Mexico border.

Monday morning we headed out. Following a few hours at Carlsbad Caverns we continued south.

Little did we know at this point that we were in for a challenging two days.

That's up next.



  1. Oh Boy! I'm holding my breath here - hope it is nothing to drastic - good luck....loved your photos as usual great job....

  2. I wonder whats up with the flies this year.....a couple other bloggers I follow have said the flies are really bad this year in New Mexico, and they are closer to Arizona than to Texas......I plan to buy New Mexicos State Park pass when I get back out that way so I can go explore them all.......

    Safe Travels..........

  3. At least enjoyed some facilities for a while, and the caverns too. Hope the journey was not too bad.


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