Monday, December 29, 2014


Although not our usual shopping day, today we headed into town. We are finding that stretching our groceries for seven days is a bit too long. I have to say that I am so looking forward to a full size fridge after now - 14 months - living out of a bar sized fridge. 

With much time spent at the beach these last few days we - again - appreciated the change of pace and scenery.

After our combi ride and walk down piñata lane we were in el centro Zihuatanejo.

Upon arriving at the basketball court we found that the Christmas sand sculpture we showed you last week was completed.

Interesting - no footprints around the lettering. 

From there you know where we went. Here is today's puppy. It quickly became obvious that he wasn't used to A. a collar and leash, B. being walked and C. the adoption 'coat' they put on him. 
Here's Derek and Cassia giving him a pep talk.

It needed to be a father and daughter team today to get the job done.

As we usually do, we stopped in the park to find some shade, and to let our puppy feel some dirt beneath his paws. We also decided to take his cover off - it just wasn't a good thing.

With all the busyness it was challenging - we finally found one quiet side street.

Then back around to where we picked him up. Since it was such a short walk we decided just to sit with him for a bit.

I took the chance to take a few photos of the items for sale in the shops in the Humane Society complex.

A view of a typical street in Zihuatanejo. I think what most of us that visit here like that it's a normal town. Oh sure there are lots of tourists and the things that they want - but it still has charm. We haven't - and I doubt we will - venture over to Ixtapa - we just know it won't be the place for us.

Back with puppy who is now quite relaxed.

Nothing like a child to love ya and squeeze ya.

Then back to the cage. Always a bit of sadness but we are glad that we can help - even a little. We noticed today that there was a lot of activity around the cage and the animals. 

Of course we are now comfortably seated at El Cafecito sipping our coffees and smoothie. This is a very last minute photo. I was taking a picture of the fellow in white in front of the lady. He had just been making the rounds at the cafe seating - taking people's blood pressure. Interesting. We were really wondering how much that cost but didn't ask. See, there's always something new here - Mexico is so fascinating.

After that we decided to go to the artisan market. This morning we had decided not to go there today because of all the extra busyness with the holidays. But, we were right there so went anyway. We stopped in last week to take a look but I managed to take no photos. 

One of the things we want to bring home is some pottery. Well, good luck - right?! Talk about overwhelming. In the end I picked out four bowls. Good for one days work. 

Stall after stall is filled to the brim - it's hard to think straight when faced with it all. This evening I told Derek that I'm going to make a list - then each time we are down I can focus. 
I would really like a 'mi casa es tu casa' sign and a large pottery fruit bowl and perhaps a dress or two.

They also have these signs everywhere. I like them - the Zihuatanejo one - but I can't decide if I want to invest in one. I snapped this picture at our friend Rods over at Costa Bella.

Of course, Cassia found all sorts of things for herself…...

when all I was really looking for her was a dress to replace the only one you see her wearing in the photos. They are all very nice but not so comfortable. The yellow one was the best but I still passed since it's not really a slip on and go type of dress. My search continues.

 Cassia LOVES Peppa Pig - guess she's popular here too.

The last of my pictures for the afternoon. 

From the market we went back to the Humane Society area to the cafe for lunch. There we spent the next few hours visiting with a lovely couple from Seattle. Perfect in the shade with a breeze off the ocean. 

After that it was our regular walk to the Commercial Mexicana.

This is a nighttime picture that I took in our kitchen. Notice how when you are visiting a place there are those items that you get really hooked on? For us this is one of those items. Carbonated limonade and orange drinks. They are so refreshing in this heat!

Sadly, the Commerical Mexicana was out of eggs, bananas and tostados. Staples in the Wood Clan's kitchen. Not sure what to do about that. Keith here at the RV Park has offered to bring eggs back tomorrow. I guess I'll have to see if anyone else is headed to the store for the rest. 

Also interesting - when we arrived at the Commerical Mexicana today we first headed to the restrooms. There we were stopped and asked to pay - we had no idea at first what the lady wanted - surprisingly you would think we'd get that. I had been last week and hadn't been asked to pay, plus there was no sign. Anyway, we figured that out and then were given tickets for our 5 pesos each. Now we weren't sure what to do with them. Just as you are thinking that we should take them to the cashier - we thought of that too. So, yes, we were reimbursed when we bought our groceries. Pretty slick system.

And another thing. Derek - just returned from his beach walk tonight as I am writing this post. After meeting and talking with Jill and Scott, Derek mentioned the name of our blog. If you can believe - Jill had just been on our site because it came up when she was doing a search of Zihuatanejo. Crazy - right?! The first time that has happened. 

Nothing lined up for the rest of the week other than the fireworks show on New Year's Eve. We are pretty sure we can see them from the beach but have no idea of the time. Further research is needed. I have also never tried to take photos of fireworks so that will be an adventure as well. Any tips with a point and shoot camera? or is that a no go.



  1. No tips for the pics, just trial and error for me.
    Looks like you are enjoying the local flair, just the we love to do it too.

  2. A point and shoot camera will work fine, just turn off the flash first.

  3. So sweet that Cassia will have memories of loving these dogs! and no doubt the Pups will remember her Love! I don't know a better way to teach a child about animals, or about life in general. I applaud your life style...sure beats too much time on a computer or IPhone. We love to watch kids if it will soon go out of style any day now!

    Best Wishes to the Wood Clan!

    1. Hi Maura and Pete! We love animals and believe they should be well cared for - so - we teach this to Cassia. It's important. Animals teach kids - and adults - so many things! We love to watch Cassia playing as well - she does use the iPad but at least she spends lots of time outdoors. The state of things is pretty sad.

  4. I love all the color of the pottery and dishes however I find it doesn't fit at home. We are a much cooler green place in Terrace than Mexico. The Okanagan is better for colorful items. My point and shoot has different settings for night time but in the end it is all trial and error. If you can set the camera down on something solid that helps because the shutter speed slows down and it's impossible not to wiggle it while you're holding it. Good luck!

    1. I do agree Kathy. Something about taking colourful things home doesn't seem to work but I'm going to try anyway. I find that with the clothing here also - wouldn't wear the bright colours back home. Good tip about putting the camera down - I'm going to try that if I can. Thanks.

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