Sunday, January 4, 2015


With all of the excitement around the New Year I haven't had a chance to show you some of the pictures we collected from last week. 

In a rare moment of energy, the four of us headed out early to a favourite gringo walking area other than the beach. There is a partially built road beginning beside Jungle Pizza that was to lead to the airport. Not sure when it was built but it's definitely a no go now. At the entrance to the road there is even an old sales office still showing all the properties available. 

It's a nice place to walk because there is little to no traffic and a good change in elevation to make you really feel like you did something. 

Sadly, this is the first time we have walked here this year --- we really should be making more of an effort, especially for Rufus. The problem is that it needs to be done early - and well, we can't really be called morning people. 

Two years ago when we took this walk I called the post Hiking the Hills of Zihuatanejo. It looks the same just more overgrown. I'm always amazed when I look back at the change in Cassia since we were here last time.

For some reason we were up early. We didn't have breakfast so that we could get going - it's now about 8:30am. That's Derek and Rufus wayyyyy ahead of Cassia and I.

Still a few For Sale signs up - one thing is for sure - it'd be quiet.

With all of the flowering bushes planted it would have really been something had it been successful and maintained.

Lots to look at a long the way.

Derek and Rufus are long gone - Cassia and I are doing our best just to keep going - did I mention that it's pretty steep?!

Another For Sale sign near the top - nice view but I'm not sure how you would go about developing this lot!

The view! Of Zihuatanejo. Along our trek there was only one place to see below due to all the overgrown trees.

Cassia and I rounding the corner - with Derek on his way back down. Who needs to go to the top?

A family photo.

Like always, downhill was easier except for on our knees.

Just like last time - donkeys along the way. If you check the link up above of our walk last time you'll see both Rufus and Cassia touching a very friendly donkey.

As with our visits to Jungle Pizza, the tricky part of our walk is taking on the busy road between there and El Manglar. No sidewalks unfortunately.

In a few minutes we went from this to …..

Following a short pit stop at home we were comfortably sitting at Rossy's at the beach.

Since we started our walk without breakfast we easily talked ourselves into coming here after our walk. Rossy's has a great breakfast which we only realized just before we left two years ago. We've been talking about returning ever since we arrived back in November. We finally made it. A huge breakfast menu and good prices!

I enjoyed my orange juice and Cassia her pineapple juice. Her's was whipped - amazingly good.

Quite the spread - right?!
 It's just enough - we finished it all but didn't eat much until dinner. 
Remember Rossy's for breakfast if you are ever on Playa La Ropa.

Since we were right at the beach, off Cassia went swimming while Derek and I continued to enjoy our spot under the restaurant umbrella.

Cassia is becoming quite the water girl since we have arrived. Brave - very brave to take on some of those waves.

I think I've been neglecting Rufus in many of our posts. 

I don't think this is Rufus's favourite place to winter but he's also being brave.

So - that was last week Tuesday.

Since then we have been spending most of our time at the beach. Yesterday, after a few hours swimming we decided to go for lunch at El Manglar. Considering that we have only been there twice in the 1 1/2 months that we have been here, we figured we were doing pretty well - especially since it's one of the best restaurants on the beach.

Our view - nice sitting in the shade.

Ahhhh - 5 year olds.

Cassia and I over at the mangrove looking at the crocodiles.

Nice that Derek reached over and grabbed the camera.

An amazing meal. Periodically I share pictures on Facebook that El Manglar posts of their food - it is very very good. Those are mahi mahi fish sticks - very rich and very filling.

Nice that this iguana came down just as we were sitting there. Generally they are up in the trees so are challenging to get. 

Today our neighbours Sergio and Leonor - on the left - went home to Morelia. We sure enjoyed visiting with them since their arrival before Christmas. That's Lulu standing beside me - her and George are here until next Sunday.
Hmmm - interesting - I thought Derek and I were the same height!

They left early so Bill and George opened the gate for them.

They have a nice little rig - perfect for Mexico travel.

So - that's how it's been here.

We've been spending much of our time with Therese and her boys Kaden and Keller - either at each other's homes or at the beach. The kids have become good friends.

Our exciting news is that Derek's mom, Audrey, will be arriving here on the 16th to visit for 12 days. We are looking forward to taking her around to all of our favourite places and of course - just hanging out at the beach.

Tomorrow is our Humane Society visit and shopping day - boy, time sure goes fast - it feels like we were just there. I'm looking forward to my El Cafeicito coffee already!



  1. nice recap of your week! hope the visit goes well!!!

    1. Thanks Sue! It will be great! Good times with Grandma for Cassia!

  2. A beautiful spot. It is always a surprise to see a menu in English.

    1. Keep it in mind Croft if you are ever this way. Ya - well - Zihuatanejo is a tourist destination after all - the restaurants along Playa La Ropa have English on one side and Spanish on the other.

  3. Love your family photo, giants you are!

  4. Sounds like you had a great week, the area looks beautiful!

    1. We are doing pretty well for ourselves. It is very lush here - lots of flowers which is nice.

  5. Lots of fun - enjoyed all the photos - that iguana looks huge!!!
    Connie in PA

    1. Hi Connie! It is a fairly large iguana - about he size of a large cat. There are three large orange ones here at El Manglar - then quite a few smaller green ones. Always fun to look at - they are so beautiful - very intricate.

  6. Love that Iguana shot. Glad you are having such a great winter.

    1. Thanks Contessa - too bad I don't have zoom! I have to walk very gently up to him and stretch out my arms - I'm not very brave and very unsure how he would respond. This is about a good a pic as I can get with our camera.

  7. The shadow picture is great. I love taking photos of people on the beach from behind in silhouette....if I ever take the camera to the beach. Great photos.

    1. I love shadow pictures Kathy! Lately I have been forgetting to do them. I'm with you about the camera at the beach!


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