Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Is about all we've been doing for the last few days.

Swimming and eating out that is …. and enjoying the comforts of a hotel room. Have I mentioned that it's been two months since we have had a hot shower. Oh I know there isn't much sympathy there - especially with the temperatures we have here in Zihuatanejo but still - right?! And air conditioning….. Funny - the two extremes - nice to have hot water but even better to have cold air in the middle of the day.

Although there is a ton to see and do here - we have been laying fairly low so that Derek's mom has a chance to adjust and relax the days away. We have also been enjoying a few of the restaurants on Playa La Ropa. We have about six on our list that we would like to take Audrey too - we are pacing ourselves and hitting one every few days.

Of course we are still enjoying our friends in the water. We were looking for the mantas but if you look close you can see that Cassia and I are looking at a school of fish.

Even more difficult to photograph, but Derek got a pretty good shot.

A few minutes later he was able to get another great mantra ray shot - a group of three this time - nice. And yes - that is how close they swim by us.

Although I can count on one hand the number of times Cassia and I have walked to the other end of Playa La Ropa since we have arrived, we have been heading there a few more times lately. Since we went with the boys and Therese it has become a favourite place for Cassia.

I took a similar photo two years ago - just something about the vibrant colours.

Although not as many pelicans as on the rocks at  Troncones - the beach north of here - there were a few.

And a neat pool for Cassia to enjoy.

Here are the shells that are predominant at this end of the beach. I first found them back in 1994 when my boyfriend at the time and I drove down to Zipolite and Puerto Angel - LOVE them. Like mother like daughter.

Cas has become a good little shell hunter in her own right - I'm so proud!

Although we started watching the football game Sunday afternoon - the draw of the beach and salsa music was too strong. We also ran into friends of ours that we met the very first day we arrived in Zihuatanejo. Here we are at the last umbrella on the left.

Cassia enjoyed playing with the couples daughter - Ophelia - although I realize it doesn't look like it. I think I was interrupting their playtime - you know - with ANOTHER photo!

Sure looks like Audrey is getting into this life pretty quick - the HUGE daiquiri doesn't hurt either!

Another day - another trip down to the rocks.

Last night was our big night out to have dinner at El Manglar. On the way the kids showed Audrey a crocodile in the Mangrove.

Sadly, I realize now that many of the photos we took didn't work out. Except for Cassia's selfie. Yes, that is a cut on her head - it came into contact with a wood box that we have.

We were in luck because there was music as well …..

and dancing!

Our dinner was a real treat - with amazing food - again. I splurged on the 27 Spice Blackened Tuna - raw Tuna. It was divine. It's El Manglar's house special and I just couldn't leave Zihautanejo a second time without having it. Derek went with the breaded Mahi Mahi while Audrey ordered the same fish but in Lime sauce. 

So - that's how Derek's mom's trip is going so far. Lots of sun and sand and good food. Exactly what a good vacation should be.

Today, we added shopping to that list. After our death march to El Centro from Playa La Ropa and our walk with the dogs we got down to the business of dropping some serious bucks at the artisan market.

Lots of pictures from our day next post.



  1. I don't know if you've been on a small catamaran, if you haven't go do it! The small catamarans are so much fun, it's very peaceful being on a sailing vessel...go do it while the warm waters abound, because shortly you will be in ice cold waters.

  2. Hi Brian! I know that many people would love to do that but it would be at the bottom of my list. I'm not a boat girl at all - no desire to be out on top of the water. Oh I know we are in for a much colder time but thankfully summer will be on it's way in a few months with hot temps in our area of BC. I'm good with just looking out at the water.

  3. Great fish shots Derek. Ohh Puerto Angel....our most favorite place in all of Mexico.

  4. Looks like too much fun on the beach, and the tuna sounds awesome!


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