Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This week we changed things a bit and went into El Centro and grocery shopping on Tuesday instead of Monday. We still had enough groceries to last us - better to go in when we really need to. 

As we always do - we took the combi from Playa La Ropa - just down the way from us - to very close to the Cancha Municipal. We've become very good at getting dropped off at just the right spot. We still have to walk but it isn't far.

First, things first, to the Zihuatanejo Animal Humane Society. I forget sometimes that not everyone reads every post. Elizabeth saw the pictures of us walking a puppy and wondered if he was a new addition to the Wood Clan. Nope - Rufus is enough for us - and the van. However, we are happy to help the Society by walking a dog - or two - each week. If you are visiting Zihuatanejo and can help out - please do - they need all they can get as it is mainly run by volunteers.

Frisky - the pup we so named that we have walked for the last two weeks wasn't there. Dare we hope that he was adopted! This week, Frisky 2 and Frisky 3. The poor dogs - they are so wound up by the time they get out for their walk. First stop - the park for a few minutes then up and over the bridge.

Last time we went left - this time we went right as we noticed this nice sidewalk. 
Only a bit challenging walking a frisky dog and taking a picture. Derek in lead and Cassia the 'bag holder' in the middle.

We walked as far as this open field. 
There was construction going on in the distance so maybe it is new.

I'm gonna love ya and squeeze ya…

Then back over the bridge and back to the Humane Society.

We visited with the dogs/puppies for a bit. They tend to get very excited when humans are there so very loud. There were about 5 pups in this cage. This guy has the look of desperation in his eyes - hard to see.

On the other hand, we were thrilled to see this dog here. She is a stray and was hanging around the RV Park for a few days until someone called. Volunteers came to pick her up. She looks pregnant - at least she is getting looked after here. She has the saddest eyes.

The view from the HS balcony.

Then down to the second floor for our second visit with the kittens.

Then to our place - El Cafecito. Man am I going to miss this place. There is the Owner - a nice guy. I really should get his, his wife's and daughter's name before we leave. 

This has been our table for the last three visits. I could live right there - view of the ocean, shade, a gentle warm breeze, people watching, great coffee…… 

Then on to our somewhat gruelling walk - because of the heat - to the Commercial Mexicana. We stopped by the crocs at the basket ball court for Cassia to visit with them. The same crocs she kissed back two years ago when we had Dinner at the Basketball Court.

I'm gonna love ya and squeeze ya…

We often run into Memo at the Commerical Mexicana - he is the Owner of El Manglar - as he is out buying groceries for the restaurant. Since we ended up behind him at the check out we managed to get ourselves a lift home. 

He only had one more stop to make which was here…… 
Memo parked a few streets away and he and I walked over. I was looking for garlic which I found. I was surprised to find that this was the exact place we purchased our produce - very cheaply - last time during our Market Day in Zihuatanejo. We had lost it but now it was found. Sadly, only weeks before we are leaving. Sigh. 

We were home fairly early - mid afternoon. After walking and driving around in the heat the beach was the only place to go.

Our little goldfish…

Kaden, Keller and Cassia. 

Cloudy and even looked like rain but nothing came of it. 

I can always tell when Cassia has been slammed by a wave by her hair style.

We haven't been swimming alone these last few weeks. We have company - especially in the morning. The manta rays….

Fun to watch - they are small and alone or in groups of 3, 4, 5, 6. Therese and I were really nervous at first and did our research. Seems all is fine unless you step on one - which apparently REALLY hurts. We do the sand shuffle now. 

I so desperately would like to get a picture of them in the surf - it's amazing to see. I think my chances are as good as photographing lightning. 

Derek and I did see one leaping which you can also see over at Roads Less Travelled - Mark and Emily sailed by here and got a few pictures.

So - with last nights post - that has been our week thus far.

Only two more sleeps until Cassia's Grandma arrives. Good thing - I don't know that her excitement - or ours - can be contained much longer. 

Friday afternoon our friend Bill from the RV Park is taking us to the airport. That should be fun - we've never been there before. I'll have those pics next post - fingers crossed - Friday night.



  1. the start of another great Mexican week! I don't know how you got to the Humane Society without bringing home a new friend!..breaks my heart..:(

    1. We don't know either Sue - it's a sad situation. But we know it won't work for us. That's why we are trying to get the word out so others, who can adopt, do.

  2. I think Grandma will have a wonderful time !

  3. NIce to get a ride back. It is hard for those who have never been there to understand how debilitating the heat can be if you go for a walk or stand out in the sun for too long. Water is the best or shade. Your sky looks like us up here in Mazatlan. I think today is the last day and the sun returns.

    1. Depending on the time of day the sun just beats done on us for our at least 1 km walk ….. we are pretty dredged by the time we arrive at the CM. Good thing they have ice cream for 10 pesos! Sun today!

  4. Boy don't think I could leave the dogs and cats without bringing one home - their eyes!!
    So glad the timing is so good with the visit from Grandma and credit card. So which way are you headed home?

    1. We think about that every time too Carol - but our van is small enough already! No credit card and she isn't bringing any cards - they don't give them out to third party. We had to come up with another plan.

  5. Such a lovely place!! You'll miss the sun and the surf next winter.......

    Safe Travels................

    1. We will BlackSheep. We are already thinking about how we can get someone to look after the park in a couple of winters so we can fly down for a few weeks or a month! We'll miss Zihuatanejo for sure!


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