Sunday, November 4, 2012


Snow Canyon State Park was a first for us! While planning our route from Nevada over to Kanab Utah there were two routes we could take. In the end I opted for the one that took us to Snow Canyon. It looked just to beautiful to pass up - plus it has many many hiking trails.

Since I also read that it wasn't named for the cold, white stuff we were good to go!

This shot and the one above are from the entry into the park from the north end.

We easily made our way to the campground and booked in for the night - site #17. No hook ups - but restrooms and more importantly - showers - for a decent $16/night.

We had the loop to ourselves.

A few shots as the sun was setting on our day.

Looking towards the rest of the campers. There are sites with water and electric but they are all bunched together at the front - still a good price at $20. We wanted a little bit more breathing room.

Of course we had to cook our FIRST meal on our fancy new Weber. Was it just me or did the burgers taste extra good!

The last two days were hard on this little girl. Ahhhh - an afternoon nap.

The next morning we were up and off to take on a few trails. There are only two that you can take your dog on and so we were a bit limited. We opted for the Whiptrail. 

I just cannot get enough of the pink and blue combo!

We saw a ton of little lizards on our walk but they move so darn fast. This is the only one I got a shot of - sigh - too bad about the camera strap.

Looking back to the campground.

We enjoyed our first day at Snow Canyon so much that we decided to spend a second night. We sure needed the rest from two long days of travel through Nevada.

Day two we left Roofous at the site and hiked the Hidden Pinyon Trail, the Hidden Pinyon Overlook and the Petrified Sand Dune Trail.

Sand in the shoe break.

Quite the climb.

The Pinyon Overlook.

Our little climber - heading out to find Dad.

A family photo!

Derek walking ahead of us on the petrified sand dunes.

And then he REALLY went ahead of us. We opted for the low road and met Derek back at the trail.

What a GREAT spot we found. Again - we HIGHLY recommend Snow Canyon State Park as a place to visit and if you can spend a few days. We were blessed with two hot days - almost too hot - but dare we complain!

We were sad to leave but more of Utah is calling our names!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: As is often the case I end up posting links here that I have had little time to look at myself. I sure hope I can back to this site sometime in the next few months and spend some SERIOUS time there - I'm already hooked just with the great graphics and layout. Here is the link to Treading Tiny - our kind of site.


  1. Sure nice to be on the road again.
    Enjoy your Weber just wait until you cook a whole chicken directly on the grill.

  2. Wow wow wow!

    Nice family photo... I couldn't see if you were smilling LOL


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