Sunday, November 4, 2012


We sure enjoyed our evening at the Picohe City Park. It was quiet albeit cool at an elevation of 6,060 ft. 

Cassia was THRILLED that there was a playground across the street.

So, first thing in the morning we were headed for some play time.

Our spot at the Pioche City Park - we were there alone.

Also a train by the park.

Funny - a real action shot there. Exactly HOW does her leg bend that way?!

Good to know.

 After that we were back on the 93 south. But not for long.....

Since we had been here before we knew what was up ahead - Cathedral Gorge. We stayed at the Cathedral Gorge State Park back in 2008 and really enjoyed it. We highly recommend it if you are ever this way. Really neat landscape and hiking trails. Just before the State Park is a rest area called Miller Point Lookout - we pulled in there.

I took a TON of pictures - it is SO BEAUTIFUL - it was a hot day and we had a GREAT time. I'll let you enjoy the pics uninterrupted.

Awesome - right?!

Back on the 93 for just a short time before we stopped for gas and then a left on the 319 through Panaca. A nice looking agricultural/ranching town.

An then back to the Nevada landscape....

And then up....

Since this was another new route for us we were not sure what to expect. Apparently more UP.

It wasn't long before we were over the Utah State line and now on the 56. Twenty five miles later and we hung a right onto the 18 going south.


We noted on our map that we would be passing by the 'Mountain Meadows Monument' which I guess sounded better then the more apt term 'Mountain Meadows Massacre'. We knew what this was about because Derek read an interesting history book a few years ago chronicling many American west historical events. Of course we stopped to take a look.

Then we continued along the 18....

to the beautifully situated town of Veyo.


We stop for pies!

A quick U turn and we were back buying ourselves a Lemon Sour Cream pie. In business for 27 years - they MUST know what they are doing.

Cassia enjoyed the spinning stools.


The pie WAS great but we had to eat it after it had become a thousand pieces. As we hit a curve just after we started out again our fridge door popped open. The first time all was ok but shortly thereafter the second time saw the pie slide off it's shelve and onto the floor - and it wasn't the only item! 

There was a lot of tension in the van then! Derek pulled over so that I could rescue all the contents but most importantly our pie. Just one of those things that happens while on the road. We now have a bungy cord helping to hold our fridge door in place. 

We can laugh about it - now!

Soon, we were turning into the Snow Canyon State Park - our destination for the day. We had decided to stay the evening - or two - at the State Park knowing that there were trails to hike.

We LOVE to hike!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Two of our favourite travel blogger couples are making news today! Kevin and Ruth are back in Mexico! and Trent and Teresa are just hitting the road south today! Safe travels to them!

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  1. Awesome scenery indeed!! Thanks for sharing! Abungee cord to hold the fridge door is a necessity in the nomad way of travel, much "simpler" than the expensive locks sold by RV suppliers...

    Safe Travels!


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