Wednesday, November 14, 2012


During our second day in Prescott we had a list of things to do. We hit Trader Joe's first and then went off in search of a sani dump - a FREE sani dump. We'll pay if we have too but we read that Many RV in Prescott Valley offered dump and water. We'd also be passing by a thrift store - perfect - Derek is looking for some lighter pants. 

That was a BUSY morning and a lot of driving around. But still - we found our way around easy enough with no problem negotiating the roadways and traffic. 

With our Sedona to Prescott ordeal the day before, and with all the shopping and running around in the morning, we definitely needed some DOWN time. 

From our map we saw that very close by was Lynx Lake - so that's where we headed for the rest of the day.

More beautiful fall foliage!

By the time we arrived, about a 15 minute drive, Cassia was asleep. I wandered around a bit taking these pictures, picked up a map and paid the $5 day use fee. 

When she woke up we all went for a walk. There is a trail that goes around the lake - too much for us today.

Imagine! A turtle sunning himself - herself - itself!

Cassia, Derek and Roofous looking at the turtle.

It was a day - and $5 - well spent. The park closed at 6:00 pm and we rolled out at about 5:55 pm after having a nice dinner made by our weber. 

We could have headed back to the Home Depot for the night but opted for the Lowe's. Thankfully we did because the next morning Derek found the container we were looking for to complete our back storage deck. It had to be an exact size so we were thrilled to have found it fairly easily. Derek spent the morning installing it.

Our storage deck and the large container on the right came with the van. We had an empty space to the left that seemed like such a waste of space. 

Cassia with our TWO storage boxes - and now a place for our Canadian stickers.

Soon after we headed to Hastings and then out of Prescott. We didn't get out until later in the afternoon but that was okay we weren't headed far - a little south to Wickenburg.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Since our time in the USA is winding down as we get get closer to Mexico I''ve been ramping up my research. Glad to see that Croft's Mexico is on his way - a good resource if you are headed south. He's talking about TOPES today - something we'll of course have to watch out for.


  1. You getting pretty close to fellow Bloggers from Ontario just setting up their winter digs.

    1. Real close since we are now in Gila Bend. Actually we sailed right through Congress.... we talked about it, thought about it but continued on. We've been following Al and Kelly for a few years now but decided not to just - drop in! Maybe one day.


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