Monday, November 26, 2012


Once our propane issues were behind us, we spent a night at the Lowe's before heading out to Buckeye Hills Recreation Area or Regional Park. If you are looking for this place the name changes depending on where you are looking - the map says Rec Area the sign on the highway says Reg Park. 

Whatever it is called it is one of our favourite camping spots - we call it up-scale boondocking.

The park is dry camping but it is free. The road is good and pretty close to the highway but far enough away to be very quite. And ..... there is hardly anyone here - even better. MAYBE two cars pass by each day.

Do you think this guy in the Lowe's parking lot was trying to tell us something - nope - I didn't think so either. Sheesh - can you get a little closer buddy!

The Buckeye Hills Rec Area is just south of the city of Buckeye - not hard to find at all. We found this spot last spring and I posted about it here and here.  I also took more pics last spring so if you are interested check out those two posts.

We had big plans of staying at Buckeye Hills for a week or even two but with the winds during the day and the very aggressive flies and bees we could only do three days. 

Our site - one place over from last spring.

Derek volunteering on glass pick up duty.

Beautiful warm evenings here at Buckeye Hills and not bad sunsets.

Let's play spot the van!

Lots of walking at Buckeye.

There are fire pits here and we do enjoy a nightly fire. A bit of a problem when we show up without firewood. Someone was nice enough to leave us some and there was also some at another site that we went to fetch. We decided against it pretty quickly when Derek turned over the wood to find this guy. Nope - we don't need wood THAT badly!

Yup - took a picture of Cassia here last spring in the exact same t shirt! 

Ahhhh - father and daughter!

A barrel cactus. 

A quick picture of our site as we were leaving. See you next time!

And so we headed back to Buckeye to restock and do our laundry before heading south to Gila Bend - another of our favourite places.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: So - my BIG secret of the day is that although I am writing about Buckeye we have already been in Mexico a week. Wifi has been hard to find here but we have it now and I am on the fast track to get caught up. We have made some friends that we are traveling with - and guess what! they have a blog. So if you want a sneak peak check out the last few days with The Golden Years.


  1. Enjoy your travels no matter where you are.

    1. Will do! But certainly enjoying them a little more then usual here in Mexico!


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