Wednesday, November 7, 2012


(If you are following along with us and have just landed on this post it is the third of the night. I have been posting like crazy tonight to get the blog somewhat up to date. Please see the archives for the earlier posts.)

We ended up spending the night in Flagstaff at the Cracker Barrel - a well known urban boondocking location. This was after a lot of running around between the Walmart and the Sam's Club. Both had no overnight parking signs - for Sam's Club that was a first for us.

But it all worked out because the CB was right beside the Super 8 who strangely enough had an unlocked wifi connection. I was glad to see that had the Flagstaff CB as an official BD spot.

First thing the next morning we headed into the Historic Downtown of Flagstaff. We wanted to look around but I also wanted to make sure we got on the right road south to Sedona.

After all that hiking it was time for the CITY!

After parking in the free downtown parking lot right by the Visitor Center we were welcomed by the train. While waiting for it to pass we walked south for a few blocks.

Quite a few elevated hotel signs - imagine coming into town way back and seeing them. I never did find out the storey on why they felt the need to construct them so high. Anyone know?

Interesting place Downtown Flagstaff - at the moment we are in the - uh - rougher part of town - can you tell?

Poor Derek - FOUR brewing companies represented in the downtown and it's Sunday morning.

After a short walk on the south side of the tracks we went back across to the Visitor Center. What a great location in the train station building - also the Amtrak Station.

At the center we received all the information we were looking for and a map of the downtown. So, we continued north to walk around a few blocks to see what we could see.

The inner core used to be a parking lot but has been transformed into a nice urban courtyard. Complete with artwork.

It didn't take us long to spot this place.

Have we mentioned that we used to own and operate our own sweet shoppe?

Hmmmm - I wonder what Cassia is doing!

We settled for some Prickly Pear Cactus candy for Cassia and English Toffee for us. Yum.

Having seen enough we headed back to the van via this bridge. We had breakfast and hit the road. 

Sedona to Prescott was planned for the day.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: You haven't forgotten that we are headed to Mexico - right?! Getting closer every day. My research has been continuing - sorry that I haven't been able to a post on all that lately. Guess it will just a have to be posted as it happens. I've been spending some time going through all the campgrounds along our route with our copy of Rolling Home Press's Travellers Guide to Mexico Camping. What a great investment and we haven't even started camping there yet.


  1. I have incredibly fond memories of Flagstaff and can't wait to return, but one of my funniest travel stories EVER happened there. Can't put it on the blog as it would surely offend someone, but let's just say it was the day this little southern girl grew up and realized she and Toto weren't in Tennessee anymore!! We'll save the story for an in person telling when one of these days, we hopefully are able to meet!! Be safe, my friends!!

    1. Well! I HAVE got to hear that story now! Wish I could say - I'll be right over! I think most of us have had THOSE kind of situations. Still - fond memories so it couldn't have been THAT bad!

  2. Truly a beautiful with history......

    Safe Travels............

  3. Great tour, we have driven by but never stopped:(

    1. We'd just driven through last time also, believing that there wasn't much to see. I'm glad we stopped in this time - it's actually a neat and eclectic place.

      Maybe next time.....


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