Saturday, November 10, 2012


The one GOOD thing about our journey on Sunday was that it produced our arrival into Prescott.

We were already impressed as we entered into the area once reaching the valley flour. We had picked up a tourist map in Sedona - thankfully - so we made a bee line for the downtown. We quickly found the office on the south side of the central square and found a nice place to park on in the shade just in behind.

Sadly, being a Sunday, the Chamber/Visitor Center was closed - they had been since two - now it was three. Since I had our ipad with us I sat down on the bench to try to hook up to find the places we wanted to visit. 

NOPE - that wasn't going to work.

Since the downtown was fairly busy, on such a nice warm day, there were people milling about. Derek asked the couple getting on the motorcycle in front of us the location of the Home Depot. I imagine that people are always wondering why a seemingly lost family would be looking for a Home Depot. But for us, when in doubt we can always get wifi at HD. And since the day was getting on we also planned to stay there the night.

Once we had the directions we decided to look around the square a bit.

These beautiful trees surround the central square.
I LOVE towns/cities with central squares - or the zocalo in Mexico.

While walking through the trees we looked over to see Whiskey Row. And - well - some bikers enjoying a Sunday ride and get together looks like. And maybe some samplings from Whiskey Row?

Whiskey Row was the location of Prescott's earliest saloons and such. You can read about it for yourself here.

A great statue and darn if I didn't go and read what it was about! All I need is google though! It is the Captain William 'Bucky' O'Neil Memorial.

And Cassia playing with the flags. Are you ALLOWED to play with flags? Yikes - we never thought about it at the time.

We had obviously missed something BIG earlier in the day as there were stages and such being taken away. 

And another impressive statue on the other side of the square just as we were leaving.

With the downtown square tour done we headed back to the van. I snapped these pictures as we were heading out of the downtown.

We arrived safely to our destination and got settled. I have to say that during our three days in Prescott and Prescott Valley we found it very easy to get around. The street system seems to work very well.

The Wood Clan was in Prescott because well - it was on our way. But we also had some SERIOUS business to do here. Trader Joe's and Hastings both reside in this city. A visit to TJ's needs no explanation and we wanted to visit a Hastings because our Nampa friends mentioned that it's a good place to pick up movies at pretty good prices. We had it in our mines to stock up on some to enjoy for the rest of the winter.

In the end we spent two nights in Prescott - one at the Home Depot which was very quiet raised up from the highway and the second at Lowe's  - also a great find.

I'll spend the next couple of posts sharing our time in this area.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Ok - this link is weird but I have to do it. Have you ever shopped at Lowe's? I'm going to put a plug in for them because we've been visiting them a lot lately - as an overnight spot and doing some shopping. I always wondered how they managed against Home Depot but I guess that are managing just fine - thank you. Walking around their stores I've been really impressed with their products and layout. So - check them out. And if looking for a good urban boondocking spot they seem to be a go.


  1. Prescott looks like a nice area......I've never overnighted at a Home Depot, but you say the wi-fi is good? Will have to check it out while rolling around Florida.

    Safe Travels........

    1. Yup - Home Depot is a good one, as is Sam's Club and Lowe's. Careful in Florida though - most of them and the Walmarts have those signs up!

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    1. The SPAMMERS have found your blog!! Mine too, but I mark them as "SPAM" and they don't get published! Bet I've had 50 in the past 2 weeks, all complimenting my writing style, and then giving a link to their website...makes me mad!


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