Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Following our trek out to the Toadstools we carried on east towards Page.

In 2006 we were in this area but from Kanab we took Alt89 down to Fredonia, Jacob Lake and on to Bitter Springs - the route that follows the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. That year we also went to the Grand Canyon and were therefore ok with missing it this year. We'd like to return to the Grand Canyon and actually go down into it, but we'll wait until Cassia is old enough to appreciate such an adventure.

That year we missed Page and Lake Powell. So this trip we were sure to take the 89 to Page.

Our first glimpse of Lake Powell. Lake Powell is interesting because of the shear amount of shore line and it is a very popular house boat lake. 

Just before Page is Big Water. Nothing exciting about that but it is the location of the last Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument Visitor Center on our route. We stopped because I read that they had a dinosaur display. 

CAN'T MISS DINOSAUR BONES! (Yes, for Cassia but more for Derek!)

A very nicely designed building.....

..... based on nature.

Good park job Derek - we can get the van in the picture!

And a little girl with her own sized dinosaur - and yes what looks like to be a asked for smile.

The center is very nice in the interior with a great dinosaur display. We also watched a movie about the area.

Now, on to Page....

Just before Page is a turn off to the Wahweap Overlook - well worth the short drive in.

Here's a view of the Glen Canyon Dam. We decided to forgo at stop at the Carl Hayden Visitor Center and continued on to Page seen here in the background.

I had larger expectations of Page and thought we would stay there a bit. There are a few trails to various view points. In the end there wasn't really anything to keep us there and so we continued south.

Just outside of Page on the 89 is another overlook to view Horseshoe Bend. We did drive in to the parking lot and I did climb up the hill to take a look - my fellow travellers were to weary for the climb. However, upon reaching the top I realized that the trail went on much further. So I just headed back to the van and we went on. Well, maybe NEXT time. 

Page is also the location of the Upper Antelope Canyon - no doubt you've seen pictures of it. Another place we'd love to visit but since you have to go with a tour, with a cost of $26 each we decided not to do it this year.

Since we were now throwing my original plan out of the window, I was scrambling for a new one.
We were moving much faster then I anticipated.

It didn't take us long though to get our bearings. Our next destination was Cameron. We have fond memories of the Cameron Trading Post. Back in 2006 it was there that we had our first Navajo Taco. 

The Cameron Trading Post is actually a HUGE, and I mean HUGE store. There can't be anything they don't have pertaining to the Southwest. Every souvenir you can think of and then some! We went crazy the first time - but not this time.....

L.O.V.E. Navajo Tacos - well, actually it's the fry bread we are in love with - but the whole package is a very complete meal. 

Back in 2006, our first trip to the USA together, we were still pretty naive about the portion sizes in this country. We EACH ordered a LARGE Navajo Taco. So determined to not waste our money we were eating them for days afterward.

Now a little smarter we knew to share one LARGE taco. However, while reading the menu the Green Chile Pork Stew with Fry Bread, was calling Derek's name.

It was a GREAT meal to say the least. Guess I'll be working on a version of the chile soup.

We were all stuffed and STILL had some N Taco and Fry Bread left. They made for a great breakfast and lunch the next day so we were happy with our $24 investment for three delicious meals.

As we were heading to the Cameron Trading Post we wondered what the chance would be to overnight in their parking lot. 

No chance we figured upon seeing the billboard for the Post that proudly advertised a RV Park. 


After dinner as we headed back to our truck a large Class A motorhome, towing - pulled in. A bit later the Owner walked over inquiring if we were staying in the parking lot the night.

He hadn't yet seen the RV Park across the street. 

So - we were both looking for a place to stay that didn't include the RV Park. We both headed back north - he stopped at the gas station while we went further and found a little parking area off the highway for the Arizona Transportation Offices. Since it was Friday night and all closed up we figured it was a workable solution.

All was well and the next morning we continued on a short drive south to the Wupatki National Monument and Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument.

Fun, fun!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: If you have kids and are wondering about traveling and traveling and educating then Passport Parents is for you. I just found their site and although we won't be starting to homeschool/roadschool Cassia for awhile their article entitled Back to UnSchool: Our 10 Favourite Alternative Education Post from Traveling Parents will be very helpful for us in the future. Although really, even at 3 1/2 years old isn't Cassia being roadschooled already!


  1. I remember that fried bread in the 70's when my folks were retired in Tucson...I'll never forget it. So buttery, cheesy! Thanks for the memory...wish it would make it up North!

    1. While we were eating ours Derek and I were dreaming about opening a Navajo Taco stand up in BC somewhere......

      If it's been since the 70's since you had one I'd say it's high time to get your hands on another!

  2. You are now in the area and visiting the same places we did on Summer Trip 2007, so I'm doubly enjoying reading! Thought of you when I heard about the earthquake in Guatemala. Amazing how these blog friendships really do cause you to be concerned when you hear of something that might affect one of them!

    1. Yup - it's nice to see new places but let's you relive your own memories when it is a place you've been.

      Since we follow many travel blogs I know what you mean - you become invested in other people lives.

      We'll see - Guatemala and Honduras may have fallen off the travel plans - we'll have to see how our $$ lasts. We're thinking that Mexico maybe enough of a learning curve for this year.


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