Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Following a visit with Shan and Dewey at the Big Bend RV Supplywe pulled out of Marathon. 

Marathon is small but has a lot of charm and very nice people. Remember to stop in on your way to Big Bend National Park - or if you are just passing through on the 90 like us.

Pulling out of Marathon - heading west to Alpine - 31 miles. Back to the quiet open road of the 90.

And blue sky….

We stopped at a rest area just before Alpine for breakfast. Derek decided to put on his western duds. Since Cassia likes to wear my hat we convinced her that she needed to dress a bit more like a cowgirl. She really got into it and even rode her horsey. Her horse may look familiar to you, there was a photo last summer with the same hat and horse stick. 

Cowgirl, cowboy and me.

More grumpy then contemplative but one of the best pics.

Pulling into Alpine. We had a lot to do. The first stop was the Visitor Center. Nice that it was walking distance to the grocery store. After that, down the highway to the Oasis Tire Store. We were hoping our flat could be fixed. It turned out not to be a slash - it was a hole but they tried three times to plug it and it didn't work. So, we ended up with a new tire - at least we could use our rim. $148 dollars more into Hraefn this winter. Next, to the Auto Zone to pick up our own socket. We were beat.

To help ourselves feel better we thought we'd go by the Big Bend Brewing Company

We knew from their website that they are in the midst of new construction and renovations.

But we thought that we would stop in to see what we could see.

Turns out they are still open for tours and tastings. Nice. 

With our flight from the Gage Hotel the night before - the Hefeweizen was the last one for us to try. Again - very nice. Nice a crisp beer, low carbonation and not to hoppy.

We sure had fun! And ….. we met new friends. Robert and Sheila to the left of Derek are from La Grange, Texas. Great people. You'll see them again in just a minute. Thanks to our hostess Melissa!

Thanks Big Bend Brewing Company - you sure are putting out some tasty craft beer. 

From there we continued on back downtown. 

Derek and I had taken a picture of this mural when we were in Alpine in 2008. 
Nice to have it on this blog. 

As you can see above it is difficult to show it in it's entirely in one photo - here are the close ups.

Lots of galleries, shops and restaurants along Holland Ave.

Now around 6:00 pm or so, we were meeting up with Robert, Sheila and their friend Dusty at 

A very nice atmosphere - and wifi - those on Facebook would have guessed this.

We've never heard it called that before.

Robert and Sheila treated us to PEI mussels and beer. What a treat! Amazing to find fresh mussels from the east coast of Canada here in the middle of Western Texas. 

I even had one -  my first. Not really my thing but they weren't bad at all.

Our first time having Alaskan Brewing Company beer on tap.

Our urban boondocking spot for the night - right in downtown Alpine. Like we say - sometimes 
boondocking takes more guts then anything else. And no, 'no overnight camping/parking' signs.

And yes, it was right beside the tracks. It was ok - just three trains overnight - horns and all.

That was last night - this morning we took another stroll along Holland Ave. and stopped it at the Historic Holland Hotel.

Very nicely restored.

The outdoor patio.

A sunny day but cool over night - the mornings take a while to warm up. 

One street south - Murphy Street, also has a few shops and seems like one of the original streets in Alpine.

Following our walk about we were ready to move on.

On, meant gas and a right turn onto the 118 south.

Terlingua was our destination - 80 miles south of Alpine.

It was a beautiful ride - that was this morning.

We are now in Study Butte sitting in the Hotel restaurant enjoying ice cream, because it is so darn hot - 78F here today, and getting some laundry done. I am working here on the post - Cassia is watching a movie with KZ - an eight year old girl here with her family - they live in Study Butte - or it sounds like a little ways out - no internet at their house nor electricity and she is homeschooled - nice girl and good with Cassia. Seems to be many 'Off the Map' type people in these parts.

We are going to find a place to overnight - we have a few parking lots in mind. Fingers crossed that that passes.

Perhaps we'll be able to get our Terlingua photos up later today or tomorrow.


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  1. That grumpy picture of Cassia is adorable!
    Then the murals are out of this world!
    Safe travels and keep warm at night, cool in day!

  2. I have never been to that part of Texas....looks so interesting......the murals are interesting, I wonder if these are local artists? There is a group of artists here in Illinois who are doing a lot of murals and they call themselves "The Walldogs"......in fact, I think you can check them out at---www.walldogs.com

    Safe Travels............

  3. Love Casia as a cowgirl with attitude.
    Nothing like meeting new friends and enjoying good beer.


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