Sunday, January 12, 2014


As I mentioned last post, we arrived at the Langtry Texas Visitor Center at 5:00pm Friday night - just as it was closing. The town of Langtry itself still has a few residents - 17 in fact. On the way in, Cassia saw a horse and a few goats, so once parked her and I walked over to say hi.

Knowing that the centre had wifi we then went there. 

We sat out on the stone picnic tables to check a few things. 

Then back to the van for dinner. These historical information plaques are scattered around the town.

Another set of goats. Popular in town it seems.

The house with the goats and a big sky sunset. This was our view out of the van - it looked so idyllic we thought we would take a picture.

The same house the next morning - back to visit with the goats. Cassia's fascination at the moment.

The Center has a cactus garden to walk through - each of the plants are labeled.

The main reason why the Visitor Center is here - Judge Roy Bean.

Just us …. and us. 
Official dry camping east of the Visitor Center beside the Community Center. There was a C Class here when we arrived. Lots of room.

Since it was such a nice day and we had been traveling for two days straight we decided to stay for Saturday night as well. 

The first time we experienced this much heat in a long, long time. 73F (23C) - nice.

Can't stop taking pictures of the goats!

And speaking about an old goat ….. Derek finally has a chance to shear himself.

Visiting with Susan on her way home - I should have taken one of her behind the Visitor Center counter. 
Susan was great and we had a fun time talking with her. She grew up on a ranch 15 miles west.

Later in the day we went for a walk straight east from where we were parked. The paved road turns to gravel and descends down somewhat into the valley.

Cassia and her new friend Neally this morning. 
Neally lives in the house with the horse and goats. Nice that Cassia had a friend her age to run around with for a couple of days.

We've really enjoyed our two days here in Langtry. It has been nice to get to know a few of the locals - everyone has been so hospitable. We highly recommend this stop along highway 90.

Today we are continuing west - Marathon and Alpine are on tap. Literally. Alpine is the home of the Big Bend Brewing Company!


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  1. Interesting area to be sure! Nice that you can boondock there, and for a very reasonable donation.....Now, since we know you're not going to Mexico, what are your plans?

    Safe Travels............

    1. We are going to enjoy the South West - some places we have been too and some not. We haven't been to the east side of Arizona much so going to check that out. After west Texas - back to Pancho Villa State Park in New Mexico - south of Deming - where we were two years ago - remember it?

  2. It is a very interesting area and Judge Roy Bean was a larger than life character! I blogged about the town when we were there. I wish I had noticed the sign about boondocking back then as we had to rush a little to get away in time.

    1. Very interesting! Darn that you missed the parking area. There really wasn't a sign. We saw the c class and drove over to look. Thank goodness we did. We saw a lot of RVs pull in for two days and none came to look. Hopefully now a few more will know it is there.


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