Thursday, January 16, 2014


Here are the pictures form our ride on the 118 from Alpine to Study Butte/Terlingua on Tuesday. It was a nice easy drive. 

There are three roads down to the Big Bend area of Texas - the 385 which leads directly to the National Park, the 118 taking you to Study Butte and the 67 leading from Marfa to Presidio. 

The last time we were in this area we took the 385 - paid our $20 to enter the park, and spent one night at the campground. We decided to forgo Big Bend National Park this year because dogs are not allowed on the trails and in fact - dogs are not to be left alone in a vehicle at all - they must be supervised at all times. So, just not a good place for us. If you don't have a pet along, I'm sure it is a great place to visit with lots of hiking trails and beautiful vistas.

Windshield photography doesn't work so well when you are headed south.

The road was really easy until here. STRAIGHT UP. Probably the sharpest grade we have done in a long time - if ever. Poor Hraefn was doing his best but almost at a stand still with the trailer. I recall there is one on our route to Presidio but coming from this direction it will be down for us. That is camera worthy as well so you'll see that when we are heading west.

Coming down into Study Butte.

The scenery from Study Butte over to Terlingua. Hard to tell, but there are houses here and there within the rocks.

We headed first to the Terlingua Ghost town - it's pretty much the main attraction around here.

The original stone houses have been taken over and are now remodelled rustic dwellings - a mixture of styles and levels of completeness. I'll try to get a few close up pictures before we leave.

Our first stop was the Terlingua Trading Co. We have fond memories of looking around this shop five years ago - Derek still has one of his best t-shirts from here.

There isn't much this shop doesn't have  - plus interesting artwork.

The theme for the Terlingua Ghost Town is skulls.

I was eyeing that brown t shirt on the right. The problem is that it is very long - so I haven't bought it yet - still thinking.

Miner Cassia.

If we ever bought a house again I would be tempted to drive all the way down to Terlingua for one of these.

We did really well and only walked out with a shirt for Derek and a wolf pup for Cassia. 

Rubbing it in? Yup! What temperature is it where you are?

Next to the Trading Co. is the Starlight Restaurant. Because of our meal splurging last week we probably won't make it there this time. 

Beside the Trading Co. is the houses and businesses from the picture above. This building houses a gallery.

And interesting garden.

Next to the gallery is this cute little cafe with wifi. We were going to sit here in the shade and internet surf until we realized they were closed at 2:00pm. 

Instead we walked over to the Cemetery. Sculptures along the way.

The Terlingua Cemetery is the main stop in the Ghost Town - there is almost always someone stopped there.

By the time we were done all that we were very hot and looking for a refreshment.

Ice cream!

That meant a drive back to Study Butte - 5 miles back. There aren't too many services in Terlingua. Study Butte has the Hotels, Restaurants and stores. The main hub is the Hotel and RV Park with a restaurant (with wifi and where we are now), laundry and gas station.

This is where Jerry and Wanda of EggRollings, found us later in the day. Always nice to get together with fellow bloggers. Jerry and Wanda are in Lajitas, just up the road, for a Casita Rally. When they saw that we were in Marathon the other night they wrote to let us know that they were in the area as well. Check out Jerry's post here about our visit. Yup - the visit was too short - we'll have to see if we can visit them a little further north as we are both headed to Fort Davis.

Remember that I mentioned last post that we had found a few parking lots for overnighting?

Well, just as Jerry and Wanda were pulling out another fellow came into the laundry.

Turned out that he new exactly where to park for the night - or two - or three.

We are nicely parked a few miles out of Terlingua and totally enjoying getting out to do some hiking. 

Those pictures coming soon!

In the meantime - if you are looking for us - we are off the map in southwest Texas!


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  1. With all your pictures, I feel like I'm right there with you!! How I wish that were true, as the temp here right now is---------------------------------------------21 degrees......and 4 inches of fresh snow.....bleeeaaaahhh!!!!!!

    Safe Travels..............

  2. Enjoy those warm temperatures, its about time you got some decent weather.
    Always fun to meet fellow bloggers and have a visit no matter how short it is.
    Looks like a great area to explore too.


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