Saturday, October 1, 2011

not so fast - a bit of a delay

For some strange reason we still have internet and so I will take advantage of it now that all my end of the season bookkeeping is complete. As mentioned in the last post - TODAY - was our last day as PFO's for the 2 provincial parks we are at. We are now - between jobs - shall we say. We are coming back next year and so have employment in our future but not for 7 months. Of course we now must live on the money we have saved these last 5 months!

Our plan - which was one of many - was to head south on the 5th - with our first stop being Nampa Idaho. We have a meeting to go to on Monday and so figured that with one extra day for final packing we would be ready to hit the road Wednesday. But - not so fast. We have also been doing some research on entry into Mexico. You see, we have BC enhanced drivers licenses - which means we don't need a passport if we drive into the USA. They are a much more affordable option if one doesn't fly - like us. Initially we were just going to stay in the USA this winter and go to Baja next winter. However, last week we made the switch to then realize that we need passports.

Of course this is something we could have done this summer but now we will put in for them on Monday and wait around until they arrive. It isn't the end of the world - our schedule is our own. However, we really want to beat the cold and would like to visit Utah as long as we can in hopefully somewhat nice weather. We also won't have water here in the cabin where we live since it all gets shut down here and blown out. And did I mention that we are living in a construction zone? Last Monday work started here on some kind of water upgrade and we have been listening to a back hoe for the last week from 7:30 to 5.

On another note. We use On the Road In for much of our Mexico research - it is a great website with lots of info and also a travel buddy system which we plan to use this winter. Bill and Dorothy also have a facebook group for their site which we also find really helpful. In fact we used it to find out about our drivers licenses and Bill is that one that gave us the link. Anyway, they also have road logs and I was thinking that perhaps we should invest in one since they show Pemex (gas) stations and Topes (and take it from me when traveling in Mexico knowing where the topes are will make my job as tope watcher a whole lot easier). The one stumbling block we had with ordering a log was that we don't have a credit card - really - neither of us - don't have them - don't use them (another story right - right). Well if you can believe - Bill offered to send the log to me if we donated the amount to a Mexican charity when we are there. WOW! of course we can do that - how generous of Bill to propose such a solution - I was thrilled. It also got me thinking that we should bring some of Cassia's gently used items to donate as well - such as some of those stuffed animals I told you about last post....

Well this maybe the last post for a while - or it may not. We paid our internet until Sept. 29 and now it is Oct. 1 and it is still on. I think our luck can only last so long......


  1. Good for you for wanting to travel to Mexico. We love it here and feel it is the only guaranteed good weather in the south. If you have any questions about places to stay/visit or any travelling questions, please don't hesitate to ask and we will try to answer them.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. Thanks K and R! I can tell from your blog posts that you love it there - I have read through most of them - particularly the ones from the Yucatan - lots of great tips there for us. I am pretty sure I will be sending you questions - you seem to have lots of experience and knowledge under your belts about Mexico. We are similar to you about not owning a house or tv etc. + we have a very limited budget and boondock as much as possible. Of course Mexico will be a bit different in that area but you guys seem to find neat places - like the farmers field - that would be for us also! T, D and C


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