Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soap Lake to Baker City, Oregon

Well - a double header today! Tonight we are at a truck/restaurant/hotel stop in Baker City, Oregon a great little place. We are parked in the Visitor Info parking and have picked up free wifi - how great is that! Arrival here was around 6:30 pm - we almost stopped at the rest area up the I84 unsure if we could find a place here (no Walmart) but found it too open and so figured we would keep going - glad we did.

False alarm with the last post - the truck started up fine at Soap Lake - we did have a bit of trouble again at the rest area just before La Grande - a very high elevation - around 4,000 ft. We believe the truck has problems adjusting to the higher elevation - we have had this problem before. For anyone who doesn't know and is taking the I84 through Oregon there is either a large climb or large drop just east of Pendleton - for us this time it was a huge climb.

A good day today - after Soap Lake we followed the 17 to Pasco and around the tri city area on the east side of the Columbia River - stopped for lunch along the Columbia in Oregon - sorry no pics. We then took the 37 to Pendleton. We took this route because it is a short cut to Pendleton - we only thought to take it since seeing it last spring when we went  through Hermiston - the longer way around. It was a good road - recently paved because it is an Evacuation Route. The rolling hills and large farms reminded us of Saskatchewan.

The nice thing about that route is that it took us right through downtown Pendleton to get to the I84. To date we have only seen Pendleton from the interstate. We were really impressed! It is a quaint, clean and historic looking city.

Here are the pics from today - a statue at the Soap Lake rest area, the sign from the truck stop here in Baker City across the street and the parking lot beside us with the lights.

Derek was looking at the visitor signs and reports about the history here and the walking tour along the river - we will do that in the morning.

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