Thursday, October 20, 2011

Nampa, Idaho - in a holding pattern

It has seemed strange these last few days to not post a blog entry - just as I was getting warmed up with our trip thus far. The problem is that when here at our friends - we seem to do a whole lot of nothing.....we stay up late and get up late and spend the rest of the time catching up on some tv and movies - we have become real couch potatoes. Cassia has a living room about twice the size of our cabin to run around and oh so many new toys and even a tent to play in.

In addition to stopping in to visit our friends here our other goal was to get some much needed work done on our truck - we need new tie rods and a power steering pump. Since the extended family here is mechanically inclined we figured that if we were going to hand over some $$ to get them fixed we may as well pass it on to someone we know.  Also, our friend J. has been called away on a job for 3 days - so just as we were starting our visit he has been gone. Although we are in the best of hands with his wife K. who is a very generous hostess!

Cassia enjoying a visit with the bunny.

Our friends live not far from the Warhawk Air Museum and Nampa Airport. This provides us with a nice area to walk to during the day and after dinner - particularly when there are some planes around. Yesterday on our way back 2 very large jets flew over us which we haven't experienced since our Holtville days last winter when jets and planes of all sorts fly over constantly. The other night when we were there we spoke with a local man who had just gotten out of a plane - he had just come from the Hell's Canyon area. He lives locally and works in the sugar beet industry.

I'm sure Derek would love to go for a ride!

For me this 'holding pattern' is no problem and it seems to have little affect on Cassia of course. I figure we have the next 6 months to travel and so a few more days wait is ok. The third member of our family however is a very restless type who can't wait to get back on the road. Utah awaits and in the back of our minds we are thinking about the weather - will it stay nice for the next while - is it going to snap cold? We are so looking forward to hiking around the Moab area that we are a bit restless to go there - me included.

Today's interesting link: I have recently found this really great site and thought to pass it on to all your travelers out there - I am sure we will be using it a lot! The mapquest gas price site - which gives national and local prices for gas. I have been using it to see what kind of prices we can expect during our trip. Since we go through so much gas it is something that is at the forefront of our minds - although nothing we can do about.

This just in from Travel with Kevin and Ruth - they suggest GasBuddy to check prices -  the Gas Price Heat Map is very informative.


  1. Hi T D and C !!

    Sure hope you get to Moab, and start your adventures !!

    We are going as far east as Nashville, then into New Orleans, on our way to Texas and Arizona.

    I know it is a lot of travelling, but we want to see where we would like to concentrate our travels in the future.

    Take care and talk to you soon... TnT

  2. It's always nice to take some time and just relax in one area. Even better when it is with friends.

    We use Kevin has looked at the other site but like gasbuddy much better. We've been using it for years now.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. GasBuddy is good - I didn't even know these sites existed - so nice to see gas prices going down as we move south! thanks for the tip K & R - I have added it to my post.


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