Sunday, October 23, 2011

Snake River Canyon - Nampa, Idaho

It was a beautiful day for a Sunday drive. Our friends J and K suggested a ride out to Snake River Canyon south of Nampa. It gave them a chance to go for a spin on their bike and for us to test our recently fixed truck out on the road.

We are excited to announce that our truck is almost finished. Mike has been great and spent Friday replacing our tie rods (which really needed doing) and our power steering pump. We just need to go get a front wheel alignment on Monday and we will be good to go. AND Derek finally solved our trailer break issue with a new magnet from the guys at Interstate next door and he did an oil change. So Tuesday we should be on our way east and south.

The trail to the overlook.

To get to the canyon today we traveled through a beautiful area of first hobby farms which gave way to larger scale crop and dairy farms. Soon civilization fell away to be replaced with open grasslands and sage - just what we like! The sound of nothing.

Cassia learning about the large birds found in the area.

The view to the left.

The view to the right.

From the parking lot it is just a short walk to the canyon overlook - much to the disappointment of Roofous who had to remain on his leash this time around. The view was magnificent with all of the fall colouring of the grasslands and shrubs - I love the golden colour of fall grass! The sun was warm on our backs - what a real treat for the end of October.

Cassia enjoyed climbing on the volcanic rock.

A man and his dog - gee Derek looks a bit scary here - ha ha.

Our good friends J and K on their bike. 

Just can't beat the USA for beer! Yes, we can great some really good micro brews back at home but the selection here is great as well. I am not the biggest beer drinker but like to try the unique. Derek found Harvest Pumpkin Ale from Blue Moon Brewing Company which is comprised of "vine ripened pumpkin and flavors of clove, allspice and nutmeg." It is pretty good - I like it -  but to be honest I cannot taste those flavors!

Today's Interesting Link: While cruising around the internet last night I happened upon 'Becoming Minimalist'  by Joshua Becker - I took a quick look around. The 2 articles I have enjoyed  most so far were are under the most popular posts category - 35 Gifts your Children will Never Forget and Why Fewer Toys will Benefit your Kids  - boy do I agree with him!!!

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